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13 hours ago, Kazuki said:

He meant "Don't overuse filters"

As displayed in the image with insanely overused filters which ruined the image. But yeah.. The sentence He made doesn't really fit to the message :)

"I'm just bothered that you said "How to Use filters properly" when your not adding them at all :/"
He added a filter though. So I don't know what you're talking about


don't. just don't. filters aren't a subtitute for your mediocrity, they just make it worse

This line here means to not add any filters at all :/

He would have corrected to said the one you said....

Don't Overuse Filters

When I said when your not adding them at all meaning to what I said "It means to not add any filters at all"

That's why it bothers me that he called it how to use it properly when your not adding them at all

he added one just to show that it can make it worse, but there are some that makes it better

I'm just a little bothered cause it seems the Title and the Sentence Contradict eachother...

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