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Found 17 results

  1. Hello guys! I have created warrior rig. Hope you like it. =] Download P.S.: Sword rig by Kler
  2. LOLAlienz here with an Alien rig pack, Woot! I know I've made an Alien before but with all the new features of Mine-imator, i figured i might as well give it another go. So here it is. Facehugger: Chestburster: Alien: Queen Alien: Downloads Facehugger: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tna8yi4ebue8755/Face+Hugger+Rig.rar Chestburster:http://www.mediafire.com/download/ouuxfm4nu2wre6q/Chestburster+Rig.rar Side Notes: To Move The Little Mouth on the chestburster use the Z Axis
  3. Hello guys, Jovan here. I have created a new rig pack that I will hope you enjoy! It's the warrior rig pack! Please give me suggestions for other warriors to do. Pic: Download <---
  4. Inspired by VanillaBurp's videos (specifically this) I wanted to rig Max's room from the game Life is Strange (one of my favourite games). I used a bunch of custom items and stuff (around 150 assets minimum, but I'm too lazy to actually count), this is the outcome. ermahgerd spoilers work plz First pic is a bit dated, at it doesn't have some tiny details (the green cup by her bed, really). I still mean to add all of the posters and such, along with some other details. Cabinets and books cannot be opened, as rigging each book and cabinet would probably lag my laptop a bunch. Critisism is always appreciated, along with suggestions and stuff
  5. I saw a video of MagmaMusen's on how to build a camping RV, and I wanted to put it to use! I haven't used that fishing rod rig in forever! All rigs are by me. Hope you like it! If not, feedback is always appreciated.
  6. I know not many of you like FNaF all that much, but for those who do, I decided to rig the entire office of FNaF 2 to the best of my ability! (Without lagging my PC to the nth degree, that is.) -FNaF 2 'Celebrate!' Poster made by @DurRubinRux -All other assets made by me. =-=-=-= Hope you like it! :D Criticism is very much appreciated.
  7. You should know by now that this is a wallpaper. If not, idk why you're still here.... Updated: All rigs made by me. I don't think I've used this many items/blocks to add depth to a wallpaper. Hope you like it! If you don't I'll personally hunt you down. Omg Voxy the Dutch Angle is beautiful I've needed this for so long
  8. This is a suggestion collab, since I really, REALLY don't want to host it. I don't know anything about hosting collabs, but I'd like ÜberKiller or someone of near... erm... (popularity?) to take control of this collab. Okay, here's the gist of it. The camera starts off looking at some kind of wall and flooring, preferably something gladiator or futuristic-tech like (or just grass), and then the camera pans right to reveal someone. They strike a menacing war pose (of any kind) or something like that (like in a mortal kombat fighter intro) and when they're done, the camera pans right seamlessly to the next person. There could be anything in the background of your camera pan, say a minion or a rack of weapons. I'd really like for this to be a thing, a show of strength, for all of Mine-imator. What do you guys say? (They'd download a pre-made scenery with a camera that has preset start and end movements, though it can be adjusted for time)
  9. Hello everyone I am looking for a team or people to collab with, I opened myself for collabs over a week ago and I have not gotten any responses yet so I am still completely needing of a partner or a team. I can, although I am still learning, animate. But in the light of other positions I can make skins, do editing, set building if need be, and I would be happy to do voicing for projects that require such if I can. Contact me via Commenting here, my skype, my Google +, or email at scarclaw73@gmail.com (yes is 73 in the gmail to confirm it was no typo lolz)
  10. Hello! This is PNKunG And i 'm proudly to present the " Straight Sabre Sword " requested by The Animator And The video contains all of this. >>> https://youtu.be/V91N4b3FLHc Some pictures will be okay???? Download : http://adf.ly/1LnH9O IF you want me to make rigs, REQUEST BY PM TO ME...
  11. When Hawtur got his real Power, he unleashed the legendary whip: Poison Snake!!!!! Leave your like and have a good day
  12. Hey y'all guys I've trying to get better with my shading (I've never really shaded any of my drawings in the past, since a week ago) Anyways I've always loved fantasy knights, warriors, rogues, (Well I'm very into RPG gaming and fantasy book/movies genre, so that may be the source of this affection of mine) This topic is not all about shading, I recently began drawing differently. I used to draw just the armor straight and recently I've learned, that poses are better, when you first draw a human body sprite and once you're happy with the pose, you begin to draw armor on top of it. So i beg you for your opinion on my work. Thank you very much!
  13. ~•~ Hey, guys.. => My 2nd render using 1.0.0.. =D Zhis one, not zeditead. =)) But, hope you like it! =3 ~~
  14. Hello, some of you may know me, some of you may not. Anyway drawing warriors in armor is my biggest passion, i like to draw other things too, but i think I am better in drawing armor, than drawings flowers for instance. So I just felt like sharing with you, how I've aged with my warriors Following there will be 2 pictures, one I drew like 2 years ago, o r so, another I drew today. Also another purpose of this topic: I'd like you to give me constructive criticism and feedback, I'd really appreciate that ) 2 years ago Today Thanks for taking your time to view this ))))
  15. (I make too many songs.) Hope ya'll liked!
  16. i animated for some guy's parody hope you enjoy and subscribe to me and them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr-fNvYkOhM his channel------> http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq2UvCzk_ZaH0t7_p1HNiIw my channel---------> http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeVr8eQTySos0NJxaEeBbHA?feature=guide fyi i made the animation when i still used my old rig.............
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