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Found 9 results

  1. AgentSlime

    AWS Sniper Rifle

    Hello , Im kind of new to this site and made my first rig of an Sniper rifle *the sniper rifle does not contain scope only iron sight* Here are some pictures: Download Link: I would appreciate if you guys Tell me what is wrong with it and how to fix those mistakes as i said it is my first rig and Im not confident in it
  2. Land of terra used to be roamed by dragons. But not anymore. 3 sniper rifle i made but they are same kind of rifle. So took at they are 3 different skins enjoy ASIIMOV Some say it was dragon of earth some say it is dragon of sky some even say it is dragon of lava but we don't know which dragon it is Crimson Flower One that ruled mast majority of hills of South was Slain by hired Legendary Samurai . It said the fight made grounds to shattered, sky to fell . After it slained surrounding land turned crimson red Ender Dragon's Breath Made by legendary Hero of terra. It said this weapon shoots and powers by dragon's blood. . Download Subscribe and follow me. also upvote this post share to others . aand thanks. sorry for not posting. School here is horrifyingly hard
  3. PhiliP

    BFG-50 Rig

    Big FXXking Gun It is .50 BMG Single Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Includes PM II scope, bipod, one .50 BMG bullet(In the Chamber) ↓Images↓ Click Here to Download This Rig
  4. ChesterCraftAnimations

    Kar98k Sniper Rifle [RIG]

    Here I have a Kar98k German Sniper rifle Rig Give credit if this rig is going to be used, if you want PM me if you're going to use it. These are it's features also, Read the note when you Download this rig -Reloads like an AWP (IDK if blot reloading action is what is called) also with bullets and empty bullets -working trigger -Movable/Releasable Scope -Can change it's color Here are the pictures And here is the download link(READ THE NOTE)
  5. Tiedemies1

    - The Xeno Sniper Rifle -

    Made a Sniper Rifle for Shiro, cuz she's a ranged weapon user, so why not? 3D overview: Whatcha think of it?
  6. Tell me what you think of the firearm.
  7. Magicmaan775

    [Official Release] Potential Gun Rigs Pack

    It's finally released. A couple more things that were to be added will come out reasonably soon, and the muzzle flares will (hopefully) be out in a few days. It's really important for you to credit these. It took quite a while to make them. And in the event where you do use on of the rigs, sent me a message, I love to see the stuff I built being used. Here's what you'll get when you download this pack: "The SAW" Light Machine Gun FN P90 AS50 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Micro-Uzi Handgun Version 2 You can download the rigs here.
  8. Pharien

    Sniper Rifle - Rig Timelapes Ep. 6

    Episode 6 of my Rig Timelapses series! Enjoy! Download Rig:
  9. Test of SniperRifle its my first test !