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  1. I need help, Im not sure how to fix this. UPDATE: I found out the large amounts of bamboo made my world crash. Can we have Devs on this? this needs to be fixed. Update: I got rid of all the bamboo but im still getting crashes ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object app: string_length argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a String (YYGS) ############################################################################################ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- called from - gml_Script_buffer_write_string (line 6) called from - gml_Script_json_save_value (line 14) called from - gml_Script_json_save_var (line 25) called from - gml_Script_project_save_timeline (line 47) called from - gml_Script_project_save_objects (line 14) called from - gml_Script_project_save (line 21) called from - gml_Script_project_backup (line 10) called from - gml_Script_app_update_backup (line 3) called from - gml_Script_app_event_step (line 21) called from - gml_Object_app_Step_0 (line 0) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 3:04:51 PM mineimator_version: 1.2.4 3:04:51 PM gm_runtime: 3:04:51 PM YYC: yes 3:04:51 PM working_directory: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\ 3:04:51 PM file_directory: C:\Users\Alonzo\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 3:04:51 PM OS: Windows 3:04:51 PM os_version: 655360 3:04:51 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 3:04:51 PM os_get_language: en 3:04:51 PM os_get_region: US 3:04:51 PM USERDOMAIN: WALKER 3:04:51 PM USERNAME: Alonzo 3:04:51 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Alonzo 3:04:51 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\Alonzo\AppData\Roaming 3:04:51 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 8 3:04:51 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 3:04:51 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 3:04:51 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 3:04:51 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 9e0a 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_subsysid: 2222460988 3:04:51 PM udid: fc729d38-1d84-4ecb-b271-506282cded28 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_vendorid: 4318 3:04:51 PM video_d3d11_context: 042A7074 3:04:51 PM video_d3d11_device: 0426472C 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_deviceid: 7308 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_sharedsystemmemory: 1073676288 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_revision: 161 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_dedicatedsystemmemory: 0 3:04:51 PM video_adapter_dedicatedvideomemory: 3221225472 3:04:51 PM Old log found 3:04:51 PM External library init 3:04:51 PM External library: Data\file.dll 3:04:51 PM External library: Data\movie.dll 3:04:51 PM External library: movie init 3:04:51 PM External library: Data\window.dll 3:04:51 PM External library: Data\math.dll 3:04:52 PM working_directory: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\ 3:04:52 PM Trying to save files 3:04:52 PM surface_save OK 3:04:52 PM texture_create OK 3:04:52 PM file_delete_lib OK 3:04:53 PM Create vertex format 3:04:53 PM Shader init 3:04:53 PM shaders_are_supported: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_desaturate compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_noise compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_vignette compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_color_correction compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_blur compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_add compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_bloom_threshold compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_color_glow compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_ssao compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_point_shadowless compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_point compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_night compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_fog_apply compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_fog compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_dof compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_high_aa compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_replace compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_draw_texture compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_depth_point compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_depth compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_color_fog_lights compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_color_fog compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_color_camera compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_border compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_blend compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_alpha_test compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM shader_alpha_fix compiled: yes 3:04:53 PM Loading legacy file 3:04:53 PM Make transitions 3:04:53 PM Transitions OK 3:04:53 PM Loading language file: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Data\Languages\english.milanguage 3:04:53 PM Windows startup 3:04:53 PM Found key_file: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Data\key.midata 3:04:53 PM Loading settings: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Data\settings.midata 3:04:53 PM load_format: 28 3:04:54 PM Render init 3:04:54 PM Loading Minecraft assets version: 1.14.1 3:04:54 PM Archive already unzipped, re-using: C:\Users\Alonzo\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Minecraft_unzip\1.14.1\assets\minecraft\ 3:04:54 PM Model textures: load 3:04:54 PM Model textures: done 3:04:54 PM Block textures: load static 3:04:55 PM Block textures: load animated 3:04:55 PM Block textures, blocksize: 16 3:04:55 PM Block textures: static block surface 3:04:55 PM Block textures: static block preview 3:04:55 PM Block textures: animated block surfaces 3:04:55 PM Block textures: animated frames 3:04:55 PM Block textures: animated block preview 3:04:55 PM Block textures: find static block depths 3:04:55 PM Block textures: find animated block depths 3:04:55 PM Block textures: done 3:04:55 PM Item textures: load 3:04:56 PM Item textures: surface 3:04:56 PM Item textures: done 3:04:56 PM Particle textures: load 3:04:56 PM Particle textures: legacy sheets 3:04:56 PM Particle textures: done 3:05:24 PM Saving block previews: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Data\blockpreview.midata 3:05:24 PM Loaded assets successfully 3:05:25 PM Ground vbuffer init 3:05:25 PM Resetting project 3:05:25 PM Destroying instances 3:05:25 PM Project resetted 3:05:25 PM Show popup: startup 3:05:25 PM Using the latest assets 3:05:30 PM Opening project: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1\Ray1.miproject 3:05:30 PM load_format: 31 3:05:30 PM Resetting project 3:05:30 PM Destroying instances 3:05:30 PM Project resetted 3:05:31 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1 3:05:31 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1 3:05:31 PM Project loaded 3:05:31 PM Saving settings: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Data\settings.midata 3:15:30 PM Backup: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1\Ray1 3:15:30 PM Saving project: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1\Ray1.backup1 3:15:30 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1 3:15:31 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1 3:15:31 PM Project saved 3:15:31 PM Backup saved 3:16:02 PM execute: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Data\import.exe, C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1\world.schematic, 1 3:17:33 PM Add resource: fromworld 3:17:33 PM filename: world.schematic 3:17:33 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_scenery, C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1\world.schematic 3:17:33 PM Loading .schematic: C:\Users\Alonzo\Mine-imator\Projects\Ray1\world.schematic 3:17:33 PM Size: { { 74,71,28 }, } 3:17:33 PM Version: 1
  2. The Issue Whenever I attempt to load a portion of a world in Mine-imator, it changes some of the Stone blocks to either Oak Saplings, Wooden Planks, or Grass/Dirt blocks. I have no idea why it does this since there are no such blocks in the part of the world whenever I import it. Has anyone else experienced this bug and do you know how to fix it?
  3. So I didn't have a rig to make today. Oh, well... have an artwork. Unedited: Go ahead, set it as your desktop background. I did. If anyone asks who made this, tell them it was me. Please don't claim it as your own. Okay? Thanks.
  4. I am back! With more adventure animatronic rigs! Including: Freddie F0xy Ch1ca Withered Ch1ca Withered Bunny Pictures! Leave which animatronic you want next! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4ww480hc6xfxef/Adventure_Animatronics_Pack_1_by_Supah.exe.rar
  5. hey guys I made I tripod form jeff waynes musical verion of the war of the worlds download fixed
  6. Welcome, to the cubix world. The group made to revolve around the Mine-Imator community. We're here to make HUGE things. Magnum sized, if you know what I mean. We can't just let this discussion explain itself, so, we'll let everything else explain itself. Our Website - http://cubixworld.wixsite.com/tcbxwofficial Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheCubixWorld Our Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrCIEeuWDtiQtPBktEA7Dxw Founded by - aka XxEmeraldSquidxX PLEASE NOTE - XxEmeraldSquid DID NOT post this.
  7. I decided to take a short break away from the F.N.A.F. and make something only MInecraft based. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Wow, it's been a long time since I've made a rig... So here have this! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d5wxc3913z28f4j/Adventure_Bonnie.rar I will be making more in the future
  9. I got these two awesome dinosaur rigs from Supah.exe and they are just totally amazing! Thanks for making these rigs for people!
  10. So I've been trying to load in a world for a animation and it comes up with the same error (Caution Really Long Text) Can someone help me with this please?
  11. New video up, watch Leutnant_Otto_Karateka deal out doses of pain to the enemy troops while sustaining only fraction of the damage he deals! Now you can watch in stunning 1080p video that is nearly completely lossless, so you can have the best experience I can provide.
  12. New video up. It is a replay sent to me by Sidewinder where he deals huge damage and gets some nice kills. The opening is messed up but I am just done with the crap I went through for this render.
  13. Here is the first RAM (RandomAnimatorMan) Replay. Basically I take a game I played in World of Tanks and use video magic to get cool looking angles for every shot. It looks nice, and I am going to make more in the future if I can quit my job as a Pro Crastinator. Here is the original perspective of the game, if you wanted to see any shots from how I saw them or hate my editing style. I will post the next RAM replay and its original perspective when I publish the edited version. The original perspective is already on YouTube. You can watch it, but I personally prefer the edited angles and cuts from the boring bits.
  14. Minecraft Worlds from Geo Data THIS POST IS WIP, images & better explanations will be added later Welcome to my tutorial on how to create a Minecraft Map from Height-Data. NOTE: I know how to do it from this tutorial, but it is outdated and not too good explained, so here my (hopefully) better understandable tutorial. BEFORE WE START (what we need) Before we start, we need a few programs: "MicroDEM" - Direct download link "WorldPainter" - Link to minecraftforum.net thread STEP 1 Visit this website You should see the earth with a grid. You can rotate it by dragging. Click on the tile you want to convert to a Minecraft Map and click download GeoTIFF. The download may take a while. Extraxt the zip STEP 2 Load up MicroDEM and click the "Open DEM" Button in the top left. After that select the .tif file from the extraced zip. After that your map will load into MicroDEM. STEP 3 In the window opened, search for the "subset & zoom" button. After you click on it you can drag your mouse to select the area you want (Bigger area will take longer to create a minecraft map later) STEP 4 Right click the image, go to "Grid/graticule" and set it to 'neither' Right click the image, go to "Legends/marginalia" and uncheck all the boxes Right click the image, go to "Display parameter" -> "Elevation". Set it to "Greyscale" STEP 5 Go to the file menu, click "Save Image" and save the file to a location of your choice STEP 6 Start WorldPainter. Go to the File Menu -> Import -> Heightmap and select the file you saved in STEP 5 Experiment with the water height a bit, it controls how high the ocean level is (your land might get flooded) STEP 7 (Optional) If you know how WorldPainter works you can now add trees, lakes... STEP 8 Go to the file menu and export your world as a Minecraft Map STEP 9 Load up Minecraft and enjoy
  15. "Magicka" Minecraft Animation Magicka is a more magic-intensive animated series when compared to the upcoming "Bloody Throne" series. It is also based on the governing of the common people under an iron-fist policy, however this time it is somewhat different. This series does not focus on custom emmersive armors and weapons, but instead will focus on custom particle altering and effects. Custom scenery is not a thing of the past, and the sets will be unique for this project also. This thread will be updated with pictures as more characters are added and scenes are developed. The Gist: The world is under a constant martial watch by monsters that rose from the ancient mines under the leadership of their monster kings. Magic, being the most powerful defense of the humans, has been forbidden. All schools have closed and known magic users have been killed or are being hunted down. In the day, the Creepers rule the surface by day using human initiates as captains and the Endermen rule the caves and undergrounds at all times, they take orders from none but their king. Rarely is a human taught the powers of the End. At night, the land is ruled by a necromancer king who resurrected the kings of the Skeleton and Zombies in order to force their subjects into servitude for his purposes. His castle is built under the bedrock in the eternal void and is only accessible to him through his mastery of the End and knowledge of the castle's location. The necromancer king has made a peace treaty with the creepers and neither groups care for the underground where the Endermen linger. In their alliance, the Creepers and the Necromancer King (who prefers to be called the "King of kings") go out of their way to slay all other non-human mobs and enslave humans. Testificates are not counted as humans as their bodies are not created for manual labor and the undead and Creepers do not require sustenance in the form of crops, however, a few villagers have been selected by the Necromancer to be transformed into magical beings that show possessed white eyes and the ability to magically decrease the time needed for the growth of crops, to use crafting tables like humans, and to summon their own slave golem using dark charms. What You Can Do! PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU WISH TO BE IN THE ANIMATION! Current Characters: (Character power ratings are on a scale of 1-10. This range is from extremely weak to immensely proficient in each category.) Breakdown of Power Levels: Back story To Selected Characters: These stories are intended to be used as explanations or stories in the animation itself, so if you are too lazy to read, fear not, they will be introduced as means of foreshadowing and plot development. Obviously this means that these include spoilers, like reading the Harry Potter books is going to have spoilers for the movies. Duh. Tale of the Zombie King: Tale of the Skeleton King:
  16. I'm making a Wallpaper with hopefully a lot of people, if you want to be in it, your welcome to join. FORM Skin: Pose (optional): Holding (optional): Interact with anther person? (Optional): Basically you just need to give your skin This is a example so you don't think i'm terrible. Also how do i move this post ? Moderators helpz plz
  17. Hey, guys.. => Just wanted to share my world to you guys. => Here it is: I hope you like it! =3 All of this is inspired by Keralis builds, check him out! =D Look:
  18. My first 1.0.0 wallpaper, in all it's 4K glory! (Click on the picture to see the original)
  19. 19 years have passed since all of are heros have died by Delta's hand humanity as we know it has fallen and the last hope is a small underground city called Devlen but people say that the Elf people still live in there forest but the Feay are all dead but one... Rules You cant be too op Don't just kill Delta instantly because he is the final boss You must make new rp characters because your original are dead You can have 4 characters Player form Name: Age: Parent(if you want one of your rp characters to be there parent): Appearance: Powers: Gender: Bio: Weapon: My people Name:Delta Age:Unknown Parent(if you want one of your rp characters to be there parent):Venna Appearance:A dark cloak with a hood that he always wears pail skin and full red eyes Powers:The force of venna Gender:Boy Bio:A force of pure rage and the killer of Herobrine Weapon:Venna's scythe Name:Jalcs Underwood Age:18 Parent(if you want one of your rp characters to be there parent):Kai and Sara Appearance:dark hair orange eyes almond skin black shirt and jeans Powers:Void Light and lightning Gender:Boy Bio:The son of light and darkness living underground to survive with his other two friends Weapon:A light katana and a dark katana Name:Anna Overgrowth Age:17 Parent(if you want one of your rp characters to be there parent):Iak Mother is unknown Appearance:Long dirty blond hair almond skin a white shirt and gray pants Powers:Divine force and teleportation Gender:Girl Bio:Lives underground in the city and secretly likes Jalcs Weapon:Divine short sword Name:Sam Underwood Age:18 Parent(if you want one of your rp characters to be there parent):Jack and Sally Appearance:Blue eyes Almond skin dark hair an orange shirt and jeans Powers:Energy Gender:Boy Bio:Jalcs cousin and best friend lives underground with everyone Weapon:A breaker blade Now lets start
  20. Hey this is my first episode of my new series A Colorless World!!! More coming soon since i'm in spring beak now. Woohhhh SPRING BREAK.....okay here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-BmQ0jiQY8&list=UUL5ywUqTiZSUNcKSMWuMwDg sorry for just putting the link. i couldn't figure out how to post the video without putting the link
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6WVZJ_CFHQ ~•~ I'm sorry about posting this, If you don't want this here, let me know and I'll ask a mod. ~•~ Tell your opinion, say what you think about dis fideo. ~•~ My opinion to dis: Well, this one nearly scared the hell out of me. Tons of birds flying, helicopters, choppers, military, tanks, trucks, everywhere in LA. A lot of animals died, like, A LOT. Earthquakes around the world in just a week, apocalyptic and mysterious sounds coming from nowhere. And a lot more. ~•~ NOTE: Please watch the video first before commenting. =D ~•~
  22. Hi im am starting to animate a new series that i will be posting on youtube called A Colorless World. So the story is that after a nuclear war or a war of somesort the world is in ruins, life is gloomy, and their is a powerful tyrant ruling the world. an outsider who was born with a gift grows up not knowing of his power.when he grows up he discovers his powers and sets off to kill the tyrant, free the world, and bring peace and happiness back to the world. i left out a ton of details but i dont want to ruin the story. Here's a short teaser trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cExTmVHGGF0&list=UUL5ywUqTiZSUNcKSMWuMwDg please give back feedback of any kind
  23. YUS. Nevermind guys, I found a fix => I followed the instructions here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Recover_corrupted_saved_world_data And it worked, but I lost all my stuff in my inventory though, but.. It's all okay. =D
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