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Found 11 results

  1. DOWNLOAD(mirror) What is MiT Studio? MiT Studio is a Tool to make translating easier. Just open the language preset (e.g.: English) and translate it sentence for sentence to your language! Why MiT Studio? Of course you could use the default type of translating Mine-imator Language files (Open them in Notepad and edit them...) but with MiT Studio you can do that process much easier! There are several features that improve translating and make it twice as fast! Screenshots: How it works: Language Files:
  2. Hello People, today we search Members for: Okay, so, who are you? Other Life Studios is a group of (currently) five people with their own Youtube Channel and Skype Chat. We are making Animations, from Random Animations (Like the SkywarsAnimation) to a Big Project, "Another Lifeform" . Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNW-wtkSNtIYisrm_3XeWTA The Video there is old, and not really good. Thats also why we need more members. Why do you need more Members? Because, it is hard to start a Series with five people, and none of them are Voice Actors. Also, with more people, there is less work for Everyone. What members do you currently have? We have: - A Project leader/Story writer/Script Writer/Animator/Artist -One Texture maker -Two Animators, one of them is also a Rigger - One Particle Creator What is with this "Another Lifeform" project? The Series, "Another Lifeform" is a (Edit: Medival) Series about the Three Races of the "Creai" and Spiders. The Creai are based on the Texture look of Creepers, they have their Language that I (The Project leader) am currently making. Every Episode is planned to be around 10 minutes long. Thats why we need more Members too. We already have 16 Sites big Script for the first Episode. "Another Lifeform" is also the Priority in the Team. And Random Animations? With that, we mean Animations that are made between the Episodes, because it could take long to only write the Script. Examples: -Minigame Animations -Little Animations with their Story And so on. What do you need? We need: -Animators -Riggers/Skin creators -Image Editor -Sound creator/Editor (Not completly needed but it would be good to have one) We prefer people who can do multiple of these things (good). Or people who are very good at one thing. Also needed is Creativity and a bit of discipline. You should be able to Answer once a day, or once two days. How do I enter? Write a little Text with: -Your name -Youtube Channel (If you don´t have one, don´t ignore)# -Skype name (Skype is needed, you can PM me the name if you want) -What you want to do - Something that shows how good your at it (Picture, Video etc.) -Country (Europe is prefered due to Time zone Problems) -Why do you want to Join -What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are. -How often you can be Active -Other things you want to tell us. Please try not coping the key points. What Happens if I´m chosen? If you are picked, you will get a Skype Friend Request from me and you´ll be added to the chat, you also then get Information for "Another Lifeform". Write under this post or PM me if you want to join. Greetings Other Life Studios Edit: No OffTopic Posts here.
  3. Then I'll lay out my arts i will do that himself My art (http://m.vk.com/album-70146100_193176901?rev=1&m=103&z=photo-70146100_332506095%2Falbum-70146100_193176901%2Frev) I spread my arts in a social network VKontakte
  4. Just some RANDOM stuff. Hope you like it. Pls. Share, Rate and Comment. That would be AWESOME!!! http://kiliorean.deviantart.com/art/Its-all-about-the-cookie-Comic-506565686
  5. Hey guys! I just messed around a bit with David's Noteblock Studio and came up with Timber by Pitbull! Download the MIDI File here! Download the NBS Files here! Please leave a rating and what song I should do next!
  6. Process: Which will improve the project: -Add sky completely -Improve the system charge (load or save) -Make visible mist -Improve cloud environment
  7. GUYS please stop being sarcastic it was just a test its not like its bad im a mineimator binger so please don't bad comment! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2azQCkJ6XW0
  8. volume is very low. be careful. this music is made of a MIDI file. but in Note Blocks Studio and with other sounds.
  9. I felt like posting about this old program some of us use. I have it on my computer, yet I stopped using it, since there was no mp3 or wav export ... Yet I keep it sitting on my computer, waiting, watching, for the day I can use it for all the musical things. All of them
  10. I really wish the render settings were like those of Sony Vegas Movie studio with all kinds of codec settings instead of the crappy ones like Microsoft video 1 and such. Also could you please do away with the Tempo setting and just have the standard 30FPS? It's annoying and when I go to render my video playback is really fast and I have to slow it down in Vegas Movie Studio. Also could you make the program more responsive on the user interface and make controls like timeline not so "I didn't mean to make a keyframe" happy. I just want to be able to move around on the timeline and not make a key frame just to do it. It drives me crazy and messes up my progress. I know this program is in bata and I love it so far but it could really use some help and changes! Can't wait to see the next update soon! Thanks! Grid21
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