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Found 225 results

  1. .....................................I dearly hope that you guys enjoy this video.
  2. WAIT B4 SHOWERING ME WITH DOWNVOTES! I PLAN TO DO A MINECRAFT SCHOOL THING, BUT NOT LIKE THOSE PUPPET ANIMATIONS, BUT REAL, VFX RICH CONTENT! I BELIEVE IN POST PROCESSING! The project I am currently working on is just my take on Minecraft Monster School ! It is a space themed one and I *believe* that I have managed to bring a feel of a thrilling and joyful space journey all along! Your valuable support is the my #Oscar! - Creepster Studios
  3. Please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyNDOYZJUlM
  4. We're holding off a building contest on the 29th of September! It will end on the 20th of October! The theme of this contest is "Haunted House" so come on the XcellentZone and make you're best haunted house! Prizes can be won for 3 places! 1st place gets: "A gift card, 1000 Xeros (in-game currency) and 3 Loot keys (1 Gold Loot Key, 2 Red Loot Keys) " 2nd Place gets: "500 Xeros and 3 Loot Keys (1 Gold, 1 Red & 1 Blue)" 3rd Place gets: "250 Xeros & 2 Loot Keys (1 Red & 1 Blue)" So what are you waiting for! Come on the XcellentZone and Keep it good on the MysticSide IP: play.xcellentzone.com
  5. Check out this funny adventurous Animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4tWveYf9uM
  6. My first animation video hope you like it
  7. This video was just a random thing I came up with when Xemptful just popped out of nowhere acted like he was mad at me... Nothing more nothing less! Just a random video!
  8. this is my friend steve me and the crowd is filming him and we blowed up his car he
  9. This........is a disaster ? probably cause of two main reasons : 1. The dialogue is S#@T ! 2. Too short to be called an episode well, these are the reasons for me ? also this animation was supposed to come out like 3 weeks ago ! but still, spare me the critisism guys. I really was hurrying to finish it in like two weeks anyways, here it is please do let me know if it was any good and Shout to my fellow Animators featured in this video : @Nerdinq @TechnoGamerJW Animated with Mine Imator (Duh !) Edited with Hitfilm Express 2017 PEACE ! Also, here the first episode. if you didn't watch it already thought you would enjoy it more than the second one
  10. Want to be involved in some machinimas! There will be more to come! Show up on my server! IP: play.xcellentzone.com and have fun while you're at it! You'll love it!
  11. Here's the animation link: The Last Cookie (Short) I think this is how it works. Well, anyways, enjoy!
  12. Plush steves rig pack V.1 ? 3D HELMETS? CHANGEABLE SKINS? !DOWNLOAD FROM HERE!
  13. Hi guys.....so I made another animation and this one is better than my last one( according to me). The video... https://youtu.be/RkMp_81uWr8 Sorry but it is here as a link so you van rate and comment on youtube. If you want that changed let me know. Critique me in all ways you think this animation can be improved. :()
  14. Hope you all enjoy! New Map! New fun concept! FUN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAFASxaY7d4
  15. Want to play some Murder & more minigames!? Check out this server!!! IP: play.xcellentzone.com
  16. Just a little idea we came up really quick! Hope you enjoy
  17. The Final Part of the Custom Adventure Map of TOY STORY 2! ENJOY!
  18. I haven't posted any animations on here in a while... so here have one I guess I mean idk whatever That video is actually a sequel to this one, Skydiving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FolGVMZlP4 idk i mean i thought it was funny its probably not but whatever
  19. Toy Story was a great movie! The second one was better in my opinion! BUT THIS MAP! Takes the cake!!! Take a look!
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