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Mine-imator 1.2.4

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On 5/17/2019 at 4:12 PM, moniker said:

The frames selected tooltip is a good addition but it should show up in the corner of the screen and not take space away from the camera like in Vegas



These things should be on corners and not overlaping the visual camera IMO, it's too distracting for me now. Sometimes I work with an area selected because since there are no markers, I want to know the area im working at so I leave it selected, so right now I have that "frames selected" message taking space on the camera which is annoying. Btw, the tooltip should also say the time selected, not only frames. The amount of actual time is more inteligible than a number of frames... we think in amounts of time not frames. I still have no idea how much time I have selected.


I changed my mind on this, it's quite useful to have it on top sometimes, but sometimes I would rather see it in the corner, make it switcheable so when it's annoying you put it in the corner.


Anyway what we really need is the "sticky" timeline object, so for instance the camera timeline is always visible when scrolling up and down. Right now you waste 50% of your time scrolling up and down looking for the camera timeline which should be visible at all times since it's the "skeleton" in which you build the rest of keyframes upon. Same for the audio timelines which you want to animate around a sound sometimes so it would be useful to have it visible at all times.

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