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FNaF 2 Withered bonnie rig

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Well here i am with another fad rig!


Withered Clyde:


Now before you download, you need to know that i kinda screwed up with the left leg (the broken one). When you grab the lower half of the leg and rotate it, it will rotate from the wrong direction. So you're gonna have to move it everytime you rotate it.


Man, lotsa "it" 's


Anyway here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v7w2reuxtrg1cjf/withered+Clyde+rig.rar


Bye! :mobender:



And i really hope to see some wallpapers, animations and pictures with my rig if you make em then you can post them here

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im not hating NOW the comment can begin


Its not a minecraft looking character (which i guess more credit or sumthing)

i think its scarier that the one on the game CUZ like the chat moderator said: IT LOOKS LIKE ITS ON A EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM

(if you are wondering i actualy have played fad2)



Wethly: AHH U LEWK TERI- geewd lewking geewd ectully

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