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Found 17 results

  1. What? A comic on Saturday? Impossible! I feel like if Sean would just calm down for 3 seconds he would stop being surprised by everything he sees. <Previous Next>
  2. More dialogue and stuff. Now, if you have questions on the rules of pet adoption in their world etc I'd be happy to answer them, because I am willing to bet someone will ask some question about it. <Previous Next>
  3. I thought it would be fun to make something like this, if anyone is considering making a comic of their own sometime. Plus I need to use the stuff in here because I usually don't follow these rules. Also, I used no lighting. This was spur of the moment. And yes, I broke my own rules at some points to show you guys what not to do. Let me know if this was helpful in an way! ALSO ALSO if you want to see another tutorial on stuff with comics let me know, I'll see what I can do
  4. I'm going to Cedar Point this week, so there won't be any more issues released this week. That should give you plenty of time to predict how he's gonna find the guy in the alley. Edit: Crap I forgot @Ghatos thanks for the rig man! <Previous Next>
  5. One time I woke up and walked to the bathroom without realizing that I had put on my pants with both legs in one hole, and put on my shirt backwards. So this is totally justifiable. Also the plan is to mark the start of a chapter with the text as seen in the last panel. <Previous Next>
  6. No I don't think I counted correctly. Also these next few are not going to be funny, so don't read them expecting it to be comedic. I will shift back to comedy soon enough, but for now I need to establish some things. Thanks again @Foxtrot0806 for doing the lighting. Also yeah there's a lot of dialogue. <Previous Next>
  7. Ok sorry for the long wait. Thanks @Foxtrot0806for doing the lighting for me.
  8. Hagus


    Enough foreshadowing, time for something to happen.
  9. I know from experience that splashing an unconscious person with cold water usually works. Or they don't wake up, and then they are super confused why they are all wet and on the ground.
  10. So here's a teaser for the next chapter. Idk I was bored so I made it. Also thanks to @TheJeweledWolffor the dog skin in the middle
  11. I feel like they would be a bit more productive if they wouldn't stand in a circle and talk, but that's just me.
  12. Dooon't worry, I won't keep it dark for long....probably.....
  13. I know you can rehearse the script, but it's kind of hard to rehearse the fight when the third participant doesn't want to lose.
  14. Not too shabby, I made it through an entire week without missing a comic day.
  15. This is coming out on Monday, but since it's already done, might as well give everyone a teaser, since I have nothing else better to do xP
  16. Until I can get a reliable way to make it into comic form, I'm going back to the old way. This is the official start of Chapter 2, taking place after the events of Party Crashers.
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