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If Minecraft were in Agar.io (Minecraft Animation)

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What If, The Swedish Popular Sandbox Game, Minecraft, Were in Free Web Game, Agar.io? That Would be Great idea! (ButItalsoSucks …) xD

..And Don't Forget to Like if You Enjoy it & Subscribe for More Videos :D Have a Nice day :3 ..

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it's kind of creative, I LIX!

Thx man :D

Nice Fellow slime :3

Thanks fellow slime ^_^

Everyone Loves People Speaking Like This!

But awesome animation!

Agar.io was more popular on YouTube now! but thanks :D

I Really Enjoyed The Video!



Only This Text Made It Better!

[sarcasm test Complete]

thanks :3 uhh wat :o ...

Really nice animation and intresting concept

i took an anti-mainstream concept into a popular games animation :D

Very nice and cool concept! I'd like that as a game someday.


Please Stop Talking Like This. Its Annoying, If You Ask Me.

Actually SethBling has already made an Agar.io in Minecraft version :3

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