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Found 103 results

  1. How do I fix these shadows?

    So I've been playing around with settings to get some good sharp shadows as I hate blurry/soft shadows. The result was this strange shadow shape. How do I make the shadow more straight?
  2. Wolves Teaser

    yup idk Video: why do I exist? *because I do*
  3. Voxel Art Dump

    My Voxel Art dump... Enjoy... Small City: Desert: Igloo: Sky Island:

    STRANGER RECOVER Ok so I'm quite proud of this, in all the time I've been on the forums this is my best wallpaper yet, I never worked so hard on a wallpaper. Oh and it is supposed to be Jonathan, Joyce and Will Byers cleaning the house after the mess made during Stranger Things Season 1 plz don't die tiny wallpaper rigs, models (excepted box & christmas lights) software used: -Paint.Net- -MrCrayfish's model creator- -Mine-Imator of course- -Nicolasev-
  5. tbh I just made this because I was bored and yeah I have actually fallen asleep in a skype call before with my boyfriend.
  6. Been working with Mine-imator for a short while, and have so far made these. Gonna label them accordingly, and would like any feedback on what I've done well, what could be improved (Either in the scene OR in my rig), and just anything else you wanna say about them. My first ever render, with my original rig: Second render. Not much to tell. Third render - I went back to the scene for my first after I updated my rig with an item sheet and better glow effects: Fourth render - again, not much to tell - wanted to update my profile pic with the new rig: My final render (for now) The big one; I spent a while on this one, perfecting it in After-Effects. There is some oddness in it (The lighting changes between the foreground and the background) but I don't think it detracts from the final image: Decided to come back and post an update: I added to my rig, and decided to redo my icon. Hopefully the eyes look less soul-devouring now. =3
  7. Mobs!

    Yay new wallpaper! Credits: Torch, facial rig, and sword all by SKIBBZ. Skin cryoyivity. Sorry is a little big.
  8. The end

    This is a wallpaper I made a while back. Hope you enjoy!Credits: Skin used. (PowerMCking)
  9. Gmod Art - Shit, Giggles and Space

    Again, Me as the Engineer holding the PDA ready to build anything i need, and my friend as the Medic. Mostly the other characters are random classes with random hats. ...oh wait, theres my soldier and spy
  10. Mini gun

    Here's a rig I have made!Textures by SKIBBZ Sorry for the texture flittering DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. Random renders

    Title says it all ^ For some reason imgur makes them weird, idk... Anyways i hope you enjoyed. I made them in Mine-Imator and Paint.net My previous wallpaper
  12. Piston Rig

    Hello! Back with another block rig! It's a Piston Rig! Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE
  13. Hi everybody, my name is TheTomsikene and I wanna share my newest animation with you guys.I hope you like it What are your thoughts? All feedback is appreciated! If you enjoyed it, why not check out my other stuff? Here's my YouTube channel. When you're already there, why not subscribe to help me out ^-^Thank you for your attention!
  14. The League Of Crafters

    League of legends mixed wid Minecraft (recently got accepted alpha version)
  15. Mine craft Proton pack rig

    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?w9msj8bamij5abq
  16. Dispenser Rig

    Enjoy my dispenser rig! DOWNLOAD HERE
  17. Life lesson

  18. I need help!

    I need help! I am Lionnix, i do animations and gaming on my yt channel, but I want to do a big animation. I want to animate the first episode of Red vs Blue ("why are we here") with minimator! I need the following things; Animators: tell me your info (skype name. I also need proof of just how good you are at animation.) Riggers: this is obvious considering the guns in halo, that are also used in RvB. If you are able to help with these things contact me through my skype: Lionnix Gaming Thanks for your time. P.S. I would just like to say, i am 12. If you have a problem with that, don't even bother replying. Thanks.
  19. A beautiful day

    I'm kind of bumed right now so I won't say anything.. special, that's just a wallpaper i made a few days ago. Credits OkBye.
  20. The Tavern

    So I made another simple wallpaper. Plot (What they're doing) (read if you want to) Credits To the Batmobile!... I mean to My next Wallpaper!
  21. Knockout test

    This is just a test on a knockout, but ended up turning into an uppercut test. And Don't Ask About The Axe!!!!!