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Found 41 results

  1. VoxelAnimations

    MeatBoy Rig Download : Tell me if I did a good job or not
  2. Watch as I decimate people on Hide and Seek in THE HIVE! ( and enjoy the hilarious content!
  3. XxxTheRedrocker95xxX

    Pixels Pac-Man Rig

    Another Rig made by me, One I just absoloutely had to do... Pac-Man from Pixels!! Now, To start out with, This isn't a Big, Does everything rig. It has 2 joints, one for the upper jaw, one for the lower jaw. Simple to use... It has some lights floating around it, causing it to glow as well. Allright, enough chat. One to some images! Not bad, Eh? The stats are just the usual, I might release it if I get enough people that want it, more rigs on the way, blah blah blah, If you want to suggest a rig, let me know!
  4. Kylebirch

    (FIRST edited video

    Hey guys, Kyle here I made a video a couple days ago for the first time in a while. and the first time i used editing(On this channel) so i can use your help. if you like it then leave a like and probable a nice comment and if you didnt, please give me constructive criticism with a comment telling me what to do better next time. if i like the comments(I dont know why you would care) i will mention you in the next video i put here enough rambling and here ya go Also consider joining my Random Potion Collab ->
  5. Just decided to post an old animation I made, has many views, has a story and its long. I admit the animation wasn't too fancy. I make way better animations in my free time now but this one seems to be the most successful. Enjoy! ^^Animation
  6. Mortal Kombat WOW im just gonna say this IM BAD AT THIS MI FORUMS I Keep trying to do collabs and i keep messing up Im gonna learn more about the forums before i post im a big dum dum
  7. WHAT IS UNFORGIVABLE PROJECT? It is a top down zombie arcade shooter with (currently in alpha) one working game mode callled wave mode.It's currently art style basic and gameplay basic because it's a zombie wave game. Wave Mode - fight wave after wave of never ending zombies. With new and harder zombies coming at you after few waves this mode will bring the arcade style gameplay to Unforgivable Project. What is the point of a alpha? The point of the game being in alpha right here is to get community feedback as soon as possible so I can work on more things to fix and probably balance. More content will be added in the game to make it fell original and less repetive. Is the alpha for this game 100% free? A simple answer to this question is yes it is. You are free to just download and play Currently in the game -1 gamemode -4 weapons to use (double barrel shotgun,smg,smg silenced,AK-47) -1 map -6 types of zombies (normal zombie,SWAT zombie,runner zombie,SWAT runner zombie,super zombie,SWAT super zombie) - 4 difficulties (Easy,Normal,Hard and Insane) Screenshots Videos (these videos will be update videos when a new version comes) Download current version : Installation:download and install (This topic will stay offical to Unforgivable Project)
  8. BBruce7815

    Hunger Diaries

    don't ya remember i said i was going to do a comic? f#ck it!! i'll do a comic anyways, but not about the story i created, the comic i will create for sure is going to be called: Hunger Diaries about steve in the hunger games, my friends and i would appear there, i'll need skins so if you want you can appear as a background character here's the photo
  9. Zerb Games, who are we? We are an American-based game studio passionate about gaming development, and the people that make up our community. We have released 3 titles to date that are only available on Windows, however, we do plan to release future games on other platforms. Who leads this here operation? Hi, I'm David Sommerfield. I'm a 14 year old boy *cough*, man (lol, be smart enough to not judge someone off an integer alright. I'm 14 so what.) looking to make a future in the game development industry, I've founded a non-profit, psuedo organization, that takes all the obstacles in game development and tries to solve them in a multiple of ways. One of the most notable ones being the community aspect, which allows our community to shape the games that we make. I was lucky enough to have amazing communities like the mine-imator forums, and game maker community when I started out. So how does the community get a role in this? So how does the community get a role in this? We start out by making a project and telling the community what the problem the project tackles. Then we elaborate on the game that goes along with it, noting key features that we are going for and trying to give the community our vision of the game. From there we begin developing a prototype, after the prototype is complete the community can see it and we go through a quick run through of what it is currently and what we would like to see in the future, or have planned for the future. From there we allow the community to go nuts. But not to nuts because that would allow for "corruption." We don't like spam idea suggestions so we have a system to handel that. We have a select few trusted people we call moderators, when a idea is sent in it is sorted into a spreadsheet, from there some moderators pick out repeated ideas and merge them into one big picture, removing ones that are completely the same, planned to be implemented, or flat out in the game. Then it goes onto another spread sheet where it is sorted again. Then again, until it makes it to the to last stage where I select the ideas that I like, (with largely community suggested features almost always making it through) and then post them onto a big board of possible future updates. What is Project Voxel Wars? Project Voxel Wars is the project that started the idea of community based games. Voxel Wars (the game) was a basic platform shooter I started 2 years ago, as a fun side project. My friends spent the night one time and asked to play so I let them make some levels and play and they seemed really into it. There was a small following on some Italian (and no I'm American and don't even speak Italian I just like game-making and I let google translate the page for me) game making sites but sadly the forum closed and I soon lost the following. I still worked on it though, but I never thought I would get the following back again, but as of recent it has gained more and more attention although it's not equal to what it was. Voxel Wars Continued: Voxel Wars the game is a procedurally generated platformer, with ~9. e+12 possibilities for levels. It works by having a starting point (where the player would spawn in), then it chooses an ending point, it then makes a path, and along the path makes sure there are no blocks in the way by choosing the levels that don't have blocks there. Rooms can be up to 100*100 with the smallest being 10*10. Within a level the goal is to alone, in co-operation with a random person from online, or with one of your friends to go through the level and kill all the enemies, enemies once killed will drop Voxels the currency of the game, you can also find crates and loot throughout the level. Once you kill all the enemies you have a 2 min count down until you go to the next level (the shop level), unless you want to skip it in which it goes immediately. In a shop level you can buy a wide array weaponry or special items that increase stats. You also have a 2 min count down until it skips to the next level or you can skip it. Once you die your level progression ends, you do however exit the game with medals (achievements) which give you points to buy character upgrades. That is all I want to say about that, as I don't want to reveal too much until the Kickstarter is unveiled. If you would like to play (a demo very limited only for gameplay mechanics testing) message me I would actually really appreciate it thanks. Please ignore the 3d! For more info visit :
  10. ERum Games

    Parkour Test

    Parkour like a boss! Sorry about the little glitch in editing. I use Movie Maker since I don't have anything better. It does this from time to time
  11. I am making a Minecraft hunger games animation, but I just need people, Fill out the form Below (Copy and Paste to your reply ) Skin (Where is it Located?): Characteristics: Weapons (Custom textures if needed): Skill: Would you team?:
  12. Hi, please find here my new video. (or visit my very new channel -> HERE) Thanks! (And for ever special thanks to David!)
  13. XxthatminecraftguyxX

    Help out a new streamer?

    Hey guys I don't post here much anymore but I recently started streaming again and I was hoping you guys might be a little bit of help and follow my twitch and come watch whenever I stream, you don't have to watch but just being the stream helps me get more viewers in and help build a little fanbase so if you could please follow my twitch.
  14. This rig was made by me, And is being used by me and MadManVisuals. ==============================================================================================
  15. duuhgamer

    Someone have a PS3?

    I want to know if any of you have a PS3, and play Minecraft or Call of Duty... Add me in PSN: duuhgamer
  16. Hey guys ! I just made a animation of herobrine and Dark Mage fighting also it is my first animation so dont be rude See ya
  17. DigitalEvorian

    Hud Design

    Also On Deviant Art:
  18. Welcome To The Unofficial Mineimator TeamSpeak Server! Rules are as follows: 1. No Trolling. 2. No Micspam. 3. Swearing IS allowed. 4. No Asking For Admin UNLESS We Need Some. 5. Keep In Mind That This Server Is UNOFFICIAL. 6. Have Fun! (There is a little lag when you join because it redirects you to my actual domain,, which redirects you to my no-ip, which redirects you to my ip.) Any ages welcome. Download TeamSpeak on
  19. MobKiller Animations

    Survival Games Map Suggestions

    So as you know I'm hosting some Mine-imator Survival Games!! And i need more suggestions on what maps to do? How to Enter: Map Name: Download Link: It's That Simple!! (The Command Blocks i need to add, not so much)
  20. Today i will host a Mine-imator Survival Games on a server!!! I just need to find out how to install a map onto the server How to Join: MC Username: Skype: 7 places left before full!! IP (Once i get the Map Working!!): Minercaft Version: 1.8.1 Players: Me ChrisRockHD MinechesseCraft Minerocker Animations!! SDWAN TheCanadianPanda
  21. MobKiller Animations

    Survival Games with Fellow Mine-imators

    OK i found a website that lets me rent a server for 2 hours and let's me add my own maps If i can get some Survival Games Maps working would you guys like to do a game with me and other Fellow Mine-imators?
  22. rules! and help! RULES! rule n.1 Dont Put Caps Every Single Word rule n.2 if you feel like swearing i will shoot a pea at your face rule n.3 dont make situations where people are just stuck (you can make it a spell but it has to have some kind of de-activation) rule n.3 if you make an undefeateble spell it has to have de-activation or time limit HALP! help section things! ask me! (also if its a help question do a post like this) (help) can u halp un tis? if from the roleplay dont put (form) or (help) just do your normal post! your character! you will have to do something like this (a form or whatever its called since im mexican i cant spell inglish very well) oh this is my form (yes you can make a custom character) ===================================================================== (form) name= Nobly-Pea personality= fun, its hard to lose patience (optional) type= plant (if not a type that can have gender dont put anything) gender= male plant (optional) magic= same as nobly (will be introduced somewhere) gameverse= pvz-verse customized? (if its made by yourself or a modified character)) modified character (optional) what does your character say sometimes?=oh no!,dont worry i have a plan(t) RUUUUUUUUUUUN!, and other many stuff (optional) aditional notes= nobly-pea had way to hard times when 3 years dont be rude to him (optional)(recomended)(you can do stuff like depending) damage details= his pea will make you extremely cold and it will hurt too much Age=6 ====================================================================================================== uh also i 10 years IRL so i dont have much time sometimes if i post before 8:00 AM i have time if not.... i will probably post after 12:19 or 1:02 also dont make me shoot a chilling hurtfull pea
  23. Thebrittishchaps

    Xblock one by xdroin 1.0.0!

    Hello guys I am Xdroin and today I made a rig of the xbox one but I don't know much about copyright so I made a parody name the xblock one (sorry if it is bad this is my first rig but I think it turned out good) images download The imgur link doesn't work so paste it in your search bar I couldn't get it working The download works now sorry for all this Im very new to the forums