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Found 29 results

  1. It's cold and damp, yet the conditioning units just seem... to draw you in... What do you do? Created in Blender/Eevee. Yes I watch Ian Hubert.
  2. It ain't my best work but its 'onest work Trying to experiment with particles more, albeit sloppily done
  3. I gave this to some other peeps to try and fix the lighting then they never got back to me was trying to go for those fantasy artworks that you always see on deviantart but hm
  4. Credit to BloxTheRigger for the speeder
  5. first time i've done reflections so go semi-easy on me.. I can't take credit for a single asset here, some are from @DigitalEvorian , the buildings by @SKIBBZ , and the vending machine, car, and steel beams by @PigmanMovie, @Patric and @PhiliP
  6. OzFalcon

    Baby Yoda Drawing

    no baby yodas were harmed in the making of this image
  7. Alright, let's try something a little different this time. The only external editing was to re-add the window
  8. another very unique title by yours truly Characters - Me and @willingsas Rigs - Money by @-StickyMations- , gun by @crustyjpeg
  9. just a little thing attempting to mimic @Eliphaz 's style oh lord that's gigantic on my screen, sorry guys if you have to scroll to see the whole thing
  10. Good heavens, my laptop was very slow with all the background characters in it. I tried to make the lightsabers glow as best as I could, but here map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/geonosis-battle-arena/#comments
  11. Having things like lens dirt is a bit too much power for me, I've found 'Tis all Mine-Imator.
  12. I'm aware this is a bit too over the top, but I also don't really care Energy Sword rig by @Gabe Other Halo rigs by @Juno
  13. please appreciate my little out of focus lens zooms... okay thanks bye
  14. Excuse the funky name, he originates from the Star Wars universe
  15. I'm 2 episodes in on this so far Thanks for the rigs Mike
  16. It looked better in the reference image
  17. Featuring: @MYSELF3200 @Ethanial @MachineGunInc @Emaniplex @Hozq @Slime @willingsas @Foxtrot0806
  18. lmao I probably won't be able to do an episode 2 anytime soon Random things: Some recreation of reaction images for my friends:
  19. I've been wanting to make some fun looking sci-fi thing for a while now, and I'm quite proud of this. All vehicles were created by me, and this is all in Mine-Imator. Welcome to the future, slightly broken but definitely interesting...
  20. an old incomplete project I dug up today https://instaud.io/3STh
  21. Thank you @-StickyMations- for the laggy Alpha mech rig, and @MYSELF3200 for rendering this out as 4K My internet is insanely slow rn so I can only give a direct link instead of an embed image. Try and spot Ethan... https://imgur.com/a/2tEqE1I
  22. Hello! I'm very proud to introduce that I'm back with an updated version of my old bionic arm! Now featuring fixed fingers, a right arm, variants for Alex, multiple re-skins and a separate HD version for those with 128x128 skins. Reskins include Camouflage, Gold Worn, Gold Steel Hybrid, Light Grey, and two Rusted textures! How do I retexture the template to have my skin? DOWNLOAD LINKS Normal Bionic Arm Pack HD Bionic Arm Pack (For 128x128 skins) Enjoy!
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