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Found 4 results

  1. Lionnet

    SAO Augma Rig

    So I watched this Movie called "sword art online the movie: ordinal scale" and they had a Gear named "Augma" and I thought that it would be cool to make a rig... This is my first rig, so don't scream at my like a baby! So... AH! Pictures! So... uh... I need Dowload!!! So thanks for clicking on my post!
  2. Kirito from the anime Sword Art Online, or SAO getting ready for battle with the trusty Elucidator.
  3. welcome to MEGA MODED MINECRAFT this rp is based on the anime sword art online and the 1000's of mods that exist for minecraft. if you haveint sean sao i recommend you watch the first few episodes. story. At the year 2023. the year after the sao incident. Mojang and Oculus VR ware able to lunch a new version of the Oculus rift called O,R,V,R,H (Oculus rift virtual reality headset) for a exclusive version of moded minecraft known as mega moded minecraft (or M.M.M) that can only be played with ORVRH. However, thay needed to test out the game first so that that any bugs can be fixed. so that went to the mine imator forms and sent them a letter asking if thay woud help with testing the game. how ever when thay started playing M.M.M players found out that they can't find the log out button. shortly after, they ware all teleported to spawn. thay all saw a black figure in the sky. he said that he had traped them in the game buy removing the log out button. and the only whay to get out of the game was to defeat the most powerful bosses in mincrafta known as the realm lords, and if thay die in the game thay die in real life. now lets skip forward 1 month in advance. most of the players had forgotten about geting out of the game but some people still want to get out. thats ware you come in. rules. 1.no over powered weapons. 2.dont control other players 3.you may have up to 3 apps 4.no metagameing. 5.type SAO in "outer" to show you read the rules (note you can be a npc/mob if you want) app name: age( about 13 or more ) gender personality strengths weaknesses looks (this is a minecraft rp so try to get a mc skin for this) weapons items backstory outer one last thing have fun and if you have any questions pm me.
  4. Hello guys and I am trying to make a SAO (Sword art online, if any of you even know it, oh and I wont be putting this on youtube until, im 12 or older. Meh) And I am wondering if any of you can make me a sword art online boss model! And if you can please do it. If you wont its ok but if you can, GREAT! Det fat guy on the first floor. Deh overly tanned super macho fat big guy who loves rainbows as a backround for his 9103290391029309120930190293019023 meters wide room. And yeh. If you can do this it would be appreciated. Thx!
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