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  1. Click to see the video Sorry, soon I will add English subtitles, not that it will make much difference unless you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. I will soon release a short film with this Enderman
  2. Credit: @Frost* @Patric @9redwoods @nrtcb @CoLahaust @Zelin @BloxTheRigger
  3. I would like to get your thoughts on this story idea Steve’s adventure is about a guy named Steve as he goes from zero to hero, the first season is all about establishing who Steve is, and each episode is a “Learning” Episode, in the first, he spawns at night and gets killed by a creeper, second night skeleton, 3rd night zombie, so on and so forth, Episode 2 he starts learning how to gather resources, episode 3 crafting, so on and so forth, every episode slowly shows steve’s knowledge increasing as he starts to grasp what is going on. The second season sees him joining a multiplayer world where he is a nobody to everyone else except Alex who shows a great deal of compassion, the two bond over time but the main focus is still on Steve, halfway through the season, a mob so powerful the ender dragon and wither boss are tame and weak, and start to terrorise the server, By the end, the mob is defeated and Steve is revered as a hero of the server. Season 3 sees Herobrine introduced as the main villian and from the get go is already terrorizing the server, Steve however is not able to fight Herobrine like he did with the last big villain(oh and Steve and Alex get married), and tries everything to beat him, but fails every time, eventually Herobrine suceeds in setting the server to Hardcore, this sets into motion the events of season 4, and yes season 3 ends on a cliffhanger. Season 4 is as one can expect, starts quite litterally from the end of Season 3, and surprisingly as the season unfolds players who die remain dead, and that DOES include Steve’s Wife Alex(Who Herobrine kidnapped at the end of season 3 and outright murdered in front of Steve at the beginning of season 4), steve realises he needs to do something Herobrine would never do..........and thats all i have, my head is empty at that point.
  4. Hagus's Guide to Story Writing Hey guys! I'm gonna give you some tips for writing good, entertaining stories that you can hopefully use when animating a longer animation or series. First off, if you've joined the Community Project, you probably know I can write a pretty good story already, but I'll tell you what you need to do to make one of your own. Characters Setting Plot/Story Line Writing The Story
  5. Not much background to this, just a random super short animation (still very much a beginner tho)
  6. Tjis is my first ever animation. Tips and suggestions much appreciated https://youtu.be/IgEIP9t6eFo
  7. Okay, so yes, Minecraft Story Mode has been around for a while now, but I haven't been on MI for very long. But I found some rigs and made this. Enjoy. Jesse rig by: @Tempus Wither Storm rig by: FrozenKerbal148
  8. After a lot of work. It's finally done! Hope you guys enjoy! I'm expecting hate comments, but most of them are just angry children that don't like it because it's F.n.a.f, so their opinion doesn't really count.
  9. just trying to get my rep up
  10. Welcome fellow forumers! I present you a new roleplay/story that I have made (and had in mind for about two years)! "What is Guardians, and what can I do in the roleplay?" you may ask. Guardians is a story where a lot of species have advanced and evolved! Timelords, galaxy kings, etc! But sixteen races are the most powerful species in the whole universe. One of them are Eternals. Each Eternal have their own profession, like Eternal Guardian, Eternal Farmer, etc. What is your role? Become one of them! You will start out as a child, and start your journey into one of the most OP beings there is. "How does my actions change the story?" You also may ask. It affects the story, your companions, the characters, and etc. You can be someone who is friend to all good, or a genocidal child how destroys everything in it's path. FOOOOOOOOOOOOORM Name: Race (Human, Extraterrestrial, etc) Age (Must be below ten for now!) Weapons: Initial Skills: Personality: Backstory(?): Anything else? You can't be incredibly strong for now. Otherwise, you might end up creating time distortions. Once you apply for a forum, you can start roleplaying, since I just need to see how I would balance the story more. The roleplay can be silly or serious, so yeah. Date: Fith of October, 2028 Location: Planet Earth Stranded on an island, you wonder why you were on an island. It doesn't seem surprising, doesn't it?
  11. WARNING: Before you begin I just want to say that... Anyone who signed up but didn't get featured in this episode will appear in a future episode. You may either appear as cameo or a side character, it depends on the story so please don't rage against me. This episode is 60 pages long (twice the amount of pages from last one) so there will be a ton of images, if the page is lagging, let it load for a few minutes. PREVIOUS EPISODES: EPISODE #2 "Experiments" END OF EPISODE #2 I really hope you liked it. A like and some feedback would be nice since this took A LOT of time to make. Next episode will be hopefully up in 2 weeks. NEXT EPISODE...
  12. Hello everyone, this work is still in development, because, I made a mistake, in which the hair of the characters i made with a map of minecraft and not cubes, but will update the rig that I have for months , as i progress, I will publish the characters. Visit this post occasionally. Order of publication of the characters: -Reuben: (07-24-2016) Link: https://mega.nz/#!mopWTISS!RBxCRCNPigFkObfxir_kqy303sSCYBinwUmQo3wsFBM -Jesse (Male version) -Olivia -Axel -Lukas -Petra -Gabriel -Magnus -Ellegaard -Soren -Ivor
  13. We've created a parody about No man's sky using Minecraft design. All made with open source tools. Hope you enjoy it!
  14. Hello friends, here I leave a small tutorial 10 steps on how to make / create a smile for Reuben Rig Rig Link: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/57392-minecraft-story-mode-rig-106/
  15. And so it begins. The journey to the perfect song is starting with a simple walk through the glass bell woods, but then suddenly seas of percussion, storms of pads almost kill the adventurer. The rain stopped, but it is nowhere near over. The pad is continueing, when suddenly, the percussion seas rage back in, calm at first as though something is approaching. When everything stops, the adventurer has reached the eye of the storm, in less than a second, huge crashing of drums, bass, leads, arps and synths beat him down, but also reviving him with the driving force of adventure. Half of the song was rendered by this point. I was just showing off my newest track, Alpha.
  16. 1 while true do 2 if function(click_likeButton) true then 3 print("Thanks for liking!") 4 end 5 end 6 end 7 8 //i definetly overdid the effects, right?// 9 xORKD1l - Gongrats, you found the secret. His name is T-Bot.
  17. A sneak peek of my mini-movie nightmare
  18. Hello everyone today i have made a witherstorm pic Credit to @FrozenKerbal148 for the Wither storm rig Un-Edited version i hope you enjoy dont forget to like and follow!
  19. Okay, so earlier today I ended up dying because of my pet fox, Swift, wanting to play. I was using a iBlock to record me and Swift playing when he didn't notice a 15-block deep sinkhole in the ground, and subsequently slammed both of us into it. I ended up cushioning Swift's fall while I fell head-first onto the stone. When I respawned, I headed straight to rescue swift. I was surprised to see that the iBlock was in good shape and I dug down there and let swift head back to the surface. As he did, I grabbed the iBlock and headed back to the surface. Here's what the iBlock recorded:
  20. Before you begin I just want to say that.. Anyone who signed up but didn't featured in Episode 1 will be in Episode 2, so don't worry. Also anyone who didn't die in Episode 1 will be in Episode 2 as well. --Wanna sign up?-- http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/42302-skins-needed-detective-lightning-comic-series-wip/ Anyway.. Here you go. I've spend a lot of time on this.. And Episode 1 is 35 pages long. I really hope you like it.. Some feedback would be cool as well. EPISODE #2 "Experiments" So.. This was my first attempt on making a comic. Did you like it? And want this to continue?
  21. Hello, I am going to make a series of a couple of videos about my origins as a character. I will use this for MGB and also for other things. There will be about 5 ep. I mostly need help with voice acting because I cant voice all of the characters. I don't need that much help with the rest but still some stuff I could use a hand. Here are the roles I need : (More roles will be available as we progress) Available- to Confirm - Filled - (Role) - [Important] - {Type of voice} - "Name of Person": Voices: Other: I will be doing the animating but In the process I might need some help. PS : you need skype cuz that is what we will use. PPS : If its too confirmed it means we haven't talked on skype yet.
  22. Blitz is an animation series that i am currently working on. It follows the story of 4 heroes who unite from the corners of a shattered world. Jace Argus- The main character, he is an all rounded character with a strong will to survive and do what is right. In combat he uses a standard military sword until he discovers an object of greater power... Faith Alerius- A smaller girl who relies on quick movements and short reaction times to take down her enemies. She wields a single katana and can move, dodge and strike with intense speeds. Ryan Katsuke- A strong hearted guy who acts as the knight of the group. He is very brave and willing to fight to the end. Ryan uses an axe and a shield as his weaponry. Ghost- A mysterious character who refuses to tell the others his real name. Is he just shy? Or does he have something to hide.. Ghost is a stealth based character who uses an electronic sniper rifle as his weapon. He rarely misses. ------------------------------ The world is dark, ruined and on the verge of destruction. Ever since the dark awakening, creatures known as shadows have walked the earth, on the hunt for living humans. While retaining the intelligence of an average human, their goal is to hunt every last survivor. Good thing the surviving humans walled off their city to keep the shadows out... But shadows are not the only thing that trouble the survivors. A guild of fallen angels known as "the crimson" walk the ruins alongside humans. They use the city walls as a giant bowl to hold their food. The crimson ranks are made of blood knights and blood angels, both have a powerful taste for blood. ------------------------------ I will be releasing this animation in segments as i work on it. Here are some images i made for it (these do not actually occur in the storyline ) ---------------------------- Please comment your thoughts on the animation, as well as any ideas!
  23. Blitz A brief piece of story information The story begins in the walled city of Mortalis. Everything was once peaceful, people could build in the wilds without fear, humans were free to explore new places and roam the world as they pleased. Then, the darkness awakened. Out of nowhere, creatures known as shadows began walking the earth, on the hunt for human life. They possess predatorial skills, soulbound shadow weapons and combat efficiency, while their goal is to kill every survivor they can find. The initial invasion brought 90% of the human race to death. The remaining 10% now live in huge walled cities, sanctuaries free from the darkness outside. But nothing lasts forever. Alongside the shadows, a dominant guild known as the crimson walk the ruins as well. They are a race of fallen angels, and powerful knights which serve them in death. The crimson ranks are made of both knights and angels, both house a powerful taste for human blood. Requirements- A trailer image- The non angel character in the image is Jace Argus More images if you want to see them: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/48132-blitz-trailer-images/#comment-552124 If you are interested in any of this, PM me and i can invite you to a group message chat. We can talk through Skype / Discord / Messages
  24. Let me know what you think! Looking back on this, it is terrible. So... so TERRIBLE AGHJGHJEG
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