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[4k] Snow Forest

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So since it's a weekend and there's no school even on monday (4 me) I felt like geting back into animation!(yeah cuz i stoped)

by animation i mean wallpaper making and stuff related to it.

anyways, here's a wallpaper







why the credits


@NietyFox for his skin on wich I removed the face to put @SKIBBZ's facial rig thingy. and of course @Nimi who made the mouth in this rig sawrry we always forget you.

kthnks bye.

Edited by Tomoki

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21 minutes ago, Pigeon_ said:

there was two people that made that face rig. *COUGH* Nimi *COUGH*

looks cool though.

oh yeah, look it's common most people who make wallpapers or videos with this always forget about nimeh

sorry nimeh

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