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If you have had a warning point which you have deemed unfair or have been staring at it for the past year, then this topic is your chance to remove said points.

How to Appeal:

You can appeal by visiting my profile or using messenger and sending a PM to me with the following form below.
Make sure the PM Subject is "Appeal".

Date: <The date you recieved the warning>
Reason: <What were you warned for?>
Points: <How many points did you recieve from said warning?>
Moderator: <Name of moderator who warned you>
Comment: <Explain and convince me WHY you think the warning should be removed, your answer may or may not affect the appeal>

This form is also flexible, if you feel the need to add additional information, please do not hesitate to do so. (Eg, Evidence, previous appeals)

Things that may affect your chances are not limited too but include;

  • Time passed since warning.
  • Your comment explaining to me why it should be removed.
  • Severity of the warning.
  • Recent warnings(If any).
  • Previous Appeals to Frossa.

Thank you and happy appealing.




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