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"The Scarecrows Watch" - 2K Wallpaper by CC


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  1. 1. Which one did you like better?

    • The one with the effect
    • The one without the effect
    • The happy version
  2. 2. Does it look similar to Skibbz style?

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Hey guys yet again. So last wallpaper was... a complete bust. You guys didn't like it, it was too edgy, too dark, and just made no sense at all to most of you X.x Well I am back with another wallpaper that took HOURS to do and I gotta say, I really T_T love the results. Oh and no @SKIBBZ did not help (besides with the lighting tut).

Before I show you I would like to credit Skibbz for making the awesome scarecrows and I would like to credit @Awesome Emerald for making the pumpkins I used. But I would like to note that the pumpkins you will see do not start out like that, his rig just had the one pumpkin with one stem.


Anyways tell me which version you guys like better in the comments or in the poll, enjoy!
(With effect):



(Without effect):



(Unedited or "happy version"):



Btw, do these look similar to Skibbz style? Just wondering...

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