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What do you think of this?

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18 minutes ago, jakubg1 said:

The posing is good, but use a schematic instead of flatlands. ;)

Will think of that in the future :thumbsup:

13 minutes ago, -StickyMations- said:

Ahh I see you're using my template ;) 

Good pose anyway, If you could put in some scenery then that would make it look better.

Yup, love your rig :D, Thanks and i will in the future

5 minutes ago, NotAn... said:

The pose is good, but you should add scenery and you could change the lamp of the light to some shade of blue.

Thanks, and I'll see what blue looks like! :D

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1 minute ago, Sonicxryan said:

it sucks The posing looks good, work on the background a little (Add trees, or a schematic)

Thanks, will do! :thumbsup:

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