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Found 44 results

  1. I know there not the best, but at least i tried i guess.
  2. http:// Rigs Not By Me Please Criticize My Work so i know what to improve on, thanks
  3. https://imgur.com/a/vmU9YvQ Weapon Rig By Cinema Hanwill Soldier Rig By Piegon99 First Ever Creation I Made. Please criticize my work so i know what i can improve on
  4. Hi, I'm Adri526 and I like to make cool wallpapers with Mine-Imator (and sometimes After Effects), here are some examples: I hope you enjoyed it, you can find some others on my Deviantart PS: My english may not be correct, sorry.
  5. Hi! This is my first ever wallpaper I've ever created. This is where I bring my lighting skills to the test. I also made this as my cover photo for my profile. Sorry if the title is kind of weird but I'll show you how to read it: W_# W = Wallpaper # = Wallpaper number That's about it!
  6. COOL HUH? FOR REAL.. SKIBBZ's Corrupted Rig was the VILLAIN!
  7. Get the Wallpaper Here. So, I Wanted to create a Wallpaper for You fad Fans, so The Link above Is how to get to the image. Err, For some reason it Is always changed to 'fad'. Sorry About that Mistake... Its meant to be "Five Nights At [You know who]"
  8. Ever wanted to create your own watermark but don't know exactly what to do? Well you've come to the right place. This tutorial will teach you how to create your own watermark, with the Paint.NET software. DOWNLOAD PAINT.NET: http://www.getpaint.net/index.html STEP 1: Create the image you want to be in your watermark. (I recommend using a large canvas to start, then crop the final image to get the best resolution) STEP 2: Put it on a canvas that is the size of the wallpaper you plan to use -Then remove the background by selecting the outer white area with the magic wand tool and hitting DELETE Select this whole image now, and copy it (Ctrl+C) STEP 3: Open the wallpaper you want you use in Paint.NET, and create a new layer with the layers window at the bottom right corner of the screen STEP 4: Paste the copied image of the watermark to the wallpaper and you're done! Tip: Save the image of the watermark and keep it for later to keep consistency (see the third picture above) Well, you made it to the end. Hopefully you weren't too bored and found this informational. Please comment to give me feedback if something didn't make sense or you have any further questions. Thanks for reading!
  9. Forgot I had these images on my computer. Decided to re-render them with the MI Community Build 'cause I had nothing better to do. Figured they weren't much and didn't deserve their own individual posts.
  10. Ok. I just need take a lil bit break edit the collab. Then just make this wallpaper, here you go. free to download for your desktop lol Voyage Reality Better Skibbz ok just that Hope you like it, bye
  11. Just some old wallpapers and art I made before. Here's the album: http://imgur.com/a/rMX47
  12. Just a little sumthin' I made. Sorry for no 2K or 4K. My computer REALLY doesn't like me today. Anyways. Enjoy! http://imgur.com/gallery/ys5ef
  13. I made these wallpapers a while ago and kinda forgot about them. So here they are... I guess.
  14. I did a simple lighting trick in this one. this one turn out simple dumb watermark i will make more soon! oh and rigs by AlexanderExodius and Creeper2555 i dont know who the steve rig is made by.
  15. so this is a new thing i wanted to start so on this post im gonna post random wallpapers. so from time to tume im going to post random wallpapers.
  16. hey guys i didnt know what to do so i started making these pics
  17. So im still working on this but here a some wallpapers to display some parts of the rig
  18. Rainbow Gold Energy Scribble Press this button if you like! | \ /
  19. all images 1920 by 1080, good for desktop background. The whole animation soon to be released.
  20. ALERT: MASS UPDATE AHEAD! Before: *snap* 1.0.0 magic! After: That's right. Block Mobs are back and bigger that ever! Heeding advice from @MCWarrior, the build quality has overall been improved, and thanks to Mine-imator 1.0.0 they can be released as .object files, And plus, they keep their imported parts thanks to the addition of .blocks files being created in each seperate mob's folder. Features of rig: - Move arms, legs, head and torso - Different mobs made in the same way. - Bendable arms, legs and torso - 3D parts on some mobs - NEW Oresome Steve! Mobs finished Steve - Nothing too special Creeper - The infamous hisser Zombie (not shown) - Steve's undead brother Skeleton (not shown) - HEADSHOT! Pig (not shown) - Gimme some pork! Wither Skeleton (not shown) - Spookier, scarier, skeleton-er Mobs yet to come Enderman - Good luck having a staring contest with him Spider - To a skeleton, it's a horse. Player skins - Turn yourself into a Block Mob! Cow - Don't let Antvenom near it if you value it's live! Sheep - Without them, this rig wouldn't exist Zombie Pigman - Delivering some porky death To-do list: - Make limbs bendable Done! - Add armour and Items - Start a skin donation service (Give me a skin, and I'll convert it into a block mob) - Improve the overall build quality Done! Release info: (finally) Block Mobs will be released like a toy assortment brand. Upon release, there will be a starter pack consisting of Steve, Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton and Pig. As well as that, there will also be booster packs - download links on the topic randomly chosen with the forums new "random" BBCode option. Booster packs will consist of all those currently in "Mobs yet to come" at the time of this edit, and any other mobs that get made. The new Oresome Steve will be a rare find in the booster packs and you'll have to be quite lucky to get his download, unless you don't want him, in which case you'll be terribly, terribly unlucky. If you're familliar with LEGO Minifigures and similar toy assortment brands, you'll have a clear idea of how this booster pack concept will work. Why use booster packs? Because why not? But in all seriousness, Oresome Steve is the guilty one. Anything to make him all elusive and special and-this concept makes no logical sense whatsoever! Well that concept got covered. Um, now I don't know how to end this post.
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