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Mine-imator 1.1.2

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22 minutes ago, KoolKid Games said:

i am disappoint.

before on the old mineimator you could select 'invisible blocks' while choosing the ground because of the dead space, now you have removed it and it SUCKS!

what if im making a skyblock animation? i dont want ground!

but right now i was animating grassy terrain and i was going to remove the ground for easier editing and i couldnt!!

and yes im aware i can just change the ground to endstone or whatever but what about the skyblock one? i dont want to make an ENTIRE texture pack for this

psst, hey kid
did you know there's an option to not render the ground at all?

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David, there is 1 bug I found and it was happening since 1.1.0 pre release. When you reload a project with a character in it, all objects including humans and mobs with have position turned on (x,y, and z turns in after turning off the position bar) I hope you know what I mean and hopefully this bug can get fixed cause its really annoying.

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