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Found 49 results

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Xeneth, and I have a new Collab you might enjoy! It is called " Doors " , Inspired by a Collaboration of an animation with the same name! If you need a reference on what Doors is, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tr5rDR4RVs . I will make a set of 2 doors, and you can do Whatever you want within the space you have in between the 2 doors! You might want to put a watermark when your creation is up. If you can't do the task, I will do it for you. But you have to try first. You must use this skin for each room. / http://imgur.com/hPjpUeY . You will have to make a video (Unlisted / Public) on Youtube and send it to me, so I can add it to the collab. Each part must be less than 1 Minute, unless it is a really professional part, then you get 2 minutes. Some gore allowed. No nudity.. Well, because youtube.. And kids may be watching it. Users in this Collaboration: Nobody yet.
  2. I though I would do a haste test of the new bending mechanics. The end result is an obviously rushed piece of garbage with notably crap posing. There are also 2 typos, one on the BEFORE side, and the AFTER side. Constructive Criticism is appreciated, just don't repeat the obvious problems I've already mentioned. And don't downvote because of them!
  3. <Frosty's> //Facial Rig\\ V.2 Finally, i came back for some rigs I Back With some new Features, RemovedFeatures, Updates, and BugFixes >>UPDATES<< - Easier to bend the mouth - Updated where to select the mouth - Added Both bend and Right and left bending options (Example : Both bend is to make the left and right bend at the same time, and for the Right and left option is for you can bend it at the diffrent time) - Easier Eyebrows bends & controls >>REMOVED FEATURES<< - Girls Facial rig ( 'Cuz it bugs the import ) - Eyelashes - Camera Reflections ( LAGS ) >>BUGS<< - Tounge not imported - Where the select is a bug, please remove it "remove the NO" PREV FACIAL RIG >> Pics DOWNLOAD>>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qcQwBLq5w6ZsG_NQNMFtYLoDmcCmv4Tj/view?usp=sharing Please report some bugs No need credit when used lol i almost forgot the download link
  4. I highly doubt this would ever be implemented, but I thought about this for a while now. A cloth/hair physics engine could make very good use in Mine-Imator. Not only it would speed up work for people who animate long hair, capes, etc, but it would also look somewhat realistic in some ways. Though there would be limitations, like severe performance drops, and for some it would not look "Minecrafty". This is just an idea I though I would share. You guys are more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.
  5. ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 2:28:36 PM version: 1.0.6 2:28:36 PM gm_version: 1.4.1749 2:28:36 PM build date: 3/12/2016 9:10:39 AM 2:28:36 PM YYC: yes 2:28:36 PM working_directory: d:\Users\Abby\Downloads\Mine-imator\Mine-imator\ 2:28:36 PM file_directory: C:\Users\Abby\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 2:28:36 PM OS: Windows 2:28:36 PM os_version: 393218 2:28:36 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 2:28:36 PM os_get_language: en 2:28:36 PM os_get_region: US 2:28:36 PM USERDOMAIN: ToshibaLaptop 2:28:36 PM USERNAME: Abby 2:28:36 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Abby 2:28:36 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\Abby\AppData\Roaming 2:28:36 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 8 2:28:36 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 2:28:36 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 2:28:36 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 2:28:36 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 3c03 2:28:36 PM video_adapter_0_name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 2:28:36 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 1310739 2:28:36 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 2:28:36 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 987589 2:28:36 PM Old log found 2:28:36 PM Library init 2:28:36 PM Data\file.dll 2:28:37 PM Data\movie.dll 2:28:37 PM Movie init 2:28:37 PM Data\window.dll 2:28:37 PM Data\texture.dll 2:28:37 PM Texture init 2:28:47 PM working_directory: d:\Users\Abby\Downloads\Mine-imator\Mine-imator\ 2:28:47 PM Trying to save files 2:28:47 PM surface_save OK 2:28:47 PM texture_create OK 2:28:47 PM file_delete_lib OK 2:28:47 PM Missing file: d:\Users\Abby\Downloads\Mine-imator\Mine-imator\Data\import.exe When I try to open up Mine-imator, It says 'It semms Mine-imator didn't close properly last time, perhaps due to a crash.' I have re-installed Mine-imator many times and it just says the same thing!
  6. I'm making some videos for youtube and i found that i need a custom player rig. It needs movable fingers, mouth and normal body, i need it in these skins. http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506961/keithsguest/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506979/connerboy-s-skin/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10506985/button-smashers-skin/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/10507001/brandonwhite-s-skin/ As Soon At Some One Could Do It That Would Be Great!
  7. iiBerry_

    Pig Rig v1

    Hey guys! Today, I'm releasing my pig rig (V1). Enjoy! download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q7bz7hyq92kjtbh/AAD7vpN0mR0QGvOVlNkHuQXfa?dl=0
  8. Please help me, i was using mineimator, this showed up: Some shaders failed to compile. Make sure your DirectX is up to date. Do you want to download it from Microsoft? I Downloaded it and it still shows it up, i clicked "No" the next time and this shows up: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation ShaderName: shader_blend_fog D3DXCompile failed - result ############################################################################################ Please help me, i need to make a video this week, please help.
  9. iiBerry_

    Santa Rig V1

    Hey there! thanks for passing by! Today I am releasing a Santa rig! It's getting close to christmas, so I decided to put my rigging knowledge to good use. Here it is!: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jxqu8mt6wkkksed/AACm0CDinZX_TamUGYoWsGi1a?dl=0 (Some things are not named properly) Here are the features: Smile/frown Movable Beard Posable mouth (obviously) Pupils
  10. If you want to join my collab reply saying you want to. I need to have contact to you so if you have the following add me: Discord: DizzyDino#1921 Twitter: Dizzydino13 Curse: DizzyProductions
  11. Wrong House| Collab Hosted By | The Crying Squid dont forget to share this concept You are running on a grass plane, while the camera is in 2D perspective (much like urban run). You eventually enter a trough a door entering a house. This is where you decide the: action, what happends to you, and what ever you decide Example (My Collab) Click Participants Red = Working on Green = finished Orange = disqualified/needs change Currrent number of participants: 26 Current Status: Closed. Finish Your Collabs! (Collab must be finished before Feb. 10) Tromstep Super Gohan Gamer TheGolden-Animations Pokekights Antcioff Nicolasev alex2806 Animator Dark Naresee TheDroidMPD skibbz FancySkelle Kler Willesfilms PuddieTheKat Mine2 2 BlueYoshi68 superninja574 OfficialCUYT SevenCraft7 Fosni/Effusion DarkDragonPro DaveKick Pancakes Hero JosSamLoh Pixelrigs RULES (IMPORTANT)!!! let me know if you are making more than one collab. A max of 3 is allowed VIDEO LENGTH MUST BE 10-30 SEC YOUR OWN WATERMARK IS REQUIRED (MUST NOT FILL MORE THAN 2/9TH OF SCREEN MINIMUM VIDEO QUALITY 720P WITH 30 FPS OFFENSIVE, RACIST,SEXUAL CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED (NO EXCEPTIONS) NO FADE IN/FADE OUT IS ALLOWED DO NOT ADD MUSIC TO YOUR COLLAB Then I don't rly care if u cut ur guy apart with a chainsaw... IF YOU IN ANY WAY FAIL TO COMPLY TO THESE RULES YOU WILL DISQUALIFIED! How to participate 1 Send youtube name and notfication of entering to the following mail: thecryingsquidmsg@gmail.com 2 Once you have been confirmed and added to the collab you can start making your animation > Download Project Template < (you need it) 3 Link to your Collab video uploaded on youtube (send to thecryingsquidmsg@gmail.com) Have Fun Animating!
  12. #BeingNotOnDaForumForTooLong... To be honest i fell kind of ashamed for not being active here for sooo long.... So! I made my self a challange to animate... Your Suggestions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJrdsVZ6oio Cant's, Can's and Have to's -It Cant be more than 15s- -If you want you, you can create the character, and character's characteristics- -You have to tell/say/type- -Dont make it to hard... plz- -You can also crate any object/s you want to see!- -And also you can tell/say/type what kind of scenery you want to see!- (on more thin'. If ya want to you can suggest (wow) anims' in pivot too!)
  13. Make A Minecraft Version of these Two Trailers *The BFG *The Handmaiden Notify Me when they're done!
  14. When I try to export a movie from Mine-imator 1.0 it comes out patchy, slow, misses parts, and random colered cubes come over it. Ive tried pretty much every format, and it still doesn't work! please help!
  15. At the moment, I am working on a very special! In the last topic, I showed screenshot #1. So here's screenshot #2: Clue Word: Apocalypse
  16. At the moment, StarMiner (me) is working on a very special project. But this is not any ordinary project! The only information that will be given until further development will be given in screenshots, five to be exact, along with a clue word! Here is screenshot #1: Clue Word: Catastrophe
  17. Hello everyone I am looking for a team or people to collab with, I opened myself for collabs over a week ago and I have not gotten any responses yet so I am still completely needing of a partner or a team. I can, although I am still learning, animate. But in the light of other positions I can make skins, do editing, set building if need be, and I would be happy to do voicing for projects that require such if I can. Contact me via Commenting here, my skype, my Google +, or email at scarclaw73@gmail.com (yes is 73 in the gmail to confirm it was no typo lolz)
  18. Hey Guys! Today is my first post I ever made on the Mine-Imator forums... And today's RIG is a Tree Rig!!! It was hand made by me all in Mine-Imator!!! No schematics!!! Please Enjoy the first RIG I made and I hope it helped! This tree is just as an ingame one! Please make the topic HOT! by giving more views and commenting All tree rigs i have seen are good but arent as good because havent added enough LEAVES to make it like ingame kinda lol but TRY THIS one and if you want updates i will do it straight up DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?9exrwakxf1t148b
  19. Hey! So I've thought of a cool idea.. I think this would be really useful. We can create our of walk/run/fight cycles or even a 2-3 second animation. Then save it as a preset and use it on other characters/rigs.
  20. Hello and Welcome to the Mann Co Store for Mine-Imator, I have made so far a couple weapons and Im still working on more, so have a look around and download the files you want, There will also be a full download containing everything so far, or you can just Individually download them. IN NEED OF BANNER if you can make one Ill take it and give you credit, the banner must contain Mann Co Store Official, at least one of the weapons, my name, and something that says banner made by ______[your name] your name must be written in smaller, on the official post I will have on the place that says Banner the name of the creator in BIG letters. Scout Heavy Spy Demoman Engineer TF2 Rigs V1.0 All items Pack[Contains all current items I have made]: http://www.mediafire.com/?n0ip2s74zz25ez3 I Will Work on More Weapons for more classes right now Im working on more right now so keep on looking at this post everyday, new weapons will come out.
  21. heitor gamer br

    soda rig

  22. im new in this forum..... nah i suck
  23. I wanna know the best keyframe transition in general so I can improve my animations.
  24. I was bored, so I decided to make a better intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_-8_P6vVOA
  25. I whipped up this video because I wanted to experience particles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XOdNDlghGU
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