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Found 11 results

  1. "Officer Ken on hot pursuit. Went into Highway 101, through north-west perimeter. Advancing toward the targe-wait, he stopped. -KSSSSH- Going to investigate. -clickclack- Approaching the vehicle... FREEZE! -KSSSSH- Dead. Something mauled his thro-god..it can't be a bear, or a wolf. He's messed up. Very bad. Need backup now. -KSSSH- Found some prints. Looks like wolf, but it's so..odd. Ah, backup's comin-what the hell? -KSSSH- Something's behind the car. Antlers, could be a deer. But it's big. Real big. Backup now. NOW! Oh no, no no no no..help. HELP HELP! -screaming and a THUD-" Credits: @Floofy for the Wendigo rig, it inspires me so much @Ghatos for the Sedan rig. Pretty neat, no? @Dr. Nexil for giving me advice on putting blue/red lights cuz police lights. Before ya ask, Wendigo slammed against the car, and the left headlight's electricity jolted. So, no light on that left headlight. CC would be much appreciated.
  2. Another maximum quality render, and I loved this outcome. The credits goes to: @Hozq for inspiration of his "some highway render idk". Give him a applause. @Ghatos for the infamous muscle car, also one of my favorite cars. @Dawid24M for his police cars. Nice details, mate! @Phyre for tutoring me on some lighting, and scene of this render. @Frost for tutoring me on DoF(yeah, I got some troubles which is best). Ladies and Users, may I present you: FAST AND FURIOUS
  3. "I was driving in the middle of the night thanks to my late work shift. The forest was still and I drove when I heard cries. I thought I was tired, but it grew louder and more realistic, so I had to stop and look around. Nothing voiced. Then, I went back in the car and drove. After a few more minutes, a girl suddenly showed up in front of my car, and my car smacked her off clean....god, she looks 8 years old....I don't wanna talk about it anymore." *Sob*
  4. “spectacular first sight” is what I was going for This is probably the biggest schematic wallpaper I made so far
  5. Just testing lighting Credit to @Ghatos for the road pack
  6. https://streamable.com/65bdz <--version 1 (more movie-like) with motion blur and sound https://streamable.com/sttl5 <--version 2 (more game-like) with HUD and no motion blur https://streamable.com/fh8wb <--Main version (First person game style) night, no sound Credits: @Ghatos for the low detail vehicle rig! music: Hot Heat Colorgraded and sound/video effects made in adobe premiere, motion blur added in hit-film. Map is created by me with the help of worldedit mod in Minecraft 1.12.2
  7. Just testing out bloom, it came out pretty nice. Credit to @Piegon99, @EnderSculptor and @Ghatos for the car rigs.
  8. Decorative Sedan, small amount of details to reduce lag and mainly made for backgrounds.
  9. Just screenshot scenery of animation) Other:
  10. Feed backs/critique will be really helpful. More art here > http://kazukisenpai.deviantart.com/
  11. Hesmiyu


    Hope this is in the right topic thing Created a road which I will be using and decided to let others use to too, enjoy . Its only 15 blocks wide. EDIT: I should say the I designed this so you can put multiple ones end on end and they will look as one . Currently, i believe the textures aren't correct for 0.7 demo. When you credit me can you please add a link to my youtube channel which is www.youtube.com/HesmiyuMC the mine-imator link is optional Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6gqbg27420t6rsn/Road.zip
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