Mine-imator Translation Studio [MiT Studio] v0.1

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What is MiT Studio?

MiT Studio is a Tool to make translating easier. Just open the language preset (e.g.: English) and translate it sentence for sentence to your language!


Why MiT Studio?

Of course you could use the default type of translating Mine-imator Language files (Open them in Notepad and edit them...) but with MiT Studio you can do that process much easier!

There are several features that improve translating and make it twice as fast!







How it works:

  1. Start the Programm
  2. Open Language File or create new File
  3. Click on an sentence and edit it under "Your Translation"
  4. Save the File
  5. Open in Mine-imator


Language Files:


Here you can find ready Language Files. If you've made one just give me the link to it and the name of the language.

  • German[LiNCH]: Editing... (15%)


Edited by LiNCH
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On 29.3.2017 at 7:25 PM, Shane said:

does it support right-to-left languages?

No, Mine-imator doesn't seem to support right to left languages :(

Looks like this:


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Wow. Good job.

But using VSCode is also fine for who always working with jsons...


It will be better if There is an option to load old *.txt translation and using this to help converting those old format into new *.milanguage format.

I wrote a small python script to convert and manually modified some part to get the final result.

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