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Found 30 results

  1. Yeah just a random thing I felt like making quickly, probably could be improved lots but meh
  2. Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/seym7ow2d4l8wc0/abandoned.zip?dl=0 You don't have to credit me when you use it.
  3. Orlando2303

    Unknown Mutant

    If anyone visited my ''creepy landscape'' post, you might have seen some wither skeletons (if you haven't visited it yet, here it is) that looked a bit more ''weird and scary'' i call these ''Unknown Mutants''. It's a weird wither skeleton, with bandages in its body, eyes all around its head, and some strange liquid flowing out of their body. if anyone wants to download it, here's the link https://mega.nz/#!oJpiFbSK!Ujv8Lyf_-2VkLNf9ZKsH9WiC9A9WAb3XMM-TIM_uxZM
  4. It's a me now i know most people don't want me here anyway nor do they want to see me breathing so let me make this quick I was gonna make this cute I swear but, then I thought of the tails doll from sonic racing and made this for no reason......... welp back to my corner feel free to through rocks at me for no reason I understand.
  5. Dkslflldlekf- dis was just an excuse to upload sumthing
  6. attempt at a fighting animation (UN-finished)
  7. * I messed up a part, the Screamers use Echo-location to map their surroundings, as "how can it see, if it is blind?" * Its official, corrupted variants of the T-Bots are coming. There's gonna be lots of them.
  8. Hey people, I present to you my latest wallpaper. Been working on this for a while now and it's finally ready. Rendered in 4K, I tried to put in as much detail as I can (without destroying my computer) into everything in the scene. (Click to enlarge) If you can't load the 4K one for some reason here is the 1080p version. And also, if you want to download the project file for this wallpaper, here you go DOWNLOAD, Feel free to take and use anything from here as long as you give credit.
  9. hey guess who has been stalking anyway I made this for Halloween should have been something about the skeleton war but that is for later
  10. Picture hope you like it! as you see i improved in the lighting and effects. it took to around 40 minutes.
  11. Not tellin' you what it's for all you m80s. It's a Steven Universe thing by Isa Doggle. Nuff said m80s. Well, if you found this, good job! BTW, FUSION DANCE!!!
  12. Hey there. SKIBBZ here. Today I have this little short thing I made in an hour or two yesterday. It's nothing much, seriously. Just something I felt like making to put something up on my channel since I haven't posted in a week or two. I was a little down when I was making this. The description has more info if you're curious. This video got hammered with dislikes, so according to my viewers, I gotta quit on making random animations like these now. But they're fun and easy to do. I don't want to displease my audience. :\ I'll give them animations, it'll just take longer. I'm gonna go watch Mrs. Doubtfire again... bye.
  13. In my eyes, this is okay... it's nothing special
  14. Varen

    Pixel Art Thing

    Heres a thing and I'll put some text here to make it not that empty,this is a pixel art,its pixely. The eyes are red and yellow for some reason,thats ok,I don't know what else to say so bye
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1qCRSwnN-I
  16. Testing with something...
  17. Making the thing in the right top corner to blend in with the sky took some time. It would be nice if I got a reply.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVo2OPBfjss So I was playing with a website that allows you to make your own video out of that Hitler movie thing.
  19. It's not exactly what he looks like, but it's close enough Website post: http://arathernormalday.weebly.com/grandfather-portrait.html
  20. Hey guys! I worked hard on this for over a month (Most of that was wasting time ) working on this for the contest. But it turns out the contest was cancelled. And I never found out... until after I spent over 5 hours cramming to get it done- BUT OH WELL! Here it is! I need feedback! And if you like, like!
  21. it would be great if you could bring back the option to create a walking animation to the next keyframe by right clicking, that was a really helpful feature for me and my friends when using this program. thank you.
  22. EndahGurl

    (Art) Planet Earth

    Sooo I was messing around with a couple plugins in Paint.NET, and here is le result:
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