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[wallpaper] alex

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i will glady make you a profile pic(not that you need one) 

just dont bug me about it...plz

tips and tricks are welcome 

that gos with animating as well(i need em)

if you cant see anything, up yo bright-ness boi


i now see that people here rather comment about glowing eyes and such

if you got somthing to say could ya please keeep it to tips and tricks or what i did wrong and right or why you like dont like it

Edited by Bluey

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you mean Community Build, right, beacuse Nimi don't released yet the Community Edition...

yus :3


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Her... eyebrows are just slanted over her eyes...

i now see that thank you for telling me

it looks like i used the wrong skin(the eyes are down with the eyebrows)

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It needs some lighting. Look up 3 point lighting and practice with it.

i wanted it too look that way(its in the middle of the night)


why are people obsessed with eyes that act just like flashlights

they "pop"


I can barely see anything but glowing eyes and a glowing sword.

and something green

up your brightness i can see a alien alex sword a gravestones, trees

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Do you used huzen rig? -_- 

yea i made it tho i was told you went on to a "blob like alien"


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