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Found 29 results

  1. Download So I looked around online for free armor walking, running, and movement sound effects, but, first off, I couldn't find many, and, second, they didn't seem to be free. So me and Power Animation made these sound effects for public use. If you use these, you don't need to credit us (attribution isn't necessary). These sound effects are of basic armor. These sounds include: basic movement in armor, walking & running in armor, jumping in armor, getting knocked down and getting up in armor, & getting hit with wood & metal in armor. I think these will be very useful to mine-imator users and hope they aid you well! I know it's a little late, but, Merry Christmas!
  2. Seen the snapshot versions for 1.14? Yes, this is the villager from them. I intend to personally use this model for myself and I thought, why not help out other people too? This model includes the savanna villager and many professions, along with a zombie villager model with some professions. It does not include every texture for the villagers and zombie villagers, but I might add more of the textures at request. You may use this rig without giving any credit to me, however, I'd love to see the things you use it for. Download
  3. Riftjaw

    Swap Rig 2.0

    Tutorial Video An easy-to-use Rig inspired by MCSM, the Swap Rig is a rig with a swapping mouth with multiple pre-made expressions and annunciations, ideal for easy lip-syncing. The eyes can open and close by changing the Y-scale and have eyebrows that automatically close with them (and can also be animated separately). You can change the colors of the mouth easily, and the eyebrows and pupils, being single objects, are simple to change color as you would anything else. Though it is easy to use, it may or may not be a little confusing at first, so I suggest you watch my quick tutorial in the link above. This rig is being uploaded in it's 2.0 version, as it is easier to use then it's original version. If you would like to see the older version in action, please see Power Animation's Channel as he has frequently used the older version. At the time of this upload, however, no one has used this 2.0 version of the rig. If you use this rig please give credit too me, and I'd love to see anything you make with it! Download Swap Rig 2.0
  4. I've been on Mine Imator Discord a lot, but I haven't posted anything here yet, until today.(I love being dramatic.) Have any questions? Just ask.(I'm not sure how that works on MI Forums yet lol.) Please tell me what you think of it, what I can improve ect. And follow please. It really help me get famous (with the ladies) lol.
  5. ~ Made by RealPG125 ~ Please reply and give me some idea for next renders!
  6. We all spent a lot of time on this, so enjoy! (Edited by me c:) Comment what you think about the animation, without having to mention the fact that "you don't like fad" because literally no one cares. Just comment about the animation itself
  7. Hello my friends, now I come here with a new animation, it is about the power of peridot, the new member of the crystal gems, it was dificult to animate althought it doesn't look like. the expressions of the face, well, here is the animation , I hope you like it Dont forget to put a like comment and suscribe to my channel for more animations like this. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2RZX6oG-_HAp2-fBX1yjQ Bye bye
  8. In the last versions of mine-imator, we can add a shapes as we like and we can colorize/texture them but one shape is missing, the rounded cuboid or the rounded cube and this would awesome for making slime rig and we can also set how much rounding will be this rounded cube.
  9. Sup, Me again in another stuff. Today i'll be showing you My test # 3. I Hope You Like My 3rd Attempt in making Animations. Grade it Wisely! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls1lUGIukcE&feature=youtu.be
  10. Hello to everybody well I really like the garnet´s rig of Allemn (you have to see it) so i decided to do the stronger than you song of steven universe...this is a test and i want to see your comments so here is it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsZsXIhQezQ thanks for watchind dont forget to put a like and suscribe :D My channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2RZX6oG-_HAp2-fBX1yjQ?sub_confirmation=1 Bye bye my friends Note:Someone can tell me how to put the youtube reproductor please...I dont know why the post dont recognize it automatically
  11. [4K] Oh, new forum and very confuse... Btw, I made this while forum is changing. Smooth Mouth Test.... Programs used: Mine-Imator Story: I have made this while forum are changing, yeah final product is look so COOL! Credit: David and ZZZZane rigs are made by me. Please teach me the new forum and if you love, please kick that button | V
  12. I remember when Mine-imator was announced to be launched! This was the start of greatness look how far it has come. Also, I'm sure I put this in the wrong spot );<. This is directed towards you Davve!
  13. So i found out how to live stream both on YouTube and twitch!! Is it worth it to stream? Like what do i get out of it?
  14. Defsharp


    Yep. ANOTHER ART. Time Spent: I actually didn't keep track Programs Used: PDN Enjoy!
  15. there's always something good out of something bad. I will start:
  16. Yay, 1400 posts. I don't know what this means, but we need to celebrate! Now get ready to dance! The actually significance of this is because it's a posting Milestone closest to my leave from work for the summer. This means I can work on more stuff and play more games with you all. Anyways, down to business. Here's whats officially planned: - Mine-imator armory back in business. Full circle for 1.0.0 - New MI armory trailer video featuring various artists and will be worked on by all of those who wish to help. - More gaming - New messed up videos like before Also mods will stalk keep watch all day every day thanks to my extra hours available here. Well that's all folks. Thanks for the support and all. But no time for that. We still have celebrating to do!
  17. Hello! My name is Ervin, and I'm a decent C4D animator (), but I've got nothing to animate, so I would like someone to give me ideas OR someone who wants me on their team.
  18. Hello! This is my Mineimator forums page full of all of my best animations! I will be splitting them up into sections. Fighting animations! Random/Test animations!
  19. Hey guy's I got more fighting tests to show you Part 2 Part 3
  20. yeah... read the title... anyones got/know any good FREE music creation software? i need it heavily for some music i would like to make for an (maybe) upcomming animation anyone? srsly? T_T please tell me if you know one.
  21. So I have been Browsing the Mine-imator forums and noticed a lot of animation seemed very slow and (no offense) sloppy. I wanted to share this YouTube video I made to help people to get realistic animation. I'm NOT saying my methods are perfect, don't spam in the comments "YOUR JUMPING SUCKS!" I say that in the video. Leave a like if it helped ALSO, If you want me to make more tutorials I'm happy to. I spent at least 60$ on my software, (fraps, Sony Vegas, etc.) and I am planning to use it. ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHiY9-F_aqk&feature=youtu.be Oh, and if you happen to read this, QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY even for animations. Nobody would subscribe to slam-a-cow if he produced tons of crappy animations. Would you? Quality, not quantity my friend.
  22. Hey Does Anybody Know A Good Codec I Can Use Because When I Use The Microsoft Video 1 It Turns Very Pixelated And It Is Not HD. So Can Anyone Help Me?
  23. I have been using this program for awhile, and I have to say, I love it! But there is one thing I hate, the bending. I looks chopped off and very ugly. Here is an example. These are pictures of bent limbs using other animation software. http://gyazo.com/218af090a75aac7f2fdf1300fffa9047 http://gyazo.com/ecab7702c54e026b492f026e3eed2072 Now here is Mine-Imator's bending limbs. http://gyazo.com/c7dea7fe90ffb1284dc221a30cbd359b http://gyazo.com/941ff2272ceed005cd9410223f2f123a See the difference? I certainly do. So maybe this could be a great improvement to this amazing software.
  24. wtf i didnt know you had superpowers don't withhold this kind of information from me :c
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