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  1. Hey everyone! I'm Ry and I'm an animator/director. I am looking for people that can animate, produce, voice act, make skins and build. I'm making a big project/movie: The Guardians Here's a brief part of the story: Once upon a time, there were 5 realms, 5 kings of those realms were best of friends. They would never separate. But one day, there was a new king, born in the Netherworld. They called that 6th king: "Sunny", his brothers, Moonstone and Sunright, were always there for him. As Sunny grows up, he heard about his brothers talking about him being "human". After that,
  2. Hello! I'm Heziboi! I'm a director at Skyfall studios in need of a few builders and animators to help me out with my biggest project: The Elementals COME JOIN OUR DISCORD!!!: https://discord.gg/GsTRfWhp33 Voice actors audition here: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/the-elementals-season-1-animators-needed-m-s-animation-2 For the other jobs: https://forms.gle/C9EvvR798iTDoc9b8 Here's a brief description on what the story is about: The Elementals were the first species to be made by the creator of all life, Zeke's grandfather, Jacobi Barnum. They have the abi
  3. So, like. 1.2.3 came out and I made this. Also contemplating making a comic based around the redhead dude. Leave your opinions on that idea in the replies if you want to see me fail at making a comic.
  4. deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/themagebuilder/art/Speed-Art-8-770884671
  5. They are rage, brutal without mercy. But you will be something worse. Kill and Destroy, until it's empty Even the nether it self will be pissed it's pants when Nether Slayer come back from death and the second coming nether slayer is YOU well actually nether slayer is nice guy If you liked what i made follow me to see more COOL stuff also subscribe to my channel please ;-; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxB_rG2oF9Rv8PuH-c0-sQ?view_as=subscriber GET THE NETHER SLAYER POWER ARMOR HERE http://www.mediafire.com/file/79k39yp797kgfyw/nethe
  6. A project that I started over a year and a half ago is finally released. This was supposed to be the intro to some series, but I lost the script and the motivation to make it. You'll notice patches of different quality due to the fact that it was made intermittently over a long period of time. Since this was more of a visual effects video, there is no story or plot. It's just fighting that doesn't make sense. I would like constructive criticism on the animation or visual effects. Thank you. Map Lemon-Fox: Gothic Castle Music Kasger: Reflections Rigs
  7. Blue Dragon Rig Info : *Using Items Sheet for Model *This Rig Pretty Detail *Bending Model Download Here
  8. I spent two days on this. So, please share your thoughts. And you'll probably want to see un-edited: Feel free to use it. just don't claim it as yours, K? Thanks, Bye. Foxtrot, Out.
  9. The infamous sword of Entroias was wielded by the Mad King Tian Entroias. It was first used to slay the undead, where King Tian was a just and fair king. Over time, his exploits were known during the first war of Aruobick. He defended his kingdom when most men were fallen, and took active roles in any way he could help. Over time, his demeanor suddenly changed, and his attitude became restless. He launched three wars against neutral countries, before the final war rendered him along with his kingdom in ruins.
  10. I spent quite a bit of time on her, even though not liking World of Warcraft myself, the world could use more Elves. She stands at the same height as a human, with boots on she will be 0.5 Y pixels taller. View The Many Clothing Combinations Below! \/ Download Includes: One Female Night Elf Download Features: Removable Shoulder Plates, Removable Arm Bands, Removable Wrist Armor, Removable Boots, Removable Glove, Rotatable Ears, Movable Lips, Movable Pupils, Movable/Bendable Eyebrows, Movable Eyelids, Removable Skirt, Removable Shirt, Removable Blush
  11. Hello again! Thank you for the feedback from the announcement I made, it helped me realize to change the title of the series. Yeah, it must be really bad to have an animation series based off the Channel's name! So, can YOU guys help me rename Minecraft Time? I would love to hear all the title ideas you can give me! It better be related to the theme of the series, a fantasy world set in a mix of modern and medieval...stuff(sorry, ran out of words there XD). Anyways, development is going okay... I think. I have been unable to continue making because of all the schoolwork I had to do for t
  12. Hi guys! So, I'm planning on making a new Mine-imator Series. I'm still working on a name, but I'll call it Minecraft Time for now. Its mostly a combination of Modern and Medieval times, which means that its completely normal for this to have Modern/Medieval elements. Anyways, here is one of the characters that I think I am done rigging. http://imgur.com/gallery/5ASDM Even though she is the first one that I rigged, out of all the characters, she is not the main character. Don't worry, I'll be releasing a trailer of her sometime between now and the end of the year! And once I'm done r
  13. Hi Guys! The thing is, I am planning on making my own Mine-Imator Series. It will be a bit like RWBY, but of course I am not going to plagiarize RWBY! I'm still thinking of a name, but I sort of like the name Minecraft Time. I am currently working on the character models, weapons, and other items needed for the animation. However, I have a problem. I... need your help with the cities. The story line of Minecraft Time is based on a mixture of medieval and modern times (try watching Fairy Tail, it will give you a look on what I am going for).I lack the cities and other places needed for the anim
  14. Edited Night Version Unedited Day Version
  15. Just a little sumthin' I made. Sorry for no 2K or 4K. My computer REALLY doesn't like me today. Anyways. Enjoy! http://imgur.com/gallery/ys5ef
  16. Hey guys! It's WillesFil--I mean Ironwave Studios. I present:Legend of the Harbinger - Episode 4The next chapter in the story of Bendrick as he journeys across the land of Dahvenor.Enjoy! (Also, sorry for the huge delay on this ep... I had tons of technical difficulties during production, and I have more voice actors than ever, so ye.) CREDITS: Thanks for Watching! [HERE'S A PLAYLIST TO THE ENTIRE SERIES SO FAR]
  17. I knew I was a bad artist, but this is terrible! https://www.dropbox.com/s/7smsd4s2t891we5/orc2.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/7it2bmht1dxh61i/orc.png I'm going to need some help with this one I think.
  18. Whats going on guys, xXSilverswordXx here! The following is my first trailer for an epic series i will soon be making on minimator for my youtube channel! Watch the video below vvv -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FJVHSeoQuY&feature=youtu.be -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To create the models of the custom characters, i utilised creating, shrinking and parenting custom schematic files and locking
  19. Greeting everyone! I am proud to announce that the video that I've been working so hard on for the past few weeks is uploaded! It's a story-based medieval-themed animation called Legend of the Harbinger. It's about a young boy who lives in the land of Dahvenor, and he decides to find a way to stop a group of bandits after they murdered his parents. Depending on how things pan out and if this video is a success, then I am planning on making more episodes. What you see here is just the beginning. It may not look like much now, but if we get a couple likes and views, things start g
  20. Another WIP to add to my list..... Shaded- With a default Steve for height Up close Shaded I'm thinking this is turning out quite well. List to do: add tail bones - linking tail segments making easier to move make jeans/ pants seperate and add bones Smoothen out Skin, clothing, eyes If possible Add fingers​ Release Rig once problems are fixed
  21. I think this is the best thing I've ever made ^o^ Made with Mine-I-Mator, photoshopped with both Paint.net and Photoshop. Map: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-timelpase-rornhill-pass-download-included/ http://i.imgur.com/EEHaAAO.jpg
  22. Hey guys I made a new schematic! Its a war axe and you can use it in your animation without asking for my permissions Here is a picture of my work: I hope you like it and enjoy my work. Here is the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?wfd8hkncm4nqkfj
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