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Guest Hax

- Hax4Evers Tale -

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Guest Hax

This Is The Story Of Me.

So Read it xD.

Ill be adding more to it frequently.


One day i was just minding my own business but then it all went crazy. Crafting a new weapon i heard about was hard but i had to do it.

sonicthehaxghog: UGH! this is taking forever!

*blaze rod clicks into the gravel*

sonicthehaxghog: FINNALLY!


sonicthehaxghog:Now if i just

*coal clicks onto gravel*

sonicthehaxghog:hmmm... where am i gonna find a mystical power source for this thing?

kieran in distance : here it is

*sonicthehaxghog turns around*

Kieran: i think i know where

sonicthehaxghog:tell me

*Kieran tells sonicthehaxghog a story*

sonicthehaxghog: yes! thank you!


so sonicthehaxghog wanderd off into the forest. his adventure took about a year but he eventually arrived there...



sonicthehaxghog: this is it... the portal to the aether...

*portal whirrs*

sonicthehaxghog: well i better go in...

*sonicthehaxghog rushes in*

sonicthehaxghog: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*hax faceplants into the aether*

sonicthehaxghog: owwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i dip my nose

sonicthehaxghog: this is... amazing

*sonicthehaxghog stands up*

sonicthehaxghog: the dungeon is over there.

sonicthehaxghog: but also theres fortune over there...

*sonicthehaxghog thinks hard*

sonicthehaxghog: the dungeion

*slowly walks twords the dungeon*

sonicthehaxghog: well.... (idioticly) open sesamy!

*door falls and crushes him*

sonicthehaxghog: COME ON!

*pushes door out of his way*

*brushes dust off*

*walks in the dungeon*

sonicthehaxghog: it shure is scary...

*sees the aether stone*

sonicthehaxghog: there it is!

sonicthehaxghog and hax: if i just get closer

sonicthehaxghog: wtf?

sonicthehaxghog and hax: i swear i heard some...

sonicthehaxghog: this isint normal is it.

hax4ever: bewary. for you dont know what your about to do.

sonicthehaxghog: ahh!

*knocks into the aether stone*

sonicthehaxghog : NOaebrnsaornbsaotngsdbnggnongosdfgnsofgbnsdohgnsodhgnbsdofujbndgobnsdghbondgbodufndofbndognbdongmdndoibdifobgndsogndgbodnodnbgdobndobndonmdondondonmdno

Hax4Ever: ohhhhhhh.... my faceeeeeeeeeeee...

*hax4ever is knocked out*



???: That Poor Fool...

*??? Grabs An Axe*

???: From the aether above. bring this man back to life!

*lightning strikes hax*

Hax4Ever: My face fells like magic...

???: Guess who

Hax4Ever: oh gad is dat u?

???: No Its Me... Fix

Fix0Clock: Things Are going quite crazy arent they eh Hax?

Hax4Ever: yep...

Fix0Clock: go over there. theres some clothes i found in your adventuring bag

*hax4ever goes into changing room*

*comes out looking (almoast) like he currently does*

Hax4Ever: this fits perfect... almoast... theres 2 extra well. arms on me...

Fix0Clock: oh poop...

Hax4Ever: here ill just

*rips out holes in the jacket*

Hax4Ever: thats better...

*Fix gives Hax a map*

Hax4Ever: so the Lost Forest... Why do i need to go there?

Fix0Clock: To give you something to do... and did i mention your half machine now?

(what hax hears)  and did i mention your half chuk norris now?

Hax4Ever: REALLY!?!!?!?!?!

*Hax4ever tries to jump off of a cliff*

Hax4Ever: owwwww................

Fix0Clock: Dumbskull

Hax4Ever: Toss Me The Map!

*fix folds it into a plane and then launches it at hax*

*plane hits Hax in the eye*

Hax4Ever: Owww. Thanks....

Fix0Clock: no problem...

*Hax ventures off*



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Guest Hax
Maybe I can be an adventurer while looking in the woods I see your house and then go to it and  you find me by it and stuff in the next part? xD 

sorry but i already had this story planned out for 10 days xD. ill see if i can make room for you

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