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Found 12 results

  1. JB Animations

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    Hola mi amigos ! how are ya all doing ? so, I was making my submission for The Medieval Collab posted by @SharpWind and halfway I thought, Hmm... I could make a wallpaper outta dis And so here it is ! Edited Unedited My editing software of choice is Also, the rigs featured here aren't made by me You can thanks the creators for that : @Waluiqi for the Medieval Sword @Holy Knight for the Holy Knight And that's all for today, I'll be back with my submission next time
  2. JB Animations

    All Of My Logos TWAOS ep 2 will be coming out tomorrow or maybe sometime later depending on how lazy I am, so I thought Id show all of my logos I know it's totally random but, I havent uploaded anything in a while so this was my first logo this is my current logo and this is the new logo I made but havent used yet
  3. young shadow

    wings rig

    these are wings rigs that requested to me to make comment your opinion and rate from ?/10
  4. so yeah i made another animation... pretty inspired by reality obviously but yeh enjoy lol its a pretty personal animation and i dont expect everyone to get it but aaaaaanyway here
  5. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Batman Beyond (w/Gadgets) Rig! (v 1.0.1

    Hello ladies and gentlesquids! I present to you my second rig, Batman Beyond! This rig may seem plain, but don't forget, IT'S GOT GADGETS! Images and descriptions of gadgets below! The Wings Battarangs - The thing he used to listen onto other people's converstations? - Electricity - UPDATE! Added detail to Batman Added a Saw gadget And now, what you've probably been waiting for, the {new} download. Post suggestions for what I should add to this, or make! Back to re-watching this show.
  6. Mc_IceDragon

    Labymod Wings Rig

    Hey! I Have Made a Human rig that have Labymod Wings (: Pictures: How To Change The Wings Color: > Click on "Human With Wings (Labymod)" > "Human" > "Right Wing" or "Left Wing" > "Color" > "Blend Color" > Enjoy youre Wings! Download: Enjoy Fun!
  7. Well i was pulling an all nighter because yknow....right.... and well at 2:00am my brain told me to make a rig of umbrellas wings and well i did,sorry this isnt great its my fourth rig but i enjoyed making it and wish to continue working on it and adding to it so please constructive criticism is appreciated and if i finish it and like the product i will add a download link, i will also probably post a test animation some time to. IMAGES: what i was rigging.. The Turnout Download ( i have changed a few things but the images showing the change isnt working rn. oh and just delete my rig and replace with yours Enjoy
  8. CobaltMonkey

    Wings Pack Rig! always updating something

    Hello everyone Today i show my new upgraded wing rig V 0.3. I put a present too to see how to use it. Picture Time! it from the old one! All the Wings named if you want to see the present you must download Downloads V 0.1 Rig: http://www.mediafire...a8/ V 0.1 Present: V 0.2 Rig: V 0.2 Present: V 0.3 Updates V 0.1 added angle wings V 0.2 improved to move it around (srry for no demon wing ) V 0.3 More Wings!!!!!!! Planing to add more wing hope you guys and girls enjoy the the rig If you want to see the old one
  9. _Xean_

    Need a couple of new rigs.

    No that I'm re-doing one of my OCs, I need to acquire two different rigs. The first is DocOc style mechanical arms (from spiderman) preferably using a claw design similar to the one I've been working with VV The second is a set of spiny, bug-like wings (would use as an alternative to the mecha-arms). This one, I did try to do but was really unhappy with what I got. P.S. Happy Halloween everyone!
  10. BloxTheRigger

    When Pigs Fly! [2K Wallpaper]

    I got a little bit bored.. I hope you like it Thanks for viewing, and please leave feedback
  11. Hey guys! UPDATE DAY: (already?) So last time, I posted teasers for some Five Nights at Bowser's rigs. If you want to know, they are pretty much done and I will upload them shortly. It's the same case for this one. I originally didn't think much of Flandre Scarlet, but as time passed she really grew on me. Well, isn't that why I'm rigging her? Why else would I - you know what? I don't care. So I will be uploading my Flandre rig and others will follow it. Well, one other. Still, Flandre is done. But first, lemme take a teaser! Now, I plan to make you guys wait until 2495 until I release this rig. Just kidding! 10 days! Let the dramatic countdown begin!
  12. Hey guys! Not long ago, I posted a...urgh, forget it. It was pretty obvious who it was anyway, (Meta Knight, duh) so I'll let the pics do the talking for me. And he wouldn't be here without a download, would he? Have some fun with the Meta Knight rig! Also, this is my first published rig, so please give your feedback and notify me of any download issues you have. Be sure to +1 if you like it!