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Found 5 results

  1. I'm back i have been working my A** Off doing some modeling/Rigging the models before know. (I Dont Give sh*t on what i say) Here is 2 pictures of the work i did: (ALSO THIS WILL GIVE YOU SPOILERS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE FATE SERIES) (And Yes it's ANIME/Game) Also for those who don't give a sh*t about spoilers and wanna know about these characters or at least their names ( i would recommend you to check out the series blindly or watch it) Fox Girl - Tamano No Mae Blondie - Nero Claudius (Her name is longer) 2 Casuals: 2 Servents: Criticism is appreciated so lemme know how good is this. WARNING: The Hate comments on this are not allowed so Dont go hay wire on me.
  2. Insert sentence here It's not VERY accurate Download Dis Smexy Paroot Ehre
  3. howdy, I'm flowery your best n̬̱̙̅͗̒̇́͜i͖̣̬̦̦̭̞̇̇ͦ͂ͪg͈͓̬̯̼ͮ͆̒̏̚h͔̟͕̮͈̍̅̈́͑̃̄̚t̶̜̦̆̎̄̈́́̂ͯm̉̑̏͋̉̑̎͠a̫̹͂͑r̥ͭͧe̸͖̰̐̄̅ now I am just waiting for a mettaton rig then i can finally get the big sleep and I don't mean the Savidor Dolly painting anyway i tried to make this as screwed up as possible............. cya
  4. So I made this because I was bored...... to get it plz watch this not only was this game amazing but i had tears rolling down my cheek at this part....
  5. I guess i am feeling the undertale vibe well then here is this i made this a few days ago i guess i forgot to post it *heh*
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