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Found 49 results

  1. This mod will add all future in Minecraft 1.16 (20w10a) Nether Update to mine imator How to import Extract file to Mine-imator/Data/Minecraft Open mine imator. Go setting and change Minecraft Version to "1.16 Test (20w10a)". After that Close the Program and Reopen Mine imator Version 2 Additions Blocks Crying obsidian Targets New Hyphae And stripped for Crimson and Warped Changes Blocks Fungi Renamed to "Fungus". Purpur pillar Changed the top texture to match the texture in Bedrock Edition. Roots Can now be placed into flower pots. Nether sprouts texture has been changed Warped fungus texture has been changed. Items Diamond axe, diamond boots, diamond helmet, diamond hoe, diamond leggings, diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, diamond sword, golden hoe, golden pickaxe, netherite pickaxe, wooden hoe, and wooden pickaxe Changed their textures slightly Netherite axe, boots, chestplate, helmet, hoe, leggings, pickaxe, shovel, and sword Changed the texture of all netherite armor, tools, and weapons. Netherite scrap Changed the texture. If you find some bugs. Please Report Download Here http://www.mediafire.com/file/afxyxfc8qyqa5xj/MI_1.16_Update_Test(20w10a)_by_MCPA_Team.zip/file
  2. Hi, I would like to ask for a small update of the "Bloom" effect in the sense that there would be a possibility that the bloom effect will only be able to work terrain, not on the clouds / sky.
  3. Why, hello there! This video is a mini animation(about 1 min.) plus an update video for the game I've been working on: Have any comments? Comment on Youtube if possible! I don't visit Mineimator very much anymore so there is a chance I may not be able to see your comment here. Other than that, I hope you guys have great day, good luck Mine-imating!
  4. This video is about The Upcoming projects and Goals I have for the New year, I hope you stop by and see them at some point, Happy New Year - Mariobros1045
  5. Ya'll remember my old logo? It was very good when I made it at the time, but nowadays I don't think highly of it. Which is why I decided to update it. I would like to thank @ShinyGHASTTear for the Minecraft letters he created. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  6. Seen the snapshot versions for 1.14? Yes, this is the villager from them. I intend to personally use this model for myself and I thought, why not help out other people too? This model includes the savanna villager and many professions, along with a zombie villager model with some professions. It does not include every texture for the villagers and zombie villagers, but I might add more of the textures at request. You may use this rig without giving any credit to me, however, I'd love to see the things you use it for. Download
  7. Download Based on the 1.14 lantern from the current snapshots, this model is fully animatable featuring a toggleable chain and manually animatable flames (there are three overlays that you can toggle using keyframes). You don't need to credit me if you use this; however, I'd love to see what you make with it! I originally made this model for my own personal use in my WIP Diverse Pilot Episode (the same story for the Illager Beast [a.k.a. Ravanger] that came with the pillager and crossbow that I uploaded previously). But I think you guys could make good use of it too!
  8. A simple addition where you could set an object or body part to always point towards a set object based on the object's rotation point. Also, with the option for this 'point towards' to affect a body part's bending (so that when, the leg for instance, is straight the leg's lower half will continue bending towards the set object). This function could allow mine-imator users to be able to make their own IK for not only characters, but models and items and etc.. I assume it wouldn't be too hard to add.
  9. Sooooo..... ya, another model for 1.14. This a fully animateable mob, and I've included walking, biting, and headbutting .miframes in the .zip folder. I've also included a .miobject with a pillager mounted on top with a crossbow (the crossbow is animateable using visible/invisible keyframing). Download You do not need to give me credit, however, I'd love to see what you do with this!
  10. The Mine Imator's 1.2.0 update - A.K.A., The Best Update to Come! The creators have done a really good job developing this version, with small details everywhere, contributing to the full experience. I am personally a pretty old Mine Imator user and also an animation student, and i am personally looking forward to animating with the latest version of Mine Imator. Cheers to @Nimi and @david for putting this thogether and i would much appreciate if you could put this post in the development section for others to see all the beautiful new changes!
  11. In celebration of the release of Update Aquatic next Wednesday for Java players, I made a wallpaper consisting of my second favorite addition to the game: Dolphins. (I know there is only one in this wallpaper.) I took inspiration from the Jaws poster for this wallpaper. I don't know why, but it kinda fits for me. Texture Pack Used: - Name: Rodrigo's Pack 8x8 - Author: @Rodrigo_Al_ (twitter) - Download: planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/8x8-rodrigos-pack-pvp/ Dolphin Model by @TheIanPlays88 As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated.
  12. Hello forums! It has been a while now since I announced I will update the 2 rigs I have created. The previous villager scout rig was horrible, so , I added lots of cool features that were not in the older rig. - 3D Helmet, Better Texture -Pupils {ALREADY IN OLD RIG} -Mouth Rig from @SKIBBZ - Eyebrows you can bend and move -Eyelids with easy control {Y} Click on "Reveal Hidden Contents" For Pics of the rig! Download The Rig HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9wreoa5ugf3ubi4/Villager Scout Rig V2.zip NOTICE YOU MUST CREDIT ME USING ONE OF THESE NAMES : Sir Mistick The Yopstick {on the forums} OR TheUltraMineboxX144 {YouTube} EDIT: meh, use it for FREE! Don't Credit! BUT don't claim the rig as if you did it
  13. Hello everybody! In the new snapshot, a new mob has been added, and it is called "The drowned". This mob spawns naturally in the ocean, and also appears when a zombie is left underwater. Images: download: Here Have Fun!
  14. Knights Rigpack (Updated Ver. 2/4/2018) i just called them knights because i don't know what else to call them I made a Rig pack of these knights , this might come useful for those peeps who want to animate in a Medieval theme. so here it is: I do not own the facial rig so credits to @SKIBBZ for the template rig Here's the Download rig Soon to add: -Horseman(Archer) -Horseman(Speardudes) -Horseman -Guard -Paladin Sorry for the delay of the update , I kinda forgot to upload the update because of some school errands but i'll try to update some rigs here as soon as i can , so thanks. if u guys have a suggestion,u can kindly give me cuz im out of ideas.
  15. We have a hand-full of 3d shapes in the mine-imator crafting table, but we just don't seem to have 3d pyramids. It would probably help people who animate minecraft because i was thinking that the closest to a pyramid is a cone, which is not square-like. I don't know if it should be added or not, but what do you guys say about it?
  16. Hey ya'll. Updated Glaives are done done done! WHAT'S NEW?? GLAD YOU ASKED! -3D Item! -Handle is filled! -The edges glow!!! -The middle glows! -The whole thing looks 200x better! Credit goes to @Andy8000 for his weapon, and his rig! Any suggestions for next weapon? DOWNLOAD HERE!!
  17. Here is what the console looks like so far Panel 1 (Switches from left to right: Monitor, Door Lock, Shields, Physical Lock, Helmic Regulator) Panel 2
  18. So, I've been playing with some mineimator stuff and I came across the fact that there are no doors or trapdoors. I kinda need them for my survival animation cuz otherwise I'll have to use moving blocks of which honestly, I think will look kinda weird . Since 1.10 came out I've kinda gotten used to eytras and bone blocks but then I go to mineimator and I can't have them . Update soon please, -Streudel
  19. sooooooo, 1.11? Yes or No?
  20. Can you update the iron bars. When its not next to any other blocks, the iron bars should be a thin pole instead of a cross. Old : New:
  21. How Do I Update?
  22. I have been wondering how to update it so I can get the Minecraft 1.9 stuff... Do I have to uninstall Mine-imator and then just download it again or is there some sort of update button on the website or program. THANKS
  23. In case you're wondering I'M NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 Sorry about that.. I got a new laptop (my old one broke down) You will HOPEFULLY see more content this weekend
  24. Jovik


    If there is a new version of Mine-Imator.. should I reinstall it or what should I do to get it?
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