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Found 21 results

  1. so this is just some things i made while i was bored so you can have them if you want there are fingers, and theres a finger hider if you want it non visible or not auto 3d rig obviously and you can add your own skins on them just make sure to put the front of the face in the top left corner for your texture, or if you dont wanna you can just use a regular texture and uhh yeah hope you enjoy the rig, but please credit me, it took awhile to make the female one for some reasons and if there are any problems just tell me ive seen a problem so take this one instead https://www.mediafire.com/file/57ayqqh9krqwau3/Template_Rigs_n_stuff.zip/file
  2. SUPER simple! == Like notification for your videos == you watched it? told ya is simple... XDDD Link: DON'T FORGET! Credit! any critics and tips is appreciated!
  3. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf2J5IOqzB3wPZ7ljbdNnKawiNw1H9nUmKh4ZfnSdULO9obBw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  4. this is my first rig i have to give credit to le solo solio for the male and soundsdotzip for the face rig have fun using it here is the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z1zp3x3dp60ww8z/first_rig.zip/file hope you like it file:///C:/Users/Brandon/Downloads/thumbnail.jpeg
  5. Zacku's Character Model So howdy today i'm here to post my first model so i wish you enjoy it 3D Second Layer Fancy Hand and Foot Face Rig Download Now https://www.mediafire.com/file/i31dtjus8fztwi0/Zacku's_Character_Model.zip/file
  6. I have Model that already set it into Template, maybe it can use for all people to make a simple rigs for your OC. here a Model, already step to Version 1.4.... because i'm never share in this forum, maybe someone can need this model for practice... New update with this Model, will coming soon! no need to credit me! u just Upvote this post, it much appreciated it... i will make a good template and more easier to change the texture with some format there (Not Included Headphone & Facial Rigs) Here a link for download this Model Template : http://www.mediafire.com/file/0d3bu7lu0dwrqde/Evy_Model_Rig_V1.4.rar/file For next post, i will desc all new feature & update for next model version! thanks for View this.
  7. What's up, guys? Nasir here and I'mma give you this template if ya'll need an Intro like this! Looks great, isn't it? Well, aside from too much blood there, but still, it doesn't look so bad. If you happen to use this template, be sure to give a credit! Well, maybe you can choose not to give me credits, but I'd be more likely to appreciate it if you do give me credit.
  8. The Mine Imator Intro Template 4K60.. Video Design Compatable With Mine Imator 1.1.0 and above Only....... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ All You Have to do is open, select Text and change the Name to yours ..AND RENDER.. LINK -- http://vializer.com/5K7O
  9. Hey guys! This is a template for a Minecraft Prison series thumbnail. It is free to use, as long as credit is given to this post. Any feedback is appreciated! Download
  10. How can you use many textures in a same model, to make variations, but without the need to rebuild the same model again using another texture? Tried to duplicate, but the items are grouped in the same "slot type", and if you change the texture on a second model, the first one change too.
  11. Hi! It's been a while since I posted a topic, but guess what, I'm back with another rig! ============================================================================================================ ============================================================================================================ An update to my old template. For those who are looking for something simple yet effective. Here you have a list of the changes since my last template (and some other features): + 3D facials. + Organized timeline. + Simetrical use of eyebrows. + Easier to use. + Easier to retexture. + Compatibility with more skins, you don't have to edit too much to make it fit. + Female template. + Fingers! - Removed wrists. It's something that takes up skin compatibility and it's not used too much. ============================================================================================================ TUTORIALS: HOW TO RETEXTURE: HOW TO USE: ============================================================================================================ DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATES HERE! (If you want the Alex and Steve rigs, go to the following topic:) ============================================================================================================ TERMS OF USE: No need to give credit if used in any work that's not publicly downloadable. Don't claim as your own. Don't create another download of these. If you want to share the intial template with anyone, provide a link to this post. You are free to create publicly downloadable content with them as long as the template has a decent amount of changes to it that can be considered as being created by you. However, in that case you must credit me, just put something like "i'm using a template made by stickymations" it's not hard at all, it takes 2 secs! Alright, that's it, my contribution to the community. Use it on whatever you want (I'm not responsible on what you use it tho), use it like it was yours :3 Tell me what you've liked/didn't liked about it in the replies, I want to know! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me. Crap, that was a lot to write
  12. I made a second version of my template rig . ADDED: *Female Presets UPDATED: *Eyes *Mouth fixed just that , here is some pics: Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_FtLkA4ZIMUM1I1eENsLTQySms just that , bye : )
  13. this was the only song i could use lol some of you think its terrible because of the song and camera movement but i tried :/ just pm me and ill make the intro for you!
  14. Hi guys! I've been inspired to do this since I saw how my template worked so well with @Nicolasev's skin... So now... I'll be releasing my Sticky Template! ============================================================================================================================== Easy to use, easy to retexture and good for lip sync! ============================================================================================================================== TUTORIALS: How to retexture? How to use? ============================================================================================================================== Male version Female version ============================================================================================================================== Credit it's not needed but I appreciate it if you do :3 ============================================================================================================================== Funfact: you can have 21 of these in a project and it wont lag! (at least for me)
  15. itz kul rite? I might have messed up on some things, like forgetting the sword in the guys stomach, but it works! Criticize if needed! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8y7f67a76b4f8ba/Intro+Template+1.zip
  16. Download - http://www.mediafire.com/download/9u4y7fv5qidaoij/Undertale_Battle_Template.zip Spider Dance Cover by Gooseworx - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4IxBW_LLWI
  17. Make your own smash character reveal with this! Comes with all the assets needed. To change the background, use the gradient tool of one color, then the next color more pale of the original color. Then aim the gradient on the top right corner. To change the character, load your own image. (Must be either transparent or have a single color background. Single color bgs must have the screen modifier) Then give it a drop shadow facing the bottom right. It is not limited to just Minecraft characters. This was just an example. Download
  18. Hey guys! The good news I bring here is that I'm starting to pick up the pace on rigging for the community! Hopefully, soon you won't have to wait years and years for my next rig! Anyway, I decided to make something a bit different for you guys. When I made my Magolor Wizard rig back in the days of 0.7, I wanted it to have a customisable edge to it if anyone remembers that old post. But now, with a new sort of rig that vision can finally materialize. Ladies and gentlemen, I now provide you with the latest progression of mine in animatronic development technology... (No, this isn't an animatronic version of the Engineer from TF2. That's another rig, for another time, for someone else to do.) With this template, you can create non-cubic, new and interesting f@d OCs just by adding and adjusting different parts. Just parent the parts to where you want them to go, then adjust the position, rotation and colour to your liking. Simple enough, right? Here is a more plain view of the template. Features: So get your template now, and start building your own animatronics today!
  19. Skjold

    Emoticon template

    So i wanted to make some custom emoticons but and i searched for "emoticon template" but i couldnt find any. So here I am! bringing you it! (i was not sure where this should be or if theres already one but i couldnt find it) Not so much to say, just copy-paste it into your image editing program! HERE: SHOW ME YOUR VERSIONS! like if you like or whatever you want.. i dont judge you. you just get a cookie if you do!
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