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Found 99 results

  1. credit Lynn Chen from Artstation for brush preset and inspiration The collie is rigged and posed in MI and later drawn over in Photoshop, If you look closely you can see furs
  2. Hello, i am looking for a person that can make quality minecraft thumbnails for my videos, I will pay you starting off at $30 a month, and every hundred 100 subscribers i get i will add another $1 to that $30 monthly payment. I would like you to produce thumbnails of the quality of the ones i posted on my channel a year ago not my latest ones. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC74LOGz8u6Mzz7LN4c51pqQ If you are interested i will ask you to complete a trial thumbnail first to verify if you would be a good fit, you can email me at superdevilmadness@gmail.com, or add me on discord SuperDevilMadnessHD#6249
  3. I forgot to post this but I finally got my lazy butt up from my bed and posted this. The bedroom is mine in real life... well I've recently rearranged my bedroom.
  4. Hey! So again, im fooling around with lighting, i think i may have over-edited it, anyway, your input is much welcomed. What do you think lad's? sorry if a little bright, or maybe i'v been staring at a computer screen for too long
  5. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
  6. - Art - Rigs used: "Clock Rig", "Computer", "Book Rig", "Chairs 2 / Office Chairs" I FORGET where did I downloaded them from. Rigger, please put some Readme or credit on your rigs.
  7. This took many hours to create, but I would say that this is probably the best non-accurate anatomical Figure so far. Even though my technique is a little messy And here is my messy process A Comment whether critique or not would really help boost my motivation Hope yall had a great look L: Character is @CubixGeek
  8. Constructive criticism is important.
  9. GET A LOAD OF THIS One of my cringe aspects i have. Give me a name for the snake thing. (BTW i am open to suggestions for art.)
  10. I tried to do a normal "Classic Sonic Fan art" but i ended up drawing sanik. Up next, METAL SONIC VS SONIC IN THE SKIES
  11. I edited this in Photoshop
  12. Once again , hi everyone in the forum! :DD Well I try to post a wallpaper per week , and it has been a week since my last post , so umm..yeah . Here I am with another new wallpaper!! :DD And thanks for all the reputation and the replies you all gave to me! I really appreciate all of it! ↓↓↓ And... of course, here's the pictures before it was edited↓↓↓ Well no photoshop timelapse this time :PP cuz not really a lot of peoples want to see it , so ..umm,yeah Okay , here's the last thing in the post! My previous wallpaper↓
  13. Hi everone in the forums! Well Patrick had suggested me that i could post some timelapse when i doing some , umm wallpaper thingy So here i come with the timelapse! But only the editing timelapse though :PP In this post you would know how do I editing a pictures :DD ↓↓↓My Wallpaper ↓↓↓Timelapse So here is an images :PP(umm sorry ,because I use chinese photoshop:DD) I usually started with editing the shadow to make it less blurry (the way i edit the images is in my last wallpaper , A Fight in the Mine) Not only edit the shadws though , we still have to ... you know , edit some messed up parts We have to take care of the details very well... And now! For the next step, creating the sky of The End! Umm yeah i just use the texture of The End and ...paste it , yeah Now ... color balance time! Messed around with color balance and found the most suitable colors for them... For The End , I think purple/magenta may suited in very well Glowing time! and take care of some of the details , too After a while , we are done with our glowing :DD Their eyes are shiny now! Now is the steps that i hate the most I always have to spend a lot of time on this .. umm,how do we call that? Glowing edges i guess..?? Yeah, since we have a torch , we will need the characters around them to have the glowing edges Why not? That was cool :DD I think we are pretty much done with the glowing edges... Okay, before we edit the sky ... let's have some time to take care of the details again and .. do more color balance After that , it was ... finally~! The final step! I actually like the gradient tools very,very much Too much love:DD With the gradient, you could create awesome effect! Okay finally we are done , I spent like 3 hours on this single pictures 3hours lol what am i doing with my life?? Thanks for reading , well to be honest there is a lot of details that i don't explained in this post :DD So , feel free to ask how did i edit some part , i don't mentioned it in the post because...its kinda hard to expalained?
  14. Hey guyz, i've created a new wallpaper using Nimi's Mine-imator community build and photoshop. i don't know whether its good or not but if you think its good plz reply and let me know. next time i'l do better
  15. Today a made some fan art based on the "That's When You Get Member Berries" scene in South Park which Mr.Garrison and Randy Marsh, I will also be uploading art tomorrow so yeah. Anyways here's the fanart. So yeah, if you like it then, please give me positive rep, it's not like I'm at 600 rep and not 100 rep.
  16. Hello, recently you may have seen my Butters test I made with ElAminstrador (I hope I got that name right so I don't have to go back to my youtube history) and well...meh I got no feedback, but I came up with this lovely idea to take in requests for South Park Style Characters. So basically you have to give me a front, side and back view of your character so I can succesfully recreate your character in a South Park Style using photoshop, and you may be asking me for what I've done in the past right? You are? Good because I was getting to that. Now. I haven't actually made tons of South Park Styled character that aren't actually from the TV show right? I've only done 2. Character Show: So yeah. Just give me a picture of yoru character from the front side and back views and stuff Completed In Progress Soon to be made
  17. Roosara

    Surfs Up, Rainbow!

    Its my first ever photoshop art, so expect it to be Child-ish. (WARNING: this art is pretty big but not much detail.)
  18. Hey Hey!! I did another Wallpaper of a Friend of mine, "MasterMind" and decided to do an eerie Redstone Cave! (Untouched Version from original Render) (Edited Version/Final) I`ve enjoyed the Making of this Image I`ve created and hope to do more soon! I`ve also made a Speedart Video if anyone is interested in the Process of the making! (Download) Like comment and Subscribe! I`ve put in a lot of Hours into My Videos/Pictures so I would appreciate it! If anyone has any questions I would be glad to answer. Oh and Credit to Skibbz for the SFR Rig, it has saved me a bit of time. This was made in Mine-Imator and was edited in Photoshop CC Have a Great Day!! -Cheers, JollyJake!
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