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Found 87 results

  1. I was Have A Big Project That is A Full Movie Minecraft Animation. The Story is I take A part From Iron Man series,But I More Added Part At My Own Story Writing. This Story Is tell the people about my life in the future. but this movie is just for Fun,And gives Motivation for people that think this world is gonna end. So Yeah. just that I want you to know guys. And If you want to see the beta testing Video. this is the video.
  2. "Dear Jackson, I always knew you had a heart in your armored body. You lived to tell the tale, and you kept fighting. Who knows when you may fall, but your kindness was never to be forgotten. I must tell you I have to venture away from the Obsidian City because of unwanted intruders. They destroyed homes, supplies....and families. Forgive me for not notifying you sooner, therefore this may be the last message I will pass to you. May the kind soul of my brother, Arthur, and the powerful heart of Lancelot be with you. Best regards, Morgan le Fay."
  3. Juno and Pikachiflame are responsible for the rigs.
  4. and its a remake to the httyd series and i have two voice actors at the moment and if you wanna participate in it messege me and ill get back to you as soon as i can hiccup:me astrid:light fury gobber stoick snoutlout spikelout ruffnut tuffnut fishlegs random crowd
  5. This is the best wallpaper EVER. Hope this definitely go in the Showcase!
  6. This is one o' those movie maker clapboard used in...movie making. There's really not much else to say. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/aff1xytr4o4d939/Clapboard.miobject/file
  7. Buy our merchandise! https://www.redbubble.com/people/MLMe... Support us! https://www.patreon.com/minelight We just launched our social media pages! Check us out! TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MinelightP INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/minelightpr... FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/minelightpro...
  8. Do I even need to say anything else?
  9. I was planning on a sequel for my Nitro Plex Universe Minecraft films called, The Soul of Michael Part 1. So this is why I need help if any of you wanted to help me to get this movie completed? Link to the movie teaser: The Soul of Michael: The Minecraft Movie | Part 1 - ANNOUNCEMENT TEASER Link to be an animator: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/the-soul-of-michael-the-minecraft-movie-2019-need-a-script-writer
  10. This is my Movie Accurate Bumblebee Rig ,and it Actually Transforms! The model does have hands, with fully rigged fingers, but my stupid mine-imator decided to crash right before i got a screenshot, so ill have to do that in a week or two The rig can be a pain in the butt to use, and I'm not planning on releasing this anytime soon, but if you guys want it enough, maybe you can change my mind? You may NOT use this without my permission.
  11. So I started working on an animation before the 1.12 update, moved it once the 1.13 update came out, and until recently stopped working on it. I finished it, and everything looks like it should, up until I render it. The pictures shown during the rendering process look normal, but once the file is in video format all the colors are wrong. It's like the video is negative for some reason, despite the fact that while rendering, the video looks normal. I've tried with and without "high quality rendering," different formats, video sizes, everything I can think of, but every result is the same. I can render stills and those look okay, but the 'movies' aren't for some reason. Here's one of the "finished" videos: Any help would be greatly appreciated as I was making this for my friends birthday(that obviously failed), and instead I'm giving it to him as a Goodbye present because he's leaving this Monday, but having a Goodbye party on Saturday. Please help!
  12. Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't been very active lately, but it's because I've been secretly working on this huge animation project, so enjoy!
  13. First off,The Glowstonite Movie is a movie i am making that is a cool adventure to save the world from some kind of alien form that controls the creator of that world. The main character is Anthony. He looks like my XBOX character. He's the hero that will save the world. What kind of people i want: Motion Capture styled animations,to make the movie look good Good graphics,to make the movie look stunning Rigging for aliens and stuff,to make some aliens,why not? Cloth physics styled animating,to make some realism,when characters go in beds,of when a flag gets shot JSON Modeling (not really necessary) to make some models People that joined: Jadturentale (myself,duh) Growth Potion
  14. Che3syPlayz

    Hellboy Rig

    As requested by: @Dr. Cuto HellBoy Took me about 4 hours, mostly cause I spent most of the time wishing I was asleep Anyways, if you like a 1+ would be appreciated DOWNLOAD Also forgot to mention. Credit is unnecessary.
  15. Here is a 14-18 second clip of my very first ever animation (lol cant remember how long it was) I hope you enjoy! PS do you think its good so far besides the arms not moving at the end? Heres the vid: Oh it automatically embedded the video. Thank you mine imator! Oh yeah and PPS i have credited the creations I took already
  16. Here is a picture of a minecraft movie that im making Post in the comments below on what I should add and how good you think the picture quality is Note:I haven't used any after effects or anything outside of mine imator Image Link: http://adam2adam.wixsite.com/images
  17. Hello,this is my serieels called One Move-The Lixavia 1/10.This is unofficial MGB.Thank you and enjoy!
  18. Watch the teaser of my new coming animation series:Enoy ! Thanks for watching and stay awesome!
  19. So I made a wallpaper based on the latest james bond movie. hope you like it The Original Wallpaper Credits to @MobKiller Animations for the gun rig he made a while ago.
  20. Hey y'all! I assume by now you've most likely seen the 'Justice League Comic Con Trailer'? If not... then I recommend you should! Well, One of the best scenes of the Trailer is when 'Bruce Wayne' throws the Bat-a-rang at Barry to get him to stop pretending his not the 'Flash' and to show his abilities! So I remade that scene as a still animation! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created using Mine-Imator and Photoshop Thank you for your time!
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