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Found 52 results

  1. I had nothing better to do, so I tried to recreate a tool gun to the best of my ability. Enjoy! Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oqmk2sydh21912a/Tool+Gun+Model.zip Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.4 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  2. Again, Me as the Engineer holding the PDA ready to build anything i need, and my friend as the Medic. Mostly the other characters are random classes with random hats. ...oh wait, theres my soldier and spy
  3. Friend - Me So i made this as i was bored and talking to a friend. Nothing much.
  4. Back when I was heavily invested into GMod StarWars RP as a Super Admin (2 years ago), I created alternative skins for the playermodels, they were never expanded upon, but are all hand drawn, besides the textures. I also created two posters for the General Orders, inspired by my own recruitment into the USNSCC, and to help me memorize them before I was shipped off to Basic Training. (If anyone staffs a SW RP server, notify me, I would love to get back into it) Posters StormTrooper Scout Trooper Imperial Officer Alt E-11 configurations
  5. I accidentally bought a extra copy of gmod, cant refund it either, anyone want it for $5
  6. There's no indication of crime in this. it was the only title I could think of. Feedback pls
  7. The physics in gmod are strange sometimes. Well at least the motion blur works well.
  8. THIS IS NOT MY MAP I just felt like showing off a map that I thought was unique and wasn't like normal maps. creator and workshop links are in the youtube description I was talkin with the creator and he teased a V2 of this map/extended version.
  9. I was looking up a guide on a 4 way lighting system in gmod and decided to test it on Max payne And I this other thing of the same thing. just on the side view This may look bad because the Max payne 3 model doesn't work well with ragdoll mover and I had to use the physgun instead
  10. I had a some fun recording this if you can see
  11. [4K] Still doing an activity with UnmutEMC Yup, UnmutEMC use the Toolgun and shoot Nitro Force over 1,000,000+ ( Now fly around city, bid farewell ) Program Used: Mine-Imator / Garry's Mod Story: I just do something in Gmod, UnmutEMC summons car, I drive it. UnmutEMC installs the Nitro Force 1,000,000+ on my car. He just push " 5 " I'm fly and bid farewell.... Extra! It bug [usually, it bug on MI]: Emm... Can you fix overlap or texture bug glitch? You can find it on my picture, UnmutEMC... Thank you!
  12. [4K] Aww!! I render 1 minute! Yes, UnmutEMC told me the way to clear all NPCs ( Btw, thank you OwlCityNMC to give the Gmod to me, I didn't think that I got it! ) Program Used: Mine-Imator / Garry's Mod [Activities for Picture] Story: Since yesterday of yesterday, I got Gmod, OwlCityNMC sent it to me [Thank you to him so much!] And so, I planned to made the war with UnmutEMC [Combine vs. Rebel] So, I wanted to cleaned up and I used dynamites cleaned it... Of course, it 78% lag so, UnmutEMC tole me the way.... [Just only click " Tools ", click clean up everything] Thank to: UnmutEMC Open server OwlCityNMC Sent Gmod to me Now you know, it'll coming #2 so, prepare Thanks you! OMG I found big mistake, finger through the torch X D
  13. NoHayTroblemo


    SORRY IM BORED AUUGHAH (i found these eyes on the internet i didnt make them)
  14. A comparision between my posing and jonny's posing (Jonny doesn't usually pose this way)
  15. "It hunts in night time for it's prey" So i bring thee some more gmod and my editing skills... hope you enjoy.
  16. 2.0 Updated eyelids. Made whit Gmod and Paint.net Lot of editing was put into this and the smoke was hand drawn, some edges such as the fingers was edited to be more smooth instead of sharp. This is one of the art pieces i really put some time,effort and tought into. If you do enjoy my visual pleasing, remember to hit that like button. :IMAGE_RESOLUTION_AND_INFO: 1920 wide 1080 hight. jpeg format. edited in about 35 minutes and 7 seconds. Posing 23 minutes (including finding maps and good spots to pose at.) Hope you enjoy! -Edward 2015-4-25:
  17. What's that in the background myaah?, nothing much... just a lil something i'm working on.
  18. (i guess it works now...) P.S If the image does'nt show try refreshing the page. as yeh all can see... i've totally improved in animating whit gmod
  19. This took about 1 hour to make because I didn't have the models and I needed some post processing effects.Also because I did a lot of posing to the Demoman.Did a lot of lighting too.I put ALOT of effort into this.I was planing to make this 1080pX1920, but the all the models reseted into T-pose.So I only made this 1280x720
  20. (blueman freeman and his rebel frends) GET REKT NOOB
  21. So i was looking through addons and found this Half-Life: Survivor pack. At first i thought it was either based off a minigame, and i did further research and found out it was a Japan exclusive arcade game. So i went ahead and downloaded, looked at the models and... i kinda expected alot. So here it is... Weird skins from a japanese version of Half-Life! (dunudundun) Note that not all of these are weird, but are kinda... idk? (Im not the best at poses) First off, here is a "Mechanic" rebel from the game. He looks like a nerdier version of Gordon Freeman. AHFH- (Ugh, reminds me of Half-Life 2: Full Life Concequences.) I was confused when i saw rebel models with... well, this. But then i realized, "Hey, its Japan!". Im not sure if NPC's have it, but im pretty sure its in the game. Then i saw... this? I have no words for this... Ok, to be honest, one of the medic skins look pretty cool. I mean look! He looks pretty~... Pretty sure hairstyles aren't important. Now your helmet wont fit! Seemingly, helmets are optional. Don't worry i just need some popcorn
  22. No Logic was used in the making of this wallpaper The hardest part was puting the pilot in the cockpit I kinda also made this for my birthday
  23. playing some gmod messing around http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/706273152533636506/E4B7572CA91DBDDDD9236F83DA4615A3D6C100F5/ cant post image because of size
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