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Found 11 results

  1. So, after making Rigs about Ink monsters and angry colorful birds I have decided to make something that Vanilla "users can use", V2 includes: -2015 And 2016 April fools items. -Horse Saddle. -BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE. what's in this box is a sheet Minecraft/MC:PE of other items, Selected GUI/Menu buttons that fit as items,unused items,upcoming items,Statues Icons,all Frames of both the Clock and the compass, and education edition items... all of these came from the source files of Minecraft and they are not custom made. this is perfect for anyone who likes to stick with vanilla. Textures belong to Mojang!
  2. " Team Epic " Introduce: Hi! I'm Phupha and welcome to: Team Epic - Classes Select Today I gonna show my work each class. What class you prefer, download it Each classes from this: Here! Keep follow this topic or like to get more prefer class! I call them: "Team Epic" Feature: Download: Current making: "Cleric" List of classes [W.I.P]: F.A.Q Rules: - Do not edit the rigs - Please give the Credit on Picture or Animation [etc] Credit: Angry Birds Epic [Rovio Entertainment / Visit their website! Here!] Other: This used to create for the rigs, choose for fun. " Thank you! "
  3. SL control module is done i was kinda lazy doing this so many thing are gonna look derpy and unfinished and you might see some missing things but heres the picture hope you like it
  4. I decided to make a design for a house, this is the best one I could make in a short amount of time this design can be good for machinima's if the house is going to be a normal players house.
  5. For those who use/used Davvid's Noteblock Studio, it could be cool if there was some import option to implement noteblock songs into MI! Just to add MIDI files and songs into the program to give it a minecrafty feel Another idea I had that was floating around was actually an olds one that I made so LINK! The ability to split an animation to smaller chunks for rendering: This one only got like 1 reply and nothing lol Add a line that gives fishing rods a use!:
  6. So I thought it would be nice to make a topic where you can see all my test animations over the year. Basically top is most recent to lowest is oldest. Now most (all) of these are very short, they're random and short tests. (Congrats to you if you actually watch them all) This is where they start to get jank. Yeah this topic was pointless.
  7. Made using 4 different motion datas on 2-3 different videos. My and Jerra's Model made my a friend. Skylar's model made by herself and a freind
  8. Yes, I'm going overboard here with the ideas... I know... but... who can ignore inspiration? This is linked to the one thing I HATE about the forums: Practically almost every single topic, when they disappear out of the 'recent topics' section, they basically become dead topics. (RPs are an exception) So, maybe we could have like a trending topics section, where the 5 most replied-to topics of the day are shown... is this a good idea? Also, maybe we should have a trending users section where again, the 5 most repped-up users of the day are shown...? I dunno, just some suggestions. (I do not know if this can actually be added, or if anyone else suggested this.) Thx for reading!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSErcHuxKek Thanks To: Shane Jack Firebane
  10. Hi. I find it quite annoying that when I export an animation, it is in an .avi format. Because I am normally a Mac user (I move my finished animations from my Dad's Windows computer onto my Mac for use on iMovie) I need to convert it to a .mov format for use in iMovie because it doesn't support .avi. (Why can't Microsoft and Apple be friends...?) Anyway, I have to go through all the trouble of putting it through the converter and I end up with low-quality video (I have an extremely tight budget so I can only get the really bad freeware converters). I hate low-quality video, and I know that my viewers would hate that too. I would be so happy if the developer (the mighty David) added a feature where we could export the animation into Mac-friendly formats, if that is at all possible. I would be even happier if we had a Mac version of Mine-imator to use. (Though I heard of plans for this) Thanks, and I hope you can help me in this predicament I currently find myself in! Randomcrafter11, co-founder of Filmcraftables and Master of Potatoes
  11. Toumouniek

    Some Mobs Rigs

    Hey guys, in this post Ill make a pack which will include facial rigs for every hostile mob little by little. 1 - I saw the creeper rig Block master did with a different skin. So I made a different rig with the original skin for those who love vanilla Here's how it looks like : It has moveable eyes, eyebrows and you can modifie his mouth as it is a schematic! Here's the download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?j1chzfgv1uvxbnx Dont forget to mention me in the credits if you use my rig please!
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