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Found 203 results

  1. Can Somebody make my skin have no eyes for the sharpwind model? it would be much appreciated
  2. BloxxHD

    I need help

    Hi! I am requesting skins for my upcoming music video. I tried to search for skins but i can't find better skins, so i am requesting some skins for my Minecraft Music Video. Any skins will be appreciated. Thank you! (P.S Kindly post skins by replying in this thread.)
  3. LeoYT

    Skin Character

    How to change the skin of the character is not re-created model and animation?
  4. Yeah, the title explains it XD This wasn't meant to be anything special, but I'm happy on how it turned out. It was based on a photo I took of her during a school field trip we went on more than a week ago. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  5. Importing your skin to my animation for my bday Soo... does anyone want to be in my animation for my birthday? just type your minecraft name or send me a link of your skin (or send me a rig of your skin) and pick your role below (only 6 out of 7 right now!): 1 dude at home- @GamingQuick 1 dude at the store (had one curse word but it will be censored)- CANCELLED 2 random person at the store- @Toybonne , @BaconSandwich 3 guest's at party- @Ghatos, @TheJeweledWolf, @Fray and if your curious what my animation will it be... l l v Feel free to participate : D (and i hope i'm able to finish this animation before my birthday :'') ) Birth date: feb 23
  6. In Mine-Imator 1.2.1, I am having issues with the "Download Skin" option in the textures menu. It says "The user "I_Get_Dubbs" does not exists". Can you please fix this, and thanks for your time.
  7. I need a very good skin editor to edit my skin Please Help!!!
  8. So, I've been making some rigs for an upcoming animation ( Call to War (I scrapped the first attempt of this and renamed it from Call of War because life) ) and I need some skins to add in diversity among the characters. If you want to submit your skin, you gotta make sure that: The mouth and eyes are cleared 3 pixels of the hand is removed He/She/It is wearing the standard uniform ( could add it in myself, though (we changed from desert to gray) ) I might need some voice actors too later on Rigged Sample Uniform You guys in? Please? So I can work with the animation already?
  9. Kairi Skin [Kingdom Hearts 1] Hello everyone, this is the Kairi skin of Kingdom Hearts 1, it is a very simple skin and there is not much to comment In the file come 3 skins more, one can adapt a facial Rig, another has no eyes, and another that has predefined eyes. Well, enjoy! ? You can use this skin without giving me credits, but any credit is appreciated. Download Skin
  10. Riku Skin [Kingdom Hearts 1] Hello everyone, this is the Riku skin of Kingdom Hearts 1, in the render I placed a wooden sword instead of the weapon "Way to the Dawn" (Because there is not a rig yet) In the file come 3 skins more, one can adapt a facial Rig, another has no eyes, and another that has predefined eyes. Well, enjoy! ? You can use this skin without giving me credits, but any credit is appreciated. Download Skin
  11. Sora Skin [Kingdom Hearts 1] Hello everyone, well, this is my first time publishing a skin here, so I wanted to start with Sora, from Kingdom Hearts 1 In the file come 3 skins more, one can adapt a facial Rig, another has no eyes, and another that has predefined eyes. Well, enjoy! ? You can use this skin without giving me credits, but any credit is appreciated. Keyblade Rig by @CatOnCaffeine Download Skin
  12. I need StarWars skin pack for rigging ro make a grate wallpaper? If I do it well I will make a Music video? I will Upload the rigs I'm sorry this is my first Topic?
  13. Fixed up my Skin a bit and changed some colors and stuff.. Wanted to go for a Menace Donut style. of course I'm not as good as he his, I will keep practicing until I am. Its not AMAZING but it's still pretty good Enjoy! Its Supposed to be a simple showcase with some Photoshop Em'K?
  14. Whenever I try to download a skin using Mine-imator, it keeps saying "Could not download skin, check your internet connection", and on some occasions, it crashes, but my Internet connection is fine (I just used the download skin feature, while writing this topic), and I always have to use an external skin stealer website.
  15. I need a HUMAN skin for my animation series... (If the C drive doesn't get reset like last time), and I'll make sure to give credit, that's all.
  16. I been using mineimator for a couple of months and all of he sudden the get skin mechanic stopped working. It says I need internet but my internet is just fine! I can watch stuff I can game with the internet (All in my computer and my other devices) and it just wont work. Any tips here if so HELP!
  17. So I tried out the 1.1.0 pre-release, and I found a glitch. I ran the program as administrator, and the models were invisible (except for the human's Steve and Alex variations), even though there are still skins for the models in the Minecraft data .zip. I tried to delete the settings data, and it didn't work. Here's a screencap:
  18. the people ho have skin in there acc in mine imator forums, what did you do to have a name on it. and did you put it in your minecraft username? also the important thing is how to get the approval of a moderator and what editor can u recommend for me to make my own skin?
  19. made by Batman4014 Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0s57ouyehjz2bfd/Papyrus.png?dl=0
  20. This happens to the majority of the skins I import into MI. The left limbs are completely missing for some reason.
  21. Hello, I was using the Mine-Imator Software for my thumbnails on my videos for my YouTube Channel. The problem is when I put the Alex Model, it seems that the cloths layer is glitch when I load a skin with cloths, here's some screenshots with my skin with the actuel problem. Just look at the left arm.
  22. I'm making some videos for youtube and i found that i need a custom player rig. It needs movable fingers, mouth and normal body, i need it in these skins. http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506961/keithsguest/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506979/connerboy-s-skin/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506985/button-smashers-skin/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10507001/brandonwhite-s-skin/ As Soon At Some One Could Do It That Would Be Great!
  23. leo6701

    My New Rig

    Hey. if you clicked on this you want to see my rig! (or not i guess) heres a picture You get rig and sword DOWNLOAD M8 plsv ffeeeeeddddbccckkkkk
  24. uh.... how's it going people! I'm now using comic sans ms to make people annoyed. ok now that's out of the way, umm I'm trying to make a rig for my skin, and when I remove the eyes and mouth from the skin and put it back in mine-imator it doesn't work. it is all white and little bits of blue and it doesn't even resemble my skin! is there a reason for this? i made sure that it was a .png file so there was no backround. if i get an answer : cool! your a cool dude! if i don't get an answer :cool! your a cool dude! what? would you expect me to kill for not getting an answer?
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