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      READ: Mine-imator forum rules   07/14/15

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      Mine-imator 1.1.0   11/21/17

      Version 1.1.0 is finally here! Thanks everyone for your input, patience and help with bug-smashing! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/46014-mine-imator-110/  
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      Dev update #12 part 1   12/19/17

      Steve will get deliciously curvy in the next update! We also take a look at what happened during 2017 for Mine-imator. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/69008-dev-update-12-part-1-2017-in-a-nutshell-and-flexible-steves
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      Dev update #12 part 2   12/19/17

      Mine-imator will be getting some new and exciting graphics in 2018. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/69014-dev-update-12-part-2-a-bright-future-and-modelbench-news  
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The Australian BoyYT

When inserting City Schematic Game Crashes with keyword with the title 'Fatal Memory Message' Followed by the words 'Out of Memory'

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___ Mine-imator log ___
In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug.
If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip.
8:42:34 AM version: 1.0.6
8:42:34 AM gm_version: 1.4.1749
8:42:34 AM build date: 13/03/2016 1:10:39 AM
8:42:34 AM YYC: yes
8:42:34 AM working_directory: G:\Mine-imator\
8:42:34 AM file_directory: C:\Users\Neil\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\
8:42:34 AM OS: Windows
8:42:34 AM os_version: 393218
8:42:34 AM os_is_network_connected: yes
8:42:34 AM os_get_language: en
8:42:34 AM os_get_region: AU
8:42:34 AM USERNAME: Neil
8:42:34 AM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Neil
8:42:34 AM APPDATA: C:\Users\Neil\AppData\Roaming
8:42:34 AM video_adapter_0_name: Intel(R) HD Graphics
8:42:34 AM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 524303
8:42:34 AM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1
8:42:34 AM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 658260
8:42:34 AM Old log found
8:42:34 AM Library init
8:42:34 AM Data\file.dll
8:42:34 AM Data\movie.dll
8:42:34 AM Movie init
8:42:34 AM Data\window.dll
8:42:34 AM Data\texture.dll
8:42:34 AM Texture init
8:42:36 AM working_directory: G:\Mine-imator\
8:42:36 AM Trying to save files
8:42:36 AM surface_save OK
8:42:36 AM texture_create OK
8:42:36 AM file_delete_lib OK
8:42:36 AM Shader init
8:42:36 AM shaders_are_supported: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_ssao compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_light_night compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_light_point compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_fog_apply compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_fog compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_dof compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_high_aa compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_replace compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_draw_texture compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_depth compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_color_fog_lights compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_color_fog compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_blend_fog compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_blend compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM shader_border compiled: yes
8:42:36 AM Create vertex format
8:42:36 AM Render init
8:42:36 AM Ground model init
8:42:36 AM Character models init

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