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Found 17 results

  1. An official and hopefully, final iteration of Samson "Omega Andromeda" Avali. I think I spent a bit too much time designing the clothes. It's just a white jacket on top of a light battle uniform. Tried to stay as close as possible to a futuristic feel for this one. He has 2 names, named by different cultures: human (Samson Avali) and Wolferican (Omega Andromeda). Gender: Male Race: Half-human, half-Wolferican Age: 24 NOTE: This is an original creation and property of © Prism Productions 2019-2020, you are allowed to take inspiration from my creations, but please refrain from stealing/plagiarizing/copying or action will be taken! The skin is available on Planet Minecraft. EXTRA: One of my friends, @Axetrax#6984 drew him as an anthro, but the artist mistook him for a female. Still turned out awesome
  2. PhiliP

    XTAR Revolver

    !ATTENTION! This is not a gun in real life. I designed this gun by myself. Name : XTAR - stand for eXperimental model Triple Action Revolver Ammunition : .357 Magnum Magazine Capacity : 8 rounds IMAGES Download Links XTAR REVOLVER .357 Magnum Ammunition
  3. Greetings everyone, I am currently recruiting an animation team or individual that is capable of animating an adventurous space exploration video for my server network Hylight Network. This Minecraft server network is due to release in late June and we're trying to make our server as professional as possible. If you think you're able to animate a roughly 2minutes and 30 seconds server trailer for us within one month, please contact me via DMs on this forum or on discord (iStudLion#3414). Please include a portfolio or link(s) to your previous project(s), and the price you'll charge for the 2:30 mins video. If we do decide to continue working with you, the first half of the payment will be sent before you start working on the animation, the second half will be sent afterward. We'll send you all the details and information, including a script for the animation. And we expect to receive frequent updates on the animation [and it's progess]. Thanks for your time, and I hope to receive some positive response soon. Best regards, - iStudLion.
  4. SoldierGG1

    Pistol RIG v1

    This is the Pistol made by me and it is based on glock 17 images are down below also you can change the colors of sidecover and body color [secondary color and primary color] Subscribe to my channel pls ;-; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxB_rG2oF9Rv8PuH-c0-sQ?view_as=subscriber here is download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jopfeczbdaq8886/Pistol.miobject if you like the rig give me a BIG FAT thumbs up
  5. "Ever wanted to NOT die? Well then, this is the product for you!" - Intellitec Technologies Corporation. The first of its kind, the JMX-20 is the first personal defense weapon with reliable railgun capabilities, able to launch the entire bullet at once. That is about 60% more bullet per bullet. However, in the event of battery failure, the weapon is fully capable of firing normally in fully automatic or semi-automatic. A perfect choice for disposing of any imminent threats and/or obstacles. The JMX-20 by Intellitec Technologies, a Conglomerate Company. (This is my first ever rig. Any feedback is appreciated.) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wui95ih2719avj1/PDW.miproject/file "Shorty" version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kh2h2d0u97k42g2/JMX-20_Shorty.miobject/file
  6. Stolderan

    Armor "Gladiator"

    Gladiator -scalable -can chage the skin -not easy to recolor credits: @Hozq for his facial rig download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6b4lmg6172g66f8/armor_Gladiator.miobject/file don't forget to credit
  7. >intitating operation knightfa- oh wait wrong thing. This ain't Batman. A few of you may know that I posted a WIP shot of this rig on one of my Status Updates. Here's the finished product! Here's the animation on how the mask opens: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/?fq7r0siayja99fm Have fun. DESIGNER NOTES! I had very much trouble designing the openable mask, but I must do it no matter what. I decided to stick with a slide-and-rotate kind of mask which is used Dead Space I almost given up doing this rig seeing my advanced render output in the camera view was very blurry and I cannot fix it, but turns out it's only in the program, and after I converted it to a .png image it got fixed... This was based on many designs I found on Google, especially the torso armor, but the mask was inspired by a gladiator's mask, with added slide-and-rotate mechanism and more futuristic
  8. >accessing "XZ" folder... >folder accessed. what would you like to open? open "Project: Alpha Wolf.holo" >file opened. hologram view opening... >hologram view opened. importing 3d model... >20% >46% >78% >82% >100% >import sequence completed >description detected. opening... >description opened. Name: XZ-11 Alpha Wolf Type: Light Launcher Danger: Extreme Description: Alpha Wolf is a weapon specialized for the darkness of the night, complete with a night vision and x-ray view implemented in the gun's scope. The gun is a light launcher, which launches a ball of light onto the target, exploding the area. It functions roughly the same as a grenade launcher, but much more accurate and has much more range. It travels at lightspeed, so it renders running useless for the target. It has an advanced HUD on the scope, and it makes targeting even easier. Gallery: >this item is available to all personnel except for personnel 1 (janitor) and 2 (security). retrieve? >sending location... >location received and confirmed: https://www.mediafire.com/?ka1vnfraph4pno6 (Just in case anybody was wondering, no, this is not only a schematic. It has custom blocks, lights and text so it cannot be classified as a schematic. Thank you for reading)
  9. Jpman11

    Jp's Sword V2

    Hey everyone! I made this cool sword for anyone to use. If you decide to use this, YOU MUST credit me. --- Here's some pictures: http://imgur.com/PjPLFbt http://imgur.com/fPaFSge http://imgur.com/kD8Fg6k http://imgur.com/JM6Ygg4 http://imgur.com/QgBpSp8 http://imgur.com/Jp1xkxi http://imgur.com/MmrgH1j http://imgur.com/IrjcvIi http://imgur.com/TZyJDid http://imgur.com/ihfTCgJ (Sorry I couldn't put them directly on the thread. Imgur doesn't want to work with me today :/) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d4ak0b2d85lvq41/Jp's+Sword+V2.mproj
  10. hello MI Forum owo/ dunno i can't say much here so i'll get to the point well, still no different with my old rigs ;-; [A21 - HDN Noire's Sword.zip]
  11. Hehey.. I'm not Amination Squad but I really like the S-Suit concept. So I rigged this.. Also I worked a lot on this and usually I'm not a really good rigger but I think this turned out quite nicely. Hope you like it.. Tell me what you think.. -----FEATURES------------------ Nuclear beams (Hands and Chest) Energy Blades (Hidden Blades) Evoscythe (Modified by me.. Original credit for the scythe goes to Azgreth21) Flying/hovering abilities Head interface (Controlled to be turned on and off/Analyses enemies) Suit glows in the dark -----ADVANTAGES------------------ + Powerfull in close combat + Packed with nuclear energy + Super fast running boost + Evoscythe can cut dimensions to teleport -----DISADVANTAGES------------------ - Very weak in ranged combat. - Damage to the chest core can shut the suit off. - Fast but not durable I really hope you like it Maybe expect an animation soon..
  12. Hey! I wanted to test this new rig of mine and made this.. It's actually more of an After Effects tests. Anyway.. I worked a lot on editing it I hope you like it! Let me know what you think. --SUBSCRUBZ-- https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations
  13. So it's a futuristic styled sniper. (that's about it...)
  14. Hey everyone, I'm back with somewhat of a private project. Before you go bashing about how it's not a rig, well, it kinda is, at least. AND WITHOUT FURTHER ADO I BRING YOU The X-Bellzy-01 This thing can be used as either a rifle or a shotgun, has two aiming sights, a working trigger and pump, and comes with 2 types of bullets. The X-Evictor-51 Another gun of the sorts, it is a small-arms weapon with a working trigger, and also, has the two bullets included. The X-"Booper"-1337 Named in honor of the most hilarious youtuber ever.its nerd3This thing is a wicked magnum, with aiming sights, a trigger, a mean slug, and- The X-"Popper"-007 This grenade is spec- oh, forget it. You'll just make it do whatever you wanted in your animations in the first place. DOWNLOAD LINKS!!!!1!:!!!!;!:!!!!!hl3c: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/rjsr177gzt1vl/The_X-Evictor-51 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2crrjp1sg3fdd/The_X-Bellzy-01 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2wnysmn2tx4vs/The_X-Booper-1337 Enjoy and credit!
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