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Found 5 results

  1. (made with only mine-imator, no external editing) just a render I made for my new series comic. To anyone who remembers (if there's even anyone of you out there who do) the series reached episode 2 but in the last 2 years no new episodes have come out, only a few teasers happening here and there. but the whole series concept had enough work put into it that I don't wanna give it up. now I'll shut up before my wallpaper topic turns into some huge speech
  2. The Witches Oven Hey guys, Luna Flower here! So I've been playing around with the Witchery Mod, getting stuff together to make my first witchy tools and magical gizmos. Take a look! The Witches Cauldron Having had some success with the Witches Oven, now I'm making a Witches Cauldron. Somehow this leads me into the Nether where I become the bane of Nether Creepers and am set upon by a swarm of bees. Ain't life odd sometimes?
  3. Hi Guys I have played Minecraft for a very long time and have just started making videos on it, I am doing a series which is around 2 videos a week, so i'd like people to check it out! As you know it's very hard to get people to watch your videos! So here is the link! Please subscribe on the channel! I will update this when new videos come out!
  4. Hey Guys!! Its been a long time since I've been on the forum! I've haven't been doing any videos lately and I don't think I really plan too. However, I am starting up a FTB Ultimate Server with my good friend Mr.Coldkiller! We can't start this server up with out any moderators and that's were you guys come in! Me and Mr.Coldkiller won't be able to do everything so we need you guys to help us out! How to become a Moderator: To become a Moderator you must follow the instructions below: First go to: http://virtualgamingmc.enjin.com/ From there go to Forums Then go to the section called Moderator Application! Everything will be explained from there! This is for a limited time!! So get your application in! Me and Coldkiller are going to go through all of them and below are the slots that are currently open! 1. Evanshy (Evansaurus) 2. For a limited time get discount off all! VIP's! Gold VIP, Premium and Diamond! Hurry for a limited time offer Until June 13th 2014!
  5. WOW! Finally, our new series FTB Chronicles, its a tale of the journey to the tree of life! Danger and Wonder is around every corner and you can follow this tale in the wonderful world of Feed the beast, a mod like tekkit for Minecraft! Follow me on twitter!-https://twitter.com/StrongAndii! http://youtu.be/1LshQVjgtfI I would really love for you to support it and it takes a lot of time and effort to do, if you really like it, why not give it a like and maybe even subscribe! Thanks! If you want to give some feedback, please keep it constructive haha, what am I saying its the internet! haha Well tell me what you think on here or in the comments! Thanks!
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