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Found 10 results

  1. jakubg1

    Felix Tools [Poll]

    Hey there! I've decided that my character should have a thing that will make him unique. I made 3 things as the potential tools Felix would have. The one that will win in the poll will be the official one my character will have Because it should make my OC unique, I've been trying to make them as original as possible. Also, because Felix loves mining, the tools' theme also is mining (mainly). These tools are: A miner helmet with a flashlight. Helpful when exploring caves. Also protects the head. A laser that shoots a green beam that penetrates everything but indestructible blocks and mirrors within 3 (or 5? Haven't decided that yet...) blocks. Useful in many situations. A simple magic cube that works as an ore detector - when it detects an ore within 3 blocks from it, it magnetizes to it and changes the color according to the ore type. Some renders: Downloads: Miner Helmet || Cutting Laser || Ore Finder
  2. (Sorry for using stretched blocks since this one is a bit rushed. Gonna go to an unreliable (internet-wise) place for a couple of days and then school starts so no clue when I'm going to go back to rigging.) Neptunian crystals. That's what this is all about. Neptunian crystals and thousands of concentrated photons. Ever since a chunk of the Neptunian core fell on our planet, Intellitec has tried to find a way to sell them. I'd say this is a pretty damn good solution. A quick reminder to any numb-nuts reading this: This thing is not a toy. It is a tool which can fire concentrated beams of photons with a ray so thin it could slice a human cell in half with a perfectly clean cut. It should be also noted that the IX-L200 is extremely experimental and prone to killing the user with deadly gamma rays. Have fun! - Intellitec Technologies Corp., a Conglomerate company. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bbglnmf6qrca8gg/IX-L200.miobject/file
  3. Ancroz

    In Need of a Rig

    Hello! Recently, I have decided to do an animation that requires a character to have an arm cannon that shoots a purple laser blast. I have not been able to find one like what I want anywhere, so if anyone has any spare time, could you make one for me? I have no idea how to make rigs. Thanks!
  4. The Laser Weapon Just testing shooting my latest and greatest weapon!
  5. >this file can be accessed by soldiers rank veteran or above file: Access >file accessed >keycode needed criminalzsuk >access granted. welcome. >file "XZ-08 Verozion" opened Name: XZ-08 Verozion Type: Laser Assault Rifle Danger: Medium Description: A weapon that focuses on short-range combat, it is not very accurate. Its firing capability is <100m before it totally misses the target. It functions like an M4 originated in the 1994 (one millennium ago), but has laser for ammo. It is a bit more dangerous than the said M4. This gun's laser bolt can phase through several beings, killing all of them before it eventually stops. Gallery: >retrieve item? >item retrieved. retrieval code: efTjash87I01Jne\ >retrieval location received and confirmed: https://www.mediafire.com/?sybaq0vsi7b18v3 Updates.log: 1.1 Added a scope glass, a bullet hole and a trigger and now more riglike (Note: This gun idea was not mine. I held an event on a server for the clan I owned and had a futuristic gun-building party. One guy called GreenWarrior31 built his and asked me to import it to Mine-imator and share it, so I did)
  6. Willbl3pic

    Laser Gun Rig!

    It looks cool! It fires! Download Macbook, monitor, sofa, gun (I will replace this with an individual link soon)
  7. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zrNrX8H5YzM I found a Predator skin and decided to play with it
  8. So I was listening to dubstep thinking about the upcoming update, and the bass dropped right when a guy said FIRE THE LASERS. Suddenly Everything came together. I had a best idea ever! *Some random guy from the forums: "The cure for cancer?" Well no. But still pretty cool. Tell me what you guys think. If you can create a better laser, please go right ahead. I thirst for lasers.
  9. It's also my first animation.
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