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Found 9 results

  1. Download Based on the 1.14 lantern from the current snapshots, this model is fully animatable featuring a toggleable chain and manually animatable flames (there are three overlays that you can toggle using keyframes). You don't need to credit me if you use this; however, I'd love to see what you make with it! I originally made this model for my own personal use in my WIP Diverse Pilot Episode (the same story for the Illager Beast [a.k.a. Ravanger] that came with the pillager and crossbow that I uploaded previously). But I think you guys could make good use of it too!
  2. I made lanterns, and I made a topic for lanterns. Do anything you want with them, heck, you could eat them :/. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/375357229890797569/481153045258960936/Lanterns.zip /\Download. I know they're a bit weird, but they were going to be private until I thought I needed something to post.
  3. Download link: http://ceesty.com/qVdO75
  4. Another one for you all. Enjoy.
  5. I made another wallpaper, again. I think this one looks alright. But its not about me. I can't upvote my own stuff and certainly can't enjoy what I make on account of me spending about a quarter of an hour making the bloody thing; so I know what it looks like inside out, and so my feelings cant help but be diluted. Ok, here it is rendered: Aaand un-rendered: Hope you does the like it. And I hope you does the wanting of more. - Doesing the Thing In which One Typically Signs Their Work
  6. First of all, inspiration is credited to Skjold. SKJOLD. SKKKJJJOOOLLLD. Ok, continue. Wow. These rigs are stressful to make. Sorry for the gap. I had school and didn't know what to make, so I went with a lantern as to fill the gap. Thing is, this was definitely the most difficult rig I've made, and it doesn't come without its kinks: But, here are some cinematic pics of it actually working : And some less cinematic pics of it existing: Give Credit If You Use It In Your Rigs. Otherwise I Don't Really Care. And finally, le download: Since I used this lantern rig in the wallpaper I made yesterday... ...I've decided to try to make a wallpaper the day before uploading a rig, which includes the rig hidden somewhere within. This will also stop me from being able to pawn other peoples rigs for my wallpaper purposes. So do follow me to see when I post a new wallpaper. Or just look for it every so often, I guess. ~ Peace, SharkléSparklé
  7. 'Ello! Welcome! ifyourereadingthissayboopinthecomments Please do critique it. Tell me what you like and what you dont. Also tell why. Critique and whatever>
  8. Greetings, gentlefolk! Its 5am in the morning and im still sitting, making rigs. Thats dedication. Here's the rig! Its completely customizable! The chain is toggleable and so is the flame! Like if you like and all that. Its not like it does anything other than making me feel fuzzy inside. Tell me what you think and what I should add/edit!
  9. Angpao---><--- Lantern HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR GUYS! I HOPE YOU HATE LIKE MY CHINESE NEW YEAR RIG Download: Mediafire File Size: 2.09 Kb Please don't click i want you click
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