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Found 14 results

  1. It's a wallpaper that features really outdated characters from my failed LILY series, but oh well. Maybe they'll get an update someday for wallpapers and such. I might have a thing with falling snow, honestly. Programs used: Mine-imator1.2.0 Pre-Release 2 Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Un-edited
  2. (Testing Post real quick, its not letting me add images hold on) Finally I decided to rig the red skeletons In LILY with 3D bones, hands, Glowing Eyes, etc. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thanks to Ender_Varen for making the Bladed weapon 3D! Thanks to The Tan James for designing the model of the Blade! Red Skeleton Design Hands Battle Axe (Ender_Varen's Rig) 3-D Textures When you download it, take a closer look at the invisible parts, it adds variety to the skeletons Use to your extent, idc if you credit me or not (: Download Here
  3. Hey! so yeah by reading the title you can guess that yeah me and SKIBBZ did a kind of Joint animation thing, Now this is our first so we just did something very basic. We both made different edits, but used the same animation that we both animated. Heres my version And Here's SKIBBZ's Edit anyways yeah! He told me i could make the topic so lol yeah.
  4. I guess this would be a technical test as well, cause it's a test I guess. Anyways, this clip is legit in LILY, just not actual fx/sfx. EDIT: Cryo, yes I will post it.
  5. I know I posted this before but now I've made this cool wallpaper. So.. why not So this is the theme song I've made for SKIBBZ' animated movie called LILY. I've recorded this and put a lot work into it so I hope you like it. Also I've made this cool wallpaper for a cover art. Recorded and mixed in Logic Pro 9. Wallpaper made in Mine-imator and Adobe After Effects. LILY rigs by SKIBBZ. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Basically... I was playing with Trapcode Shine (Plugin) in AE and felt like creating that render thing I made a while ago. I think it looks 100% better IMO. Here's the original
  7. This is the schematic for a part in Ch. 1 in LILY (: The reason why this took so long to make is because of my encoding, its being funky and I had to render this about 6 times just to ALMOST get it right, The only thing off is the sound quality. But hey.. enjoy (: This is just a random video I felt like making out of boredom. (:
  8. So I thought it would be nice to make a topic where you can see all my test animations over the year. Basically top is most recent to lowest is oldest. Now most (all) of these are very short, they're random and short tests. (Congrats to you if you actually watch them all) This is where they start to get jank. Yeah this topic was pointless.
  9. I didn't feel like animating in class so I decided to draw this random thing : ) I didn't feel like clearing up the lines and whatnot, just a random doodle
  10. So i'm in the process of finishing up the last of my animations for my True Love Movie. I have another project planned for after True Love. So here is a tiny hit to what it will be Yes SKIBBZ knows that i'm using his rig. And who is to say that maybe the red skeletons have a reason for being in True Love
  11. So Green screen is a lot more cooler than what I had my intentions on. Just testing background effects (:
  12. Obvious Title Is Obvious. Clearly.. an army has more, but its a small wallpaper that I felt like making (: (psst.. this is Mark II of my Red Skeleton Rig, has more armor and a Helmet)
  13. To skibbz, this is actually LILY older (by 2 years) *Comes with quotelopes* warning might be big
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