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Found 14 results

  1. UPDATE: Pilot episode is done! Pilot Episode Coming Soon...
  2. Zelin


    Hmmmm...Wot is this?
  3. So, here's the redesign of one of my OCs "Dread". He an the ally of Rocker. My next animation is about him and the continuation of the previous animation BladeStorm . So I wanted to showcase him with a wallpaper. I hope you like it!
  4. For all those people who asked me to make those rigs... "wait" and also to people who wants this. Give me atleast time to make some more animatronics that are hidden in the new sisterlocation
  5. I have created a functional prototype for an application to allow you to create 360 videos in Mine-imator with minimal hassle. This short animation was created with this software as a demonstration. 360 Video
  6. Animation is arriving soon! Zombie to the unknown, by ToxiNima This animation took several days to create and took even more time to adjust it to a perfect animation, this animation will be diffrent to all other animations you have seen at youtube, we have done all the parts you could think of! We didnt forget details, adjustments, creativity, building and of course understanding. Estimated launch: Launched! LIVE updates: FINALLY RELEASED! WATCH THE VIDEO BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW! Join us by our Youtube channel for more info and please do subscribe: Link here! Preview: Join us by our Youtube channel for more info and please do subscribe: Link here
  7. Well yeah. some of you know i needed a team for my movie and my series. well now i got one. and we're gonna start the movie (i don't really know when it'll be out) but i know it will with the help of: TheGoldenAnimations Deminu and Me So this is the wallpaper: so yeah cya!
  8. This not promoting suicide, you will see what the rope is for in the animation
  9. Hello guys! this time, i'm here to make some diferent thing, today i'm posting for you a pre-release of one game for you play i'm working on that. This game will shows to all you the story of Cube Heroes. Select one Character, Quests, Fight Monsters, Earn EXPERIENCE, Get Unique Skills, Armors, Weapons and much more! (THIS VIDEO IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF HOW THE GAME WILL BE, DOES NOT BE THE SAME THING ON THE VIDEO, WILL BE BETTER!) New! Editing Show Case (This will shows to you how the game is doing for now) Game Realease! http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/15830-elements-the-evil/
  10. This is my new TheSpiderRider rig. UPCOMING FEATURES: -Mouth (teeth, tongue, lips) -Eyebrows -3D straps
  11. This could be something some else and I may be working on. I keep forgetting the included stuff to posts : Has wings on the back. Facial Rigging. Teeth. More images coming soon.
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