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Found 15 results

  1. imagup L'ecran peut etre modificateur! L'écran peut être modifié! imagup TÉLÉCHARGER ICI
  2. I have recently made a security camera rig, and I would love to share it with all of you guys. This rig includes; Working live Monitor, A security camera and an Active Camera for the Monitor. This can be useful to anyone who wants to create a Prison with security cameras and control room, or a mall cop watching his mall. The turning point folder, in the rig, is what you use to turn on camera on the Y, and Z, access, please turn the camera, CCTV camera, its self for the X access. Please!, if you are using leave credit to me here - https://www.youtube.com/SlamacowCreations -Thank You, Please have fun with this rig, This is my first ever rig posted on these forums and my FIRST one made with Mine-Imator, If there are any rigs you want me to try and make please tell me, I'm up for the challenge.
  3. Camera / Camcorder Rig V.1.0 PS : My first rig posted here in M-I forums Features: * FPV Screen! * GUI! * Detailed Rig! * Movable Parts! Features on later V2: * Night-Vision capability * Complex & Complete GUI * More detailed parts & others * Gradient color Credit is appreciated! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B50fxHt6U2OiWWtYQjBmRWllUzA Thanks for the positive feedback! Happy animating!
  4. Computer Desk Rig Includes: Desk Computer Keyboard Monitor Mouse _________________________________________________________________________________ (If you like the video please SUBSCRIBE) This is technically my first rig....so hope you like it. I spent a few hours making it and am pretty happy with the results. Thanks to @BloxTheRigger for some guidance while making this. Other than that, there's not much else to say. Enjoy! Download Please give me credit if you use this in any of your creations. __________________________________________________________________________________ Pictures
  5. I am new to the forums and have done my best to search for other relevant posts before writing this one. Please forgive me if I have overlooked a post where this is already described and kindly point me in that direction. I have two separate Dell Optiplex 9020s, both 64-bit with Windows 7 installed. After installing Mine-Imator under a local admin account on both PCs, I get the attached display when starting the program. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you! Image URL: https://postimg.org/image/vwrciw3ix/ (I attempted to insert this image below but I can't tell if it is working so I put the direct URL above.) -connah0047
  6. Hello everybody, My Mine-imator is not working I can launch the program but it freezes directly and it gets a little blury. https://gyazo.com/e9be84ea7c5e3364168c8f507f71e8b3 I dont find others having this problem, someone who can help me out?
  7. I need some help here, when I run Mine-Imator, this happens: Need some help.
  8. Hello guys. I was wondering how I can get previous versions of mine - imator (specifically 1.0.4) because whenever I start up my mine-imator when I got the update, this screen would appear. http://imgur.com/3VcjmX4 and random parts of the screen would try to generate. I let it sit overnight but the screen never did finish. I uninstalled and reinstalled 6 times, each time going into my files and clearing ALL my mine - imator files. This wasn't happening in 1.0.4, but now it is. I assume it's because now I require an updated graphics card but I can't do that. Where can I get the 1.0.4 version?! please respond asap i do gfx on youtube and i dont want to have to stop because of this glitch!!!!!
  9. So while i was palying with a toy ball in my room i found out that the ball dropped on my laptop screen and now it has a big black smudge on it How do i fix this? P.S. And if i confess to my parents then i possibly wont do anymore animations/minecraft minigames
  10. Want a security camera with unneccissarily realistic textures? Course you do! That's why I made one. I even added a working screen because I wanted to look so nice. Ok, so it's not "Minecraft-y". Textures are loaded in the folder, so you can change em if ya want. Please credit if using. (Would YOU want to take credit for this monstrosity?) As always, comments and jealousy are appreciated (cuz I got an ego) DOWNLOAD
  11. i have a bug when i try to export my animation it get < 200KB or > 2 gb and keep getting black screen when i play the .avi in player
  12. Hey Guys If you have any Mine-imator screen shots i could edit them for you just PM me your pic and ill PM you the edited version and tell me if you like it. Examples Before
  13. So I decided to use Mine-imator >>as it was originally intended<< and get some greenscreen action in there! Here you can see a rather simple picture of the whole thing: And here a .gif of the finished product! (Warning: Could take a while to load, if it stutters, just leave it alone for a short time.) And yes, I know the .gif has a few green spots while moving, but it was such a hassle to create it, that I'll just leave them be. :V
  14. Just testing ''Green Screen''.
  15. Hello everyone I would like to get a screen recorder for free because whenever I go to get one like fraps it says 30 second record limit. Tutorial Guy inspired me to do this so please tell me a free screen recorder, no free trials please.
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