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Found 11 results

  1. My Simple Pizza Model. Made under 15 mins... Just a normal Pizza... OCD Styled Download No credit needed (But will be appreciated). Sprites By me.
  2. This is just gonna be a comp of both normal and edgy renders ive made so far. Enjoy! Aaaaaand that's all. It's time to get the good snooze.
  3. BloxTheRigger

    Food Rig

    This is just some stuff I made earlier today, its not much but should still hopefully be good :/ This is an early version, expect allot more food to come soon. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/djozbat1ki7zt55/Food.zip Hope you enjoy this rig! Thanks for viewing, more to come! --Please give me credit in your video/description -Thanks
  4. Let me just say Miia is best grill......Now then let's move swiftly on I made this because IDK Miia rig @ViniciusbrMaster 0W0 mouth by paint.net oh boy the comments are going to be cancer
  5. So, i finally got another animation completed (it was completed like a month ago) and now here is finally a semi long animation on my channel Thanks to: @KicksBrickster for Lighting and Rendering @Tomoki for Partial Rendering @Pharienfor first attempt at lighting for animation
  6. Sniper's rig by @Pharien Food rig by ( I forgot it) FPA rig by @CodyBI
  7. Hey, all! Here's well, technically my first rig, not of an animatronic or anything, but a simple scenery item made for my new animation coming soon. This wasn't necessarily a hard thing to make, so I don't expect a lot of praise, not that I would anyway, however the hardest part was probably the preperation. I will note that the rig does not include the player. Download should be up when I figure out how to use this forum.
  8. jimmy8565

    Pizza Gear Rig

    Hello Hello! This is jimmy8565 with a new rig, Get your oven mits out or perhaps....ORDER!!!!!!! I made a pizza gear rig soon to have more gear, Tell me what gear next! Pictures: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/01fasf3g4b3449s/Pizza%20gear%21.zip?dl=0 Now be a good
  9. Never eat Herobrine's pizza! (Constructive criticism would be appreciated!) [Thanks to DigitalEvorian for the pizza rig!]
  10. 2K-Something-Ish resolution. Features: -Extreme detail (maybe not, you decide.) -Bendable Parts -Pepperoni -Tomatos -Spice Requested by: Japnoo Hmm,i did'ntthink poeple whoud actually like this... i was wrong... hooray for 29 downloads
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