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Found 4 results

  1. Like if you did, give feedback plox, and which one is better?
  2. Well... this is part of a project I've been doing .... Coming soon!!!
  3. A picture I drew a few months ago I only ever posted it on Facebook. And now, It is shared among Deviant art and Mine-Imator forums. Hatsune Miku is a Japanese Vocaloid That is VERY FAMOUS and popular. Most anime songs were made using it. She is more of a mascot for the Program though. She was also one of the first Successful HMP holograms to exist successfully. (Yes, Holograms do exist, and yes, it is like in starwars, But most holograms Are used In 3-D cinema's) Anyway, The awesome Picture i made (I used a Reference photo of the web to help) Also, sorry about some of the glitches in the Photo, When i merged layers after editing for AGES it ended up like that.
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