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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys. I've recently discovered animations and had some fun to create my own iron golem rig. My most favourite features are the added fingers Feel free to use it in your videos BUT I have to admit that I used the mouth of SKIBBZ face rig. He does great work! Here is a little video clip http://www.mediafire.com/file/vdvpkfe257h4qdp/Irongolem_-_Captain_CubBossa.zip/file
  2. I made lanterns, and I made a topic for lanterns. Do anything you want with them, heck, you could eat them :/. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/375357229890797569/481153045258960936/Lanterns.zip /\Download. I know they're a bit weird, but they were going to be private until I thought I needed something to post.
  3. Hexical's Mine-imator Armour rigs! All of them together Leather Iron Gold Diamond Click me for Download
  4. Another model of armor, this time the iron. (p.s began to translate through Google Translate, I hope it is now clear is = 3) Pictures: You said that you are not swinging through Yandex Disk Try, can be downloaded via the VK Yandex Disc- https://yadi.sk/d/Ya_0VWf2n4VjW VK- https://vk.com/doc182866464_437197769?hash=09add6174172d0e531&dl=4e526507bbc78157c8 (fixed link 21.01.2016 14:55) (p.s if you do not download via Yandex drive, please write in the comments, so once again not to give references)
  5. So I made the dark iron set, but I changed it a bit. guess you could say remastered. But it's my first rig using Item Sheets. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?d0g831hif3u88q0
  6. BloxTheRigger

    Armor Rigs!

    I guess I just decided to make more as the last was popular: Hope you like Please give feedback -All armor is separate so you can swap and take off stuff! Updates (Hopefully): Stop Textures Overlapping Correct Scale More Detail (Posting on Another Topic) Chain and Leather (They keep failing fsr) (Anything else suggested) Downloads: Diamond Armor: Gold Armor: Iron Armor: Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  7. eyy!!... i promise this one is not as bad as the other one its good gooder den da udu wun skin: BaconGhast
  8. hi your probably thinking this is going to be item sheets type of sword no this is a realistic sword that looks like it can cut also comes with a scabbard also what looks more majestic the first or the second and yes i know it doesnt have a tip bit its very hard to make a custom shape and the version i have is a bit bad so if you want to help make the tip of the sword (dont take it out of context) then PM me with the download so i can make the rest with it oh and also thank you @willingsas for the leather block texture Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u28b270am00m69e/Sword+things.rar P.S if you dont understand what you downloaded its a file with components that the scabbard needs and the very downloads
  9. Kapslock

    3D Swords Rig

    Here is just a simple design for 3D swords, and I hope you enjoy! (No credit is required, but you cannot claim this as your own) Images: Download:
  10. I haven't been very active lately (explination in description) but i just animated this so i hope you enjoy
  11. so I made this this is more of just me screwing around with things
  12. This is a wallpaper that I made, I kind of experimented with it, as it is one of my firsts. As the title says, it is 1920x1080, and it consists of an iron golem. Here it is! Please leave feedback and ideas on what you would like to see, as well as what I should fix in the picture, thanks!
  13. Hehey.. I'm not Amination Squad but I really like the S-Suit concept. So I rigged this.. Also I worked a lot on this and usually I'm not a really good rigger but I think this turned out quite nicely. Hope you like it.. Tell me what you think.. -----FEATURES------------------ Nuclear beams (Hands and Chest) Energy Blades (Hidden Blades) Evoscythe (Modified by me.. Original credit for the scythe goes to Azgreth21) Flying/hovering abilities Head interface (Controlled to be turned on and off/Analyses enemies) Suit glows in the dark -----ADVANTAGES------------------ + Powerfull in close combat + Packed with nuclear energy + Super fast running boost + Evoscythe can cut dimensions to teleport -----DISADVANTAGES------------------ - Very weak in ranged combat. - Damage to the chest core can shut the suit off. - Fast but not durable I really hope you like it Maybe expect an animation soon..
  14. A idea i want to make into a animation, though i haven't really made a animation before, only short test animations, the concept is going to be based around a iron titan (a big iron golem) created by the villagers, not really thought up much more, but yeah, don't expect a animation, so yeah i'm just going to put this here ^^'
  15. Hullo! This is just a random video I made while I was bored, to test out sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUbdIBATfq0 Thanks for watching. More soon.
  16. I've been making this iron man rig but its way to hard could someone else try using these skins (must be 3d with lasers repulser etc.) file:///C:/Users/Yuri/Desktop/iron_man_mark_42.png file:///C:/Users/Yuri/Desktop/Tony_Stark_Iron_Man_3.png
  17. Here is some of my work for Christmas... Download (Skin):
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvf5Wpqq9Mg&feature=youtu.be One Night Steve Makes A Useless Iron Sword Than In The Next Morning He Finds It Useful
  19. Unite Help Needed Dear who ever this may concern I’m SnowGolemKing most of my friends call me lazy or snow, not the adj it’s a nickname. Any ways I’m looking for animators, voice actors, and set builders (Including props), This is for a big project aka a show I’m doing I’ll give you some information on it but first let me talk about the good’s and bad’s. First the bad’s 1. You will not be payed as this is a volunteer job not a paying job 2. You need a mic (bad audio is not good) 3. No people younger than 10 as your voice might /will scare people away. A few exceptions can be made though so still read on Second the good’s 1. You will be a good friend to me 2. You will be a official Person of my channel 3. I’ll ask you to help me in videos, Such as minecraft gaming or other animations 4. You’ll be happy you did it if it becomes popular 5. You can design your own character or use one that iv made ( see below for more info) 6. If you’re a shy person you can be a minor character This show will be based kind of like a popular show called code lyoko. Found an article on it on Wikipedia Code Lyoko is a French animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo. The series centers on four boarding school students, Jeremy (originally Jérémie), Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd, who travel to the virtual world of Lyoko to fight against an evil and sinister sentient artificial intelligence/multi-agent computer program called XANA with a virtual humanoid being named Aelita. The series features both two-dimensional animation and CGI. Any ways this is what I’d like to kind of base it off, but I want it to be these kids go into this popular video game with the help of a machine that they found but by accident they release a virus into the system and if they shut the game or machines and forget about it they release the virus on the earth’s population. So they keep going in the game to stop the virus named whisper. Ultimately whisper is the villain of the series with the help of two other viruses’s released also, hacker and no name. I need a lot of help so if you accept please. a. If asked you and you accepted please reply b. Found this on a post find me on youtube. SnowGolemKing Any ways thanks and I hope we can do business Character Creation This is simple. 1. Create an everyday skin 2. Make a dressed up skin 3. Make a separate skin take 2nd one and add a mask then save as 4. Make a sleeping ware of your skin (What he/she sleeps in) 5. A gameing mode (What he/she will look like when they go into the the gameing world Please name them in order as: 1. (name) Dressed 2. (name) Dressed up 3. (name) Prom (do not put this -->) (Don’t ask) 4. (name) Undressed 5. (name) Gameing Mode Note Just because you do all of this dose not mean you are in. my channel will come to a vote to see if you are good or not. Also please make Your gaming mode something about what your character is about, and if it’s not too much to ask please write a short paragraph about your character or we will make up his back ground that you might not like thank you. Don’t try to make your character a as some would say “bad ass” He needs limitations weakness and advantages but not so much that he’s like god. Also please write what his powers are. Such as Snow Golem’s Snowballs. Animator The animator I use is mine imator which is limited to minecraft only. So when I say skin I mean minecraft skin, Id prefer using an animator I know how to use but if you have another animator that would be great as I said mine imator is limited. Jobs There are sevirle jobs I can have for you but some are more important then others so ill list them in order of importents 1. Main Animator 2. 2nd Animator 3. Effect’s Animator 4. Voice acting 5. Editor 6. Sound effects (This one can be subsituded but I hate having to put this in) (You will put the sound effects in not make them) This is where I believe the impotents is so please if you can tell me which job or jobs you can do that would be nice. I will try to get back to you as fast as possible Sincerely, SnowGolemKing p.s. Don’t let the iron golems win they are op join the army today by subbing at youtube, SnowGolemKing. You can pm me here Heres the form to sign up https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nmAJWxeNks7HuvWZ5G5C3LNOwyRy-wE3ZTCHb_zDaBw/edit
  20. Hey guys, AbhiKap55 (aka ComputerStar2255) here So I am working on my first animation using Mine-Imator so I am fairly new to this stuff I have a character holding a diamond pickaxe who walks in a cave and finds iron ore, next, I need to make him mine the ore , which I do not know how to do. Can someone help me pls? I try simply moving his hand, and it appears to be mining but it is way above the ore and is in the air, which looks really fake. How can I change this and also how can I make the iron ore block be mined after he mines it? Thanks, Help is appreciated
  21. Hey Everyone! This Is My 2nd Animation And It's About A Villager Trading With Steve. Please Give Me Feedback! Note: Series Maybe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrWV8knYSdY&feature=youtu.be
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