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We Come from China


We Build in Minecraft

We Are SoarCraft Alliance



Have you dreamed about erecting with more teams?

Have you dreamed about playing with teams that come from around the world?

Have you dreamed about gaming with Chinese players?



Founded on Apr 20, 2015 as a branch team of SoarTeam, we aims at enabling teams from all over the world to discuss, build and make progresses by cooperating on building.




l  A management system of maturity, enables everyone to find his belonging

l  Servers that supports everyone to build every building, allows you to perform your constructing techniques wherever

l  An annual mega-game of Minecraft building arts to vote out our best buildings

l  SoarTeam helpdesk, a strong team that can help in from technology to peripheral without forcing you to know about technology details



Who we need


l  Fine awareness of teamship, ability to communicate with team members

l  fair level of building and constructing

l  fine tendencies and teamship within original team

l  5 at least complete building, in order to display your talents

l  no discrimination

l  cooperating ability, since it’s of great importance

l  abide by the alliance’s management, no excessive individualism



How to join


If you want to join us, mail to






Title: [ Team Name ] – [ Country ] – [ Leader’s ID ] – [ Apply for SoarCraft ]



Team Name


1.     self-introduce of the team(founding time, style, etc.)

2.     purpose of joining SoarCraft

3.     expectations of SoarCraft

4.     Works(with video or picture demostrations)

5.     Contact details of leader

6.     Team member name list



We’re expecting every Minecraft architecture.



About SoarTeam:


SoarTeam began in 2011, the Internet started now involves animation, electronic music, games and other fields.



Please appreciate our co-operating works



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